Mobile Marketing 2009 D2C


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Mobile Marketing 2009 D2C

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Workshop 2009 Innovation Mobile Marketing in Japan -Aug 2009 Manager, International Business Development kuanxun wu(吴 宽洵)
  2. 2. D2C’s Presentation in China 2008/6 Madhouse Workshop Presented by Kuanxun Wu 2007/8 Madhouse Workshop Presented by Isao Shinozaki 2005/11 Ad:tech Shanghai Presented by Kuanxun Wu 2
  3. 3. Awards of 2008: Nike Japan – Road to be Ronaldinho Show 3 Minutes Video (C) 2009 D2Communications.All Rights Reserved. 3
  4. 4. Chapter 1 Japan market Why Mobile Mobile Ad Awards 4
  5. 5. 2008 Advertising Expenditures of Japan • Television Fell for the Fourth Straight Year; Internet Expenditures Climbed 16.3% Classified by Medium Ad Expense by year Internet Radio Magazine Satellite Newspaper TV Promotion Media SOURCE: DENTSU INC. As of 2009 5
  6. 6. Internet advertising expenditures of Japan PC and Mobile Mobile only Million US$ Million US$ PC Display Mobile Search PC Search Mobile Display Mobile SOURCE: DENTSU COMMUNICATION INSTITUTE INC. As of 2007, 4, 16 • Mobile ads will grow at 3x previous rate within 5 years. (C) 2009 D2Communications.All Rights Reserved. 6
  7. 7. D2 COMMUNICATIONS 1. The world’s first company to specialize in mobile advertising and marketing - “D2” stands for Digital & Direct - Sales: 15 billion yen (FY2008) - Employees: 280 2. The “One-stop mobile marketing service company” - Mobile Site Winner of Cannes Gold Award 3. Mobile advertising and marketing evangelist - Established the Mobile Ad Awards in 2002 7
  8. 8. Contribution to the Industry Published Books Industry Newspaper Illustrated Handbook on i-mode Marketing and Advertising A Prescription for Mobile Marketing Practical Series: Mobile Marketing Practical Series: Mobile Marketing and Solutions Mobile Ad Awards Practical Series / Cross Media Marketing The Mobile Phone Superpower's Mobile Business Handbook Mobile Marketing (C) 2009 D2Communications.All Rights Reserved. 8
  9. 9. Introduce Fujita(藤田), CEO of D2C No.1 Mobile Marketing Authority in Japan 1965: Born in Japan 1991: Joins Dentsu 1996: CCI (Founding Member & Director) 2000: D2C(Founding Member & Representative Director) A leader in the development of cross-platform PC & Mobile Advertisements -Authored and edited 7 publications -MBA Lecturer (Waseda University) -Vice Chairman of Japan Internet Advertising Association 9
  10. 10. D2C PR Activities Recently Net Marketing Forum Ad:Tech Tokyo Jun 30th 2009 Sep 2009 • D2C is the top sponsor • Fujita is the advisory board member and selected as moderator for the mobile marketing session (C) 2009 D2Communications.All Rights Reserved. 10
  11. 11. Chapter 2 Japan market Why Mobile Mobile Ad Awards 11
  12. 12. Advertiser’s mobile usage trends, 2009 • Co-research by Nikkei(No.1 Business Media) and D2C yearly. • 2009, We surveyed more than 4000 companies and received 444 feedback. 12
  13. 13. AD Budget Classified Media (2008 VS 2009) Increase Ad Budget Compared with last year Newspaper TV Magazine Radio PC Mobile Outdoor DM Decrease Only Mobile’s AD Budget will be increased at 2009! 13
  14. 14. 3 Questions from the Survey Q1) How much percent of replied companies have their own mobile sites? A) 1/4 B)1/3 C)1/2 D)2/3 Q2) How much percent of B2C companies have their own mobile sites? A) 1/4 B)1/3 C)1/2 D)2/3 Q3) How much percent of B2C companies have experienced Mobile Marketing? A) 1/4 B)1/3 C)1/2 D)2/3 14
  15. 15. Two Selections When Economy Depression 1.Find Customers 2.Create Customers 15
  16. 16. Funnel Communication Model to Find Customers Awareness CPC 1.Find Customers CPA Purchase 16
  17. 17. Change your Mind 17
  18. 18. Reverse Funnel Model to Create Customers Unknown 2.Create Customers Awareness F u j it a @ d 2 c 2 00 9 18
  19. 19. Communication Model at Cyber Space Enterprise Creatorsÿ ÿ^ 3% ÿ ?ÿ ?%ÿ^ ?%ÿ Contributorsÿ 3%~10% Opportunistsÿ ?%ÿ^ ?%ÿ 10%~20% Lurkersÿ ÿ^ ?%ÿ 80% F uj ita@ d2c 2008 19
  20. 20. How to approach Lurkers Effectively Mass Media Friends Tru fromM st ass Lurkers Tru fro F2F st 20
  21. 21. Proposal 1 from Fujita@D2C - W Funnel Model • Important Framework Unknown Potential Market 2. Create Customers ADÿ BUZZ by using Mobile Awareness 1. Find Customers Promotionÿ SEM Purchase Fjita dc2 9 u @ 00 2 21
  22. 22. Traditional Marketing Process Insight into user ÿ# ÿ- Sales Promotion ÿ0 ÿ# What Mobile Bring? mobile 22
  23. 23. Marketing Effect by Using Mobile ÿ ÿ Speed UPÿ ÿ ÿ Volume UPÿ ÿ ÿ Minimize the Riskÿ 23
  24. 24. Case Study- Coco-Cola, 2007 Mass Media $` $a $b $c $d 24
  25. 25. Proposal 2 from Fujita@D2C - MPR Theory • Re-engineering the Marketing Process! Marketing Communication Process Re-engineering 0Ref0 BPR Business Process F jita d 200 u @2c 9 Re-engineering 25
  26. 26. Marketing Process Re-engineering Insight into user Insight into user ÿ# ÿ- Mobile Marketing Sales Promotion Sales Promotion PC PC Mobile Mass Media F uita d2c 200 j @ 8 26
  27. 27. Booster Marketing – Important Marketing Model Enterprise Creatorsÿÿ^ 3%ÿ Net/Real Contributrsÿ3%ÿ^ 10%ÿ Opportunistsÿ 10%ÿ^ 20%ÿ Massÿ Buzz Lurkersÿÿ^ 80%ÿ Fujita@ 2008 d2c 27
  28. 28. Proposal 3 from Fujita@D2C – Separate Platform and Tactic Separate Platform and Tactic at Marketing Process Platform0û000Eco System0 û û Big investment/Long term return Strategy Partner is important 0Tactic00û000Campaign0 û û Small Investment/Short term return Human experience is important 28
  29. 29. Chapter 3 Japan market Why Mobile Mobile Ad Awards 29
  30. 30. Mobile Ad Awards • The world's longest-running competition dedicated to mobile advertising, first started in Japan by D2C in 2002 and now extended to include entries from around the globe. (C) 2009 D2Communications.All Rights Reserved. 30
  31. 31. Awards of 2002 Black and White Banner Only Picture Size < 500 Byte 31
  32. 32. Awards of 2003 Colorful Picture Ad Application 32
  33. 33. Awards of 2004 Photo Mail by Mobile’s Camera Apply the Campaign by entering the number Send face photo by mail and printed at the product package receive auto customized pictures in 24 hours 33
  34. 34. Awards of 2005 Cross Media 进入各详细页面 待机图 可带走的「iPod mini」卡片 活动网站首页 彩铃 发送空邮件 至指定邮箱 34
  35. 35. Awards of 2006 Mobile official site for Enterprise Flash site 0 h a p y —ÿ Žÿ žÿ šÿ pÿ |ÿ nÿ •ÿ 0 zÿ 0 h app y z —ÿ Žÿ žÿ šÿ p |ÿ n•ÿ 0 ÿ ÿ ÿ 0 h a p y —ÿ Žÿ žÿ šÿ pÿ |ÿ nÿ •ÿ 0 zÿ 0 h app y z —ÿ Žÿ žÿ šÿ p |ÿ n•ÿ 0 ÿ ÿ ÿ `K 0B 0’ 0j 0W 0_ 0_ 0k 0D 0û 0µ 0¤ 0Õ 0L 0J NÕ‹ 0B 0L“p 0j 0_ 0k 0û0Š 0_ 0D Y" 0’ 0K 0j0H0_ 0D 0B 0_ 0k0û 0j 0U 0W 0B 0_ 0k0û 0• 0D 0j •T0’h a bK p0k 0k y}k0‚ 0 9NËQe j0 0Œ Œ0 0W0ˆ ‹0 0f 0F H0 0ûe° s0 0_ 0wŠ 0j h a _…S× p yS0_…S× û Ë 0 h app y z —ÿ Žÿ žÿ šÿ p |ÿ n•ÿ 0 ÿ ÿ ÿ 0S0Y 0n 0‹ _…S×0h 0 ÿ} 0’ ÿƒ 0J ÿw 0j [ˆ `K 0Š Nã0L 0•0g 0M 0û 0k 0Š 0k0‹ Nˆa _…S× 0S …S× 0’ 0J[ˆ 0Š Nã 0• 0Š 0k_…S× 0n_ 0S0k 0n 0Y _…S× 0‹ 0h 0 ÿž 0’ NÊeå 0J [ˆ 0‚ 0Š 0J Nã NÕ‹ 0• 0Š 0L“pŒ 0k _…S× 0S …S× 0’ 0J[ˆ 0Š Nã 0• 0Š 0k_…S× 0n_ 0Y 0‹ 0h Y" 0L0K 0j 0F Nˆa 0û 0 0k Y}0a 0‡ 0M0N0h º n 0xn RÇl TJv} 0g 0c 0M000 ‚ {“n 0n 0û Y'N‹ 00c j 0f 0‹ 0k0Y 0‹ 0h 0W { ÿr ÿŒ 0L0F 0‹ 0J0F Nˆ a 0û 0 0oÿ 0‹ Nˆa 0û ÿŠ0ˆ ÿŸ œ0û 0J ÿp ÿq SË•T ÿo ÿŒ ÿŸ 0û 0k 0W 0_0J 0K• 0W 0H 0f 0D N}Ò 0D _…S× 0n _…S× 0` 0D0r 0d0h 0„Y• 0‚ 0J NÕ‹ 0 •êR 0T ‚æ 0‰ 0H 0W 0s 0O ÿŠ0 ÿp NÊeå ÿ„ 0s ‰‹0‚ 0J 0f 0Z 0c •ý 0D 0Q 0f0D Y" 0 0H Š ÿp 0h 0K 0‹ 0sÿ MÿŸ pÿž v21 y ÿ| {“ ÿ• ÿ„ 0k_Œb¼ 0W0Uf 0 0Œ0 •êR0j ÿ| ÿp• 0k 0g •êOá 0 0S 0’ 0n c ÿ• ÿpx 0c 0f 0’ 0û ‰‹ 0f 0 0] 0W 0f l 0k0j 0‹ ÿ} ÿr ÿpÿ‚ 0 l 0k0j 0‹ ÿŒ ÿgÿoÿ| ÿnÿ• ûû00 ’ K`{ÿ 0‚ rÿ ’0 Œÿ 0a L0W0 0ƒ _0 U0 0J D0•0 0F B0W0 û D0 j0 B0_0 j0k0 _0 k0 0ûeňL 0‚ 0 ÿƒ ÿž ÿpÿ„ 0‚ 0 0D 0q 0D 0_ 0D 0c 0û0] 0“ 0j 0ˆ 0Op0Š 0j 0J˜X 0D h 0f 0 0W 0LQ NÕ‹ 0û Œ 0Q 0Z 0û 0k ˜_5 0• 0û 0S 0K 0‰ 0‚ Y" 0L0K 0j0H0‰ 0Œ 0‹ 0ˆ 0Œ 0F 0 0L0“0p 0c 0f0û û0 ~0‰ J0 •x 0Z 0B NÕ‹ 0“ 0o 0j 0g 0 0_ 0L“p NÊeå 0• 0k 0a 0n0ƒ 0Š 0J 0B 0_ 0F 0j 0D 0û 0_ 0n lR 0K _…S× 0’ bK 0k Qe 0Œ‹ Sö 0H 0Œ 0~ 0ˆ 0F 0k0û 0‰ 0Y _…S× 0’ bK 0k Qe 0Œ‹ _…S× 0’ bK 0kQe 0Œ0‹ Myÿ• ÿŸ ÿp ÿ| ÿž 0’ R6 O 0Y‹ 0û0û 0Dÿu ÿ„ 0„ ÿ… 0k 0U 0Œ0j 0Š 0_ 0_ 0D 0D 0B 0B 0j 0j 0_ 0_ 0k 0k 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û _…S× 0’ bK 0kQe 0Œ0‹ 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û 0_ 0• 0k `Å X1 0’ Qe R› 0W 0û0û QClY" 0’ 0K 0L{ 0jH 0W 0_0D 0D0B 0B0j 0j0_ 0_0k 0k PCÿ{ ÿr ÿ„ 0g t ÿ‹ ÿž 0a 0“ XÁ} 0oÿ 0ƒ 0{ fô0h fô 0k 0k 0û ÿŠ 0S ÿo 0nÿ‹ ÿŸ p ^x 0j 0[’ U•‹ SË•T 0L 0û 0k eY 0H 0‹ 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û fôfô 0k0k 0ûÿŠ 0S ÿo ÿ‹ 0n ÿŸ p ^x 0j 0[’ U•‹ SË•T 0L 0û 0k eY 0H 0‹ 0h fô 0k0û0S x 0[0’ SË•T 0keY 0H 0h 0n^ fô 0kÿŠ ÿoÿ‹ ÿŸ ÿp 0j U•‹ 0L0û 0‹ 0K 0 ÿ} ÿxÿ˜ ÿp ÿ• ÿ~ ÿp ÿŠ ÿž ÿp {I 0 iØ 0 0j 0S0ˆ 0n 0F 0û ^x 0[’ SË•T 0k 0‚ eY 0Hf 0B 0R fô 0k0û0S x 0[0’ SË•T 0keY 0H 0h 0n^ fô 0kÿŠ ÿoÿ‹ ÿŸ ÿp 0j U•‹ 0L0û 0‹ 0S0ˆ 0n 0F 0û ^x 0[’ SË•T 0k 0‚ eY 0Hf 0B 0R 0S x 0[0’ SË•T 0k0‚ eY 0H0f B 0n^ 0 0R 0f 0O 0` 0UD 0 ÿŒ ÿŸ ÿš ÿ~ ÿž ÿ• ÿ„ 0L0B 0ˆ 0û % b; 0‹ 0‹ % b; 0‹ % b; 0‹ 0S x 0[0’ SË•T 0k0‚ eY 0H0f B 0n^ 0 0R % b; 0‹ 0ˆ 0Fb; 0‹ % 0û PCÿ{ ÿr ÿ„ 0g0‚ ‰‹ 0‹ % H O 0û M 0û 0û 0û 0û E 0ˆ 0F 0û O M E % H % H O 0û M 0û 0û 0û 0û E _…S×u;—bTj_z. C o p yir0û g h t (C )20 5 _…S×u;—bTj_z. 0û % HO ME 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û 0û % ÿ† ÿo ÿx ÿˆ ÿp ÿ‘ (Qh ‰Ò 5e‡ C o p yir g h t (C )20 5 Mo n a l d s J a p a n , a l l cD 0oŠ•N; M0D0c U D o 0 n0 a 0nŠ¬fø l d ÿ€ ÿž s s ÿ• Jÿ›0’ ÿp„ a 0T p ÿž xº a n , a l l C o py r0û 0û 0û (C ) 0û2005 igh t 0û 0û ; M ×u;—b o n ald€ ÿž ÿs ÿ• J ÿpÿ„ ÿž _…S c D 0nÿ s ÿ› apan , all 0oŠ•N; MoD0c C U 0D o p 0 n 0y0ar nŠ¬fø i l g d hÿ€ ÿž t ss (Cÿ• J ÿ›0’ )0ÿp„a T p20 5n , a l l ÿž xº a ; _…S×u;—b 0oTj_z. 0nÿ€ ÿž ÿs ÿ• ÿ› ÿpÿ„ ÿž C o py r igh t (C ) 2005 0nŠ¬ffø 0’ 0T xº [W 0~ 0g ): r ig h t s r e s e r v e d . r ig h t s r e s e r v e d . 0oTj_z. 0nŠ¬ffø 0’ 0T r igh t s r e s e r v e d . xº r ig h t s r e s e r v e d . Š•NM c0Uo0 ald s J apan , all D n 0D y•q!e- Žâ • y•q!e- Žâ • Š•N 0U 0 0D y•q!e- Žâ • y•q!e- Žâ • r igh t s r e s e r v e d . y•q!e- Žâ • % `' R% : % O 0“ 0g 0D‹ W0 e¹ ÿ 35
  36. 36. Awards of 2007 i-menu Top Cross Media SNS SS N 0]0S0g ! Mobile become the end point of the Cross Media. 36
  37. 37. Awards of 2008 CGP?( Consumer Generate Product) iss evelop Cup N le ba on consum ’ N in, D ood sed er 37
  38. 38. Awards of 2009 0Grand Prix0 Tokusuru Mobile Site / Tokusuru Appliÿ McDonald’s Company (Japan), Ltd. / The JV, Ltd.ÿ Marketing Category 0Outstanding Performance0 Tokusuru Mobile Site / Tokusuru Appli ÿ McDonald’s Company (Japan), Ltd./The JV, Ltd.ÿ 0Award0 Pair Movie, “If I could be honest” Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.ÿ 0Award0 31 Sons de mode et Chambre à Paris Collection Advance reservation Campaign ÿ Toyota Motors Corporationÿ 0Award0 Axe Chocoman Hunter ÿ Unilever Japanÿ 0Award0 Axe Wake-up Service, Inc. ÿ Unilever Japanÿ Campaign Site Category 0Outstanding Performance0 0A half of life is game0 ÿ NHN Japan Corporationÿ 0Award0 Kamogawa Horumo Official Site ÿ Shochiku Co., Ltd.ÿ 0Award0 New model Qube Mobile Promotion ÿ Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.ÿ 0Award0 Gambare Obento Shokun! Campaign ÿ Marumiya Corporationÿ 0Award0 Fits Mobile site ÿ LOTTE Co., Ltd.ÿ Ad / Creative Category … 38
  39. 39. Award of 2009, Sony Music- Pair Movie Show 3 Minutes Video 39
  40. 40. Award of 2009, Unilever Japan – CHOCOMAN TC H V ,OO M ile ob P C M ile 0M ile 0n á ec ob 0K ‰ ob 0x b ÿ# ÿ( ÿ/ ÿ# ÿ/ ÿ- ÿ! ÿ. ÿ' ÿ%4 ! 0È 0ì0ü0é0ü 0È0³0é0’ 0•SÖ 0SMile 0n0n Q0ü 0É0à0ü 0ü ‚Ts_ o0 0Ó 0¿ 0n 0ì0ü0üŠ- 0Ó 0‹ 0h b 0à0ü0Ï0ó N- R0k 0g0g 0g0ü 0ü0’ 0M NÖ 0n 0n ob Nº M ile0n R0³ 0ü 0É0’ Q Š- 0• SÖ 0‹ 0S 0g 0¤ 0ó 0È0² 0à 0ÿ È 0h 0Ý v{“2 Š˜ EVENT ŒÞ‘Ñ 0’bK 0Qe 0Œ000000¤0ó0È sr_— 0Y‹00000 R k ‹ _ • nÝ 0’ 0 _ • koQ 0³0ü0É ˆhy: 00000Mb 0’c 0d TR›0’‰‹ 0d0 0’ 0U ‹ _ • no ile [ S € 0Q NŒSð0nob 0g0F 0L00 0~00 0Qn 0³0ü0É M ile L _ʼn• ˆ 0B‹ _ N0d R 0K000¤0ó0È _— 0‰0000Neå0N^¦ 0 000Y0O ‰ Ý 0’ Œ ‹ no k 0i Œ ` Q 0n Nº0’]û 0M 00RÝR0x0“u 0h00 •¼ 0€ K L ) n 0j ‹ 0ê0¢0000ç 00QLR ë j Á 0³0Þ ó 0³0ü Nº 0 0L 0ß 00Ë 0± 0ü 0· 0ç0ó 0’ i} 0W0€0h g 0³ å 0S 0 Cooa T hcm V n Cooa R a hcm a r nd 0É O0k0QhVý0_˜Š ’ 0Y 0’ S d 0 Ou;N;eè0‹ 0Ð0¤ 0ë0’ 0 0‹00£ 00É 00È Š- 0• Õ 0ü ë 0¤0Ù ó 0 SÖ0000g0Ã0°0000ÿ ¹ ‹ Sh0Ó Ü ü Ê –›P 0j 0O 0L0c0f NÕ}D 0• ^ƒ 0D 0O 0’ 0‹00L ( 0h0M 0é ‰–šS ˜Mwå0S0gsþW 0n ŒÞ‘Ñ}Ï Show 3 Minutes Video 40
  41. 41. Award of 2009, AXE WAKE-UP SERVICE INC. EET VN TC V B G uz L 0û z OB 0¹0n0g0•0F X4[¢ 0ë0g[0~‚0g 0-0ü 0kŸ–› ×0N 0Û0Æ0n0 0o C0g0ˆ oÀ0W •wg¶0f0ŠPÏ0¹0W M0o 0’ [Ý 0 ‰r0F 0O 0Mz0ü mA 0’ z 0µ 0Ó O gT0Œ0 0³Yep 0Ö0í Sã 0g 0° 0‚ 0g }9NË 0L0ß0f 0U 0L0D 0k0k•0M0’ [0SˆLèKx ¿lÊ[¢ 0W0 e 0J 00fA y>0n0n 0W 0SzËTJwå0K 0n 0’ 0c 0M ^ƒ 0c 0µ 0W 0~0Ó 0ü 0_0 0¹ 0µ 0Ó 0W0‹ 0¹ 0¹ 0 0R 0×0ì 0‚ü 0B 0ü ˆLŠ-0_0 0Š 0c Inueet dcm n A EW E PS RIC In .ÿ P 0û /#• RÕÿ X AK E V E c Cd: U ^ P0h 0nRÕ kÎe0vš‰ î 0•0’0Ï0Ã0Ô0ü0kY Cd: #• 0g å n / ^ 00‹0â0ü0Ë0ó0°0³0ü0ë0µ0ü0Ó0¹ (Por0Æe0µ0¤0K0‚ |!SX /–ûŠq 0x 0Ë0ó 0³ 0ë0’ 0Q 0Ö0é 0Ç0à 0æ0ü 0£ ^80ó0’0È(0‰0‹ 0L0üd:^0k0’0â0ü 0[0‹ 0ü S×0 0Œ0‹0F0ß 0É0k CMil ÿ 0Ä0 °Š 0Æeå 0£ u •2 Y 0¿0k0È A 0n0U ‘͉• 0j0‰0h0¿ 0ó 0ê O• Oà 0 0_0•0 0²0à X O•u(0° ob 0ó A0n 0’ 0W•¼ 0•0¢0×0í 0Á 0~ 0_0 W0ü0L0‹0f0ŠN –ûŠq 0L00W0à 0LŠqV0’ 0Š 0Y 0D 0° X 0Ó • Qe 0ü 0WE E 0¹ 0Q 0¤ 0n œô 0ŠYs`0¿ 0Õ S× g0‚ 0~ 0 E 0µ 0K0h0È g0 0¤ 0S0_0A0nW(0n0²0Ã0n 0k0`0Q 00håN0Ð0¤ 0ëR¹gu 0æ0ü 0ME[X 0’ 0O 0È Ša¶ 0¹R; 0g0j…N 0n0é 0’œ 0n0o 0µ Y 0¿ 0¶0ü X š0~ Z 0• 0W 0ü ' 0€ 0O h g_ Show 20~0_N} ˆ 0W0~0FNº0k00‹Video MinutesYH0f ÿ e 0W 41
  42. 42. Award of 2009, NHN - A half of life is game Show 3 Minutes Video
  43. 43. Grand Winner of 2009, - MacDonald/ The JV Top Page of Mobile Site Picture flow when using application at the Shop Subscribes Growth of Mobile site and Application AoMc200 sf ah 9 r >100M PV/ Month 12M Users Mobile Site 3M Users Mobile Application 0 84 08.05 08.06 08.07 08.08 0 89 08.10 08.11 08.12 09.01 09.02 09.03 .0 .0 43
  44. 44. Mobile evolution in Japan 100 ,00 2, 000 Mobile Wallet ÿ3 Mobile TV ÿ. Ringtone Full ÿ3 Flash 100 ,00 0, 000 GPS Photo Mail i-Appli Mobile Marketing Concierge 8,0 ,00 000 0 i-Mode Search Mobile Video 6,0 ,00 000 0 Mobile Users 4,0 ,00 000 0 2,0 ,00 000 0 Mobile Internet Users 3G Users 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 44
  45. 45. Big Question Japanese Teenagers areÿeee ÿ ÿ [A] Weird creatures [B] The future from a remote island direction of mankind 45
  46. 46. Digital Native 1.Japanese people 29 or younger who actively used mobile email in their teens encounter media in a completely different way. (Hakuhodo 2008) 2.Children in Japan 16 or younger who are habitual mobile users also approach media in a completely different same way. (Gartner 2006) 3.What is happening in Japan today tell us how the world will shape up over within the next 10 years. Japan should be considered as a future indicator, rather than an isolated case. (Fujita@d2c) 46
  47. 47. About me • My background – Born in China, visited Japan as a foreign student at 1994. – Graduated from Tokyo institute of Technology, began career at Accenture Tokyo as IT consultant at 2000. – Joined D2C to in charge of international Business Development at 2005. • My contact: – – Prepare to launch blog on Sep, to introduce mobile marketing of Japan 47