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Social Media Case Study: Pure Air Lovers Society (PALS) by Suzlon

The premise of the campaign idea was that if the brand was committed to sustainable development, and India is the home market, then at some point the brand needed to elevate the messaging to more than business, and reach out to an audience that is more than business.

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Social Media Case Study: Pure Air Lovers Society (PALS) by Suzlon

  1. 1. Pure Air Lovers Society (PALS) - SuzlonWebsite: www.pals.inOnline Case Study: BriefSuzlon works to help generate pure, green power that is 100% emission free and non‐polluting. ThoughSuzlon has been synonymous with wind energy in India, the company’s corporate philosophy goes waybeyond just making wind turbines.Our task was to create an active online community of like‐minded people who love pure air, hatepollution, are willing to take steps in their day to day lives and make right choices that will improve thequality of air around.Target AudienceYoung Indians aged between 18 and 35 years constitutes the primary TG, though ultimately, the PALSmovement aims to appeal to all people with a younger mindset. PALS aim to connect with Young Indiawho indulges in lazy activism by clicking on cause they resonate with.ChallengeThe premise of the campaign idea was that if the brand was committed to sustainable development, andIndia is the home market, then at some point the brand needed to elevate the messaging to more thanbusiness, and reach out to an audience that is more than business.How does one make young India love a brand dealing in wind energy, while they are busy having funwith mobile, Facebook and Bollywood? The real challenge was to get a wind turbine company to relateto a college going student, a housewife or a working executive and connect with them emotionally tostand up for a common cause.The InsightOne of the key indicators of the quality of life is clean air. Unfortunately, air in most Indian cities hasbecome highly polluted. Concentration of certain pollutants exceed World Health Organization’s (WHO)safety limits by large margins.India as a country is in a wonderful place where the people themselves are demanding a change for thebetter, for themselves as well as for the country as a whole. Not just demanding, in recent times wehave seen citizens; specially the youth, actually get to action and put in serious effort towards creating abetter nation.
  2. 2. Creative ExecutionThe entire construct is that everyone wants better living conditions and everyone wants to do the rightthing. The major constraints to this action are lack of awareness, clear direction on how to participate,understanding of what can one do to actually make a difference and access to tools to do all of theabove without disrupting one’s daily life or making sacrifices that hamper our growth and progress.At a time like this a platform for awareness and community building around the issue of air pollutionwould go a long way towards creating and sustaining efforts and initiatives that drive continuous actionat individual as well as organizational, community and policy levels to make cleaner air a reality.The Pure Air Lovers Society was born out Suzlon’s commitment to sustainable development. Taking thisobjective further the PALS campaign aims to create a platform for awareness and community buildingaround the issue of air pollution.Supporting the website is a strong community led social media presence that tries to convince brandfans that every small change plays a small part towards a larger good. Maintaining the campaignpromise of planting a tree for every PAL registration was a strong proposition that Suzlon has alreadylived up to. These tree planting events held across the country were all directly seeded through onlinecommunication through Facebook, direct mailers and the website. The media campaign in associationwith Mudramax, focused on driving people to become PALS through the website, mobile and socialmedia platforms.The Interactive Website – www.pals.inGoing beyond simply tackling air pollution, the PALS website covers the whole gamut of environmentalcare, going down to specifics such as providing a detailed list of ‘green vendors’ in cities, as well astimely PUC check reminders. All this gets seamlessly integrated into a strong community feeling ofbeing a Pure Air Lover (PAL) with tangible points of actions that users can be part of and contribute toat an individual level, such as the ‘Gaadi Bandh Pledge’ and other such initiatives.The unique navigation of the website which is the centre-point of the campaign, proved to be a vitalfactor in spreading the word of the PALS movement. While the look and feel of the website is fresh andunconventional, the user interface was structured in such a way that every bit of available informationwould be just a couple of clicks away.
  3. 3. Rich Media Interactive BannersThe main idea of the banner was to build curiosity around who is a PAL, and create awareness abouthow to become one, thus leading traffic to to sign up as a PAL. The media campaign inassociation with Mudramax, focused on driving people to become PALS through the website, mobile andsocial media platforms.We conceptualized a flash based interactive banner to engage the audience in a simple point basedgame which would click with users instantly and induce the element of fun while helping users relatewith an otherwise serious social message about reducing air pollution.Users were invited to play the game in the interactive expandable banner which expanded to a fulllength road-track on mouse- rollover, with an open challenge of ‘How many PALS can you ask for a lift’from among the scooters in motion. With each click on a green or an orange scooter, the users’awareness of who is a PAL increased by a visual connotation of how non PALS were not worthy ofasking for a lift owing to the amount of pollution they generated, and that PALS scooters pollute the airless and were way more environment friendly. This drew their attention to the importance of becominga P.A.L. and prompted them to visit the website to register/sign up and befriend the cause.
  4. 4. The banner was hosted on popular web destinations like MSN and Sify, portals and online publicationswith high footfalls such as to gain maximum visibility for the initiative and drive traffic to PALS’microsite.Results Campaign duration: 3 days Impressions: 26,34,841 Clicks: 10,217 CTR: 0.39% Total Interactions: 1,42,180View the interactive banner at: Media Engagement – Facebook
  5. 5. Emailer
  6. 6. Newsletter
  7. 7. Mobile/WAP SiteCampaign ResultsThe overwhelming response received bears testimony to the incredible success of the campaign. Thecampaign has witnessed 1,153,378 registered users through the website, mobile, social media and onground activation.With 88,669 fans on Facebook and other major social communities, blogs and platforms buzzing withconversations, discussions and exchange of information around the PALS community and campaign, theCampaign DurationAugust 2011 to