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2012 Mobile Trends


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Kobi Magnezi's presentation for Mobile trends 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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2012 Mobile Trends

  1. 1. Kobi Magnezi, CTO Technology & Finance Your name Division Mobile trends@magnezi@twitter
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  4. 4. Creating trends rapidly, the mobile breaks silos and paradigms every day4
  5. 5. ‫‪AWARENESS‬‬ ‫‪CONSIDERATION‬‬ ‫‪SELECTION‬‬ ‫‪PURCHASE‬‬ ‫‪LOYALTY‬‬ ‫מדיה‬ ‫חברים,‬ ‫מדף בחנות‬ ‫מוכרן,‬ ‫נקודת‬ ‫ציבורית‬ ‫שכנים,‬ ‫יועץ וכו‬ ‫מכירה‬ ‫נרחבת‬ ‫עמיתים‬ ‫ההשפעה המסורתית על שרשרת ההתקשרות עם הלקוח במסע‬ ‫הרכישה שלו נחלשת בערוץ המובייל‬
  6. 6. ‫מסע הרכישה של הלקוח בערוץ המובייל‬‫נקודת אינטרקציה זמינה בכל מקום ובכל רגע‬ ‫•‬ ‫מסע שונה של כל לקוח (לפי סוג/אופי)‬ ‫•‬‫התחרות על ליבו קרובה לכיסו יותר מתמיד...‬ ‫•‬
  7. 7. ‫ערוץ המובייל משנה את המסע של הלקוח‬ ‫מחקר של חברת*‪ForeSee Results‬‬ ‫%92 השתמשו במובייל תוך כדי רכישה בחנות / סניף‬ ‫%27 התקשרו למישהו להתייעץ על מוצר שהם עשויים‬ ‫לרכוש‬ ‫%04 שלחו תמונה של המוצר שהם עשויים לרכוש למובייל‬ ‫אחר‬ ‫%42 השתמשו באפליקציה / אתר ‪ m-commerce‬לביצוע‬ ‫השוואת מחירים / מוצרים‬‫%9 השתמשו באפליקציה / אתר ‪ m-commerce‬כדי לקרוא‬ ‫סקירות על המוצר.‬‫0102 ,61 ‪* Internet Retailer January‬‬
  8. 8. Mobile trends revolutionize theway we interact and communicate.“The customer life cycle is a better fit with modern marketing” Source: October 28, 2010, “Its Time To Bury The Marketing Funnel” Forrester report © 2011, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited
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  10. 10. ‫21‬ ‫82 פברואר, 2102‬
  11. 11. ‫‪USAA Bank‬מביא את עמדות השירות למובייל‬
  12. 12. 14
  13. 13. Excuse me.Do I know you?!
  14. 14. Get outta here!• The mobile is our ultimately personal gadget, thus we won’t let any kind of ads into that space. • We’ll hook up to Facebook and other communities via applications and widgets. • We search for information on Search engine through specific search fields. • Brands that send us information will be blocked. • We’ll sooner or later stop paying for things like SMS or MMS ads.• How do you sell your stuff in a future where the buyer is empowered with superpower of turning our ears off? You gotta make us wanna turn them on of course. And the key to that on button spells NETWORK and FREE.• The winners in a future like this will be the value producers. Video, music, gaming and all kinds of entertainment will own us. When we shop it will extremely seldom be without consulting our social network and price comparison engines. And here lies the opportunity for the brands.
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  16. 16. But we can offer a better searchexperience to the Mobile users
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  18. 18. • Scoreloop SDK for Social Games developing• Add social aspects to their games, allowing the creation of instant communities and connections and the ability to use virtual currencies and make in-game purchases.• Xbox LIVE integration
  19. 19. 26
  20. 20. Social Music in your Smartphone• Search, listen and share over 500million tracks• Watch music videos• Chatroom – chat using Facebook, Myspace & Twitter profile• Embed music player to websites or blogs• Add music player to their facebook profile
  21. 21. Social Music in your Smartphone• Sony Live Music• ClonesDir• Ping
  22. 22. 29
  23. 23. Just in Time,Just in Place, Anywhere
  24. 24. Failure To Deliver Convenience Will Be A Missed Opportunity• Immediacy delivers content when consumers need it most. • Immediacy is timeliness but not limited to an exact measure of minutes or hours. For example, consumers will want credit card fraud or airport gate change alerts within minutes, while daily deals have less urgency. eBusiness professionals often understand the value of immediacy today but are limited by the availability of real- time data internally• Simplicity removes usability barriers, making mobile invisible to users. • Simplicity is driven by good decisions on what content, services, and features make sense in mobile as well as how well experiences are designed. • Most people who design mobile experiences today limit content in their efforts to simplify, as this is less expensive than investing in design. Simplicity must be revisited periodically, as new technologies will make existing barriers obsolete.• Context makes content relevant to the individual. Mobile phones are personal or intimate devices — unlike PCs, which can be shared. © 2011, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited
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  26. 26. What are you doing? Where are you? What do you think? What are you looking for? How do you feel today?When are you going to arrive?
  27. 27. Moving to Organizational micro-blogging
  28. 28. 42
  29. 29. One Life, one streaming
  30. 30. Always connected, not on demand 44
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  33. 33. 52
  34. 34. 53
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  36. 36. 57
  37. 37. New phone network Alpha mobile offers unlimited international calls on a PAYG SIMAlpha Mobile is the newest phone network to arrive in the UK, and it’s set tooffer up a very international slant on moble phone tariffs and offers.The network is actually MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), similar to thelikes of Virgin and Tesco Mobile, who don’t own a physical network, but borrowfrom the likes of O2 and Vodafone. Alpha Mobile uses Vodafone’s.Ignoring the awkward CGI turtle mascot, perhaps the most interesting part ofAlpha Mobile’s new network is the unlimited calls to international landlines and(some) mobiles offer - if you pay £30.It’s a pay-as-you-go SIM but after paying that amount you’ll get those unlimitedcalls for 30 days. Outside of that, Alpha mobile offers cheap and cheerful priceson most international calls- cheaper than most of the major networks.
  38. 38. 59
  39. 39. The key benefits of plastic chips will be cost,as silicon based chips require high temperaturesand in clean dust free facilities,whereas plastic polymer technologies can usetechniques similar to those used to massproduce magazines and newspapers,which means they are much cheaper and easierto produce and will leadto a new technological revolution.
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  41. 41. 64
  42. 42. You are the controller
  43. 43. 70
  44. 44. Mobile will replace your cameraAt the turn of the millennium, the firsthandsets integrating a digital camerainto a mobile phone arrived, leading tohuge declines in the usage of moretraditional cameras. As mobile phonetechnology became more ambitious, sotoo did the potential for taking photosand videos without the need to carry astandalone digital camera.
  45. 45. 73
  46. 46. “small phone screens are dead and can be ignored”. User interface designersare encouraged to think of how to design for high definition wide-screenmobile displays, as that is the direction that mobiles are headed.
  47. 47. 8” Screens and counting…
  48. 48. 76
  49. 49. finger print camera
  50. 50. 78
  51. 51. Google Working On A Speech To Speech Translator For Mobile
  52. 52. iPhone Speech-to Speech Translation (by IBM?...)
  53. 53. 82
  54. 54. 84
  55. 55. Kinetic Charging
  56. 56. Oranges Mobile Charging Truck
  57. 57. 90
  58. 58. 92
  59. 59. Mobile Projector
  60. 60. 95
  61. 61. Mobile 3D
  62. 62. 3D Screens
  63. 63. 3D Cameras
  64. 64. Concept: Full 3D Mobile Phone
  65. 65. Holograph messaging
  66. 66. 103
  67. 67. Lync Roadmap in 2011 Your name @twitterWindows Phone Android Blackberry iPhone Nokia 7
  68. 68. 108
  69. 69. ‫טכנולוגיות לתקשורת‬ ‫בטווחים קצרים )‪(P2P‬‬ ‫שוברות את החומות בין‬ ‫המכשיר שלנו והסביבה:‬ ‫בין המובייל שלנו למובייל‬ ‫אחר‬‫901‬ ‫יום שלישי 82 פברואר 2102‬
  70. 70. ‫ובין המובייל שלנו בעצם לכל התקן אחר...‬‫011‬
  71. 71. ‫הארנק האלקטרוני שובר את‬ ‫החומות בין המובייל שלנו לאמצעי‬ ‫התשלום שלנו‬ You cant quite make love on your cell phone, but pretty well everything else youre able to do.111 Sir Richard Branson Virgin Group Chairman
  72. 72. ‫ואחרי שהחומה‬ ‫הזו נשברה –‬ ‫האם אני צריך‬ ‫בכלל ארנק לא‬ ‫ווירטואלי...?‬‫211‬
  73. 73. Starbucks wallet113 2012 ‫יום שלישי 82 פברואר‬
  74. 74. Wallet with added value 28 ‫יום שלישי‬114 2012 ‫פברואר‬
  75. 75. ‫‪Social Wallet‬‬ ‫יתרת הלקוח ביחס‬ ‫ליתרת בעלי‬ ‫סטאטוס הוצאות‬ ‫פרופיל דומה‬ ‫הכנסות חודשי‬ ‫פירוט פעולות‬ ‫אחרונות בחשבון‬ ‫השוואת סטאטוס‬‫חסכונות השקעות ביחס‬ ‫לבעלי פרופיל דומה‬
  76. 76. 116
  77. 77. Facebook with Project Spartan Microsoft touch-friendly Windows 8 developers will be able to use HTML5 and JavaScript to create their apps
  78. 78. PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform thatallows you to author native applications withweb technologies and get access to APIs andapp stores. PhoneGap leverages webtechnologies developers already know best...HTML and JavaScript.
  79. 79. jQuery Mobile: Touch-OptimizedWeb Framework forSmartphones & TabletsA unified user interface systemacross all popular mobile deviceplatforms, built on the rock-solidjQuery and jQuery UI foundation.Its lightweight code is built withprogressive enhancement,and has a flexible, easily themeabledesign
  80. 80. Pure Native Apps e.g.: iOS / Android; Objective-C / Java App App App AppStore Server download app protocolsmobile-oriented App App fullrunnable devicecode and accesslayouts Mobile Device
  81. 81. Hybrid Web Apps e.g.: WAC, PhoneGap, Titanium App App App AppStore Server download HTTPlargetext- & App App partialpage- Doc deviceoriented accessdocs + JS Mobile Devicerunnable
  82. 82. Start Native, Add Pure WebDoc links Server Server HTTP full device Mobile Device access
  83. 83. 133
  84. 84. The cloud is the always-connected layer134
  85. 85. 135
  86. 86. Cloud Services
  87. 87. Windows Azure Toolkits for Mobile phones
  88. 88. Windows Azure Toolkits for Android
  89. 89. SQL Azure data for Mobile Phone
  90. 90. Cloud in your hand
  91. 91. 147
  92. 92. Just like a desktop virtualization but smaller…148
  93. 93. What is it for Mobile? • Mobile Virtualization lets handset OEMs, operators/carriers and end-users get more out of mobile hardware. • It decouples mobile OSes and applications from the hardware they run on, enabling secure applications and services on less expensive devices today and deployment on advanced hardware tomorrow. • Virtualization provides a secure, isolated environment for operating systems that is indistinguishable from “bare” hardware. • This environment is called a virtual machine (VM), and acts as a container for guest software. • A software layer called a hypervisor provides the virtual machine environment and manages virtual machine resources.149
  94. 94. Works are in progress150
  95. 95. 151
  96. 96. ‫‪Information Sharing‬‬ ‫עוגיות‬ ‫אחודה‬ ‫תמונת לקוח‬ ‫ואנליזה‬ ‫מדידה‬‫251‬ ‫82 פברואר, 2102‬
  97. 97. ‫351‬ ‫82 פברואר, 2102‬
  98. 98. Widget
  99. 99. Pinned Apps
  100. 100. 156
  101. 101. 157
  102. 102. ‫מחקר של מעל 000,003 אפליקציות מובייל‬ ‫"הדחף לייצר‬ ‫אפליקציות מובייל‬ ‫מהירות מביא חברות‬ ‫לתכנון יישום לוקה‬‫בחסר. שימוש בחברות‬‫פיתוח ללא ניסיון מייצר‬ ‫אפליקציות שעלולות‬ ‫לחשוף את המידע‬ ‫הרגיש של המשתמש.‬ ‫העומס על חברות‬ ‫פיתוח נישתיות מניע‬ ‫את החברות לפיתוח‬ ‫באמצעות רכיבי צד‬ ‫שלישי שלאף אחד לא‬ ‫באמת ידוע מה נעשה‬ ‫שם."‬ ‫851‬
  103. 103. 159
  104. 104. Wireless app development is a relatively newfield and there is a shortage of skilledprogrammers. Moreover, companies are beingpushed to crank out these applications quickly,which raises the chance of flaws beingintroduced in the apps. 160
  105. 105. This presentation was crowd-sourced