Smart picture sa june 2013


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Smart picture sa june 2013

  1. 1. The smarter way to connect. Linking print and digital media to the online world – the Smart way,
  2. 2. Contents  What is SmartPicture ?  How does SmartPicture work ?  Why SmartPicture ?  The SmartPhone Shopper  Consumer benefits  Customer benefits  A business process  Next steps ?
  3. 3. What is SmartPicture? SmartPicture is a digital image which incorporates an invisible link within any screened image within your brand artwork Scanning these images with the SmartPicture App will allow the constantly connected consumer to step off into any web based environment, anytime, anywhere.
  4. 4. Tag Brand Sticker Label Card App
  5. 5. Acts as a consumer call to action with the SmartPicture embedded within the product brand imagery be it shown on packaging, magazines, newspapers or point of sale materials. SmartPicture - BRAND
  6. 6. SmartPicture can be used as an app as designed or can be customised to meet the design requirements of your brand or business name. We can even embed it within your existing app ! SmartPicture - APP
  7. 7. SmartPicture embedded into appliance labels providing links to warranty and guarantee information, assembly and use instructions etc. SmartPicture - STICKER
  8. 8. Can be printed digitally in-house by Springfield, up to 12,000 metres SmartPicture - LABEL
  9. 9. SmartPicture can be embedded in loyalty cards to enable offers and promotions to be pushed to consumers via email, text or social media. SmartPicture - CARD
  10. 10. For use with high value, luxury personal purchases, such as handbags. SmartPicture - TAG
  11. 11. SmartPicture is a joint venture between Springfield Solutions Ltd. and Eon Visual Media Ltd. SmartPicture SmartPicture has been developed to provide a seamless link between product packaging and an online world of rich exclusive content
  12. 12.  Expert people supported by state-of-the-art technologies  Extreme focus on client centricity, service performance & product quality  Passionate with regards to safety and minimising our environmental impact  Financially robust and growing  A strategic commitment to remain at the forefront of the digital revolution Springfield Solutions Ltd
  13. 13.  A leading provider of high impact decoration solutions  Full “project life-cycle” management capabilities  Artworking  Reprographics & Colour management  Print  Highly experienced consulting and project management resource Springfield Solutions Ltd
  14. 14.  Established 1989 (MBO 2003 by existing owners)  Digital Media Production Company  Providers of Video, Web, Social Media, App, 2D and 3D solutions  US international Film & Video Festival  Royal Television Society (RTS)  International Visual Communication Association (IVCA) Award Winners!  Diverse client base incorporating both public and private sectors Eon Visual Media Ltd
  15. 15. How It Works
  16. 16.  SmartPhones are indispensable to daily life  SmartPhones have transformed consumer behaviour  SmartPhones help users navigate the world  SmartPhones change the way consumers shop  SmartPhones help brand owners connect with consumers The SmartPhone Shopper
  17. 17. SmartPhone penetration has risen to 51% of the population and these SmartPhone owners are becoming increasingly reliant on their devices… The SmartPhone Shopper
  18. 18. 97% use their devices at home The SmartPhone Shopper
  19. 19. 85% use their devices on the go! The SmartPhone Shopper
  20. 20. 64% use their devices in store! The SmartPhone Shopper
  21. 21. 59% access the internet everyday on their SmartPhone! The SmartPhone Shopper
  22. 22. Businesses that make mobile a central part of their digital strategy will benefit from the opportunity to engage the constantly connected consumer The SmartPhone Shopper
  23. 23.  SmartPhones are an emerging point of purchase and are our primary shopping companions, they are changing the way consumers shop.  SmartPhones are critical shopping tools with 95% having researched a product or service on their device.  Having a mobile optimised site is critical and a cross channel strategy is needed to engage consumers across the multiple paths to purchase. The SmartPhone Shopper
  24. 24. The Smart Shopper  Values online information  Researches online then shops in store  Uses a SmartPhone while shopping
  25. 25. Why SmartPicture? Unlike other scanning technologies, such as QR Codes or Microsoft TAGs, SmartPicture incorporates the technology into any image, logo or brand negating the need for a large separate code – leaving the brand real estate free for branding QR Code MS Tags Springfield Eon Lion Crown Seven Seas
  26. 26.  Access to exclusive content  Vouchers & Discounts  Recipes  How-to’s  Social media  Communities  Ability to purchase 24/7 anywhere, when needed, via GPS enabled SmartPhones  No need to write anything, simply scan  Personalisation SmartPicture Consumer Benefits
  27. 27.  Increased sales, market penetration and market share.  Brand loyalty  Brand awareness  Real time data on product purchase, purchase location & consumer feedback (like / dislike)  Aesthetically pleasing with the brand imagery being the trigger for SmartPicture  Personalisation  Customisable SmartPicture Customer Benefits
  28. 28. The SmartPicture Business Process
  29. 29. The CONSUMER can have access to all BRAND information or controlled access through SmartPicture menus. For the BRAND MANAGER the content can change frequently. Each box can tell its own story with the information being constantly updated.
  30. 30. If you have an enquiry or would like to discuss SmartPicture and it’s potential application within your business you can contact us as follows – Or find us on social media as follows - Next Steps