Windchimes Communication Case Study - Red Bull


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This case study highlights the work done by Windchimes for Red Bull in promoting their event Red Bull Bedroom Jam. This was the only medium used by the brand to build consumer connect and engagement with them. The campaign was a huge success with Red Bull India ranking third in terms of user participation!

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Windchimes Communication Case Study - Red Bull

  1. 1. Case Study – Red Bull Bedroom Jam India
  2. 2. Overview of the Brand Scenario Background Objectives ChallengesPlatform for all budding Driving entries / Niche events, targeted tomusicians and bands participation massTG: 13+ individuals Driving traffic to the Narrow target audienceinterested in music dedicated websiteRegistrations and video Traffic to RedBull India Launch in India,uploads on website website uncharted territory so far4 bands to play at GreatIndian Rock Fest.Videos streamed ondedicated websites
  3. 3. Stages of Execution Creating New Facebook Fan Page Customized Twitter Handle Presence @RedBullIndia Creating Blogs SNS Forums MicroblogsAwareness (Via) Engaging Bloggers Music Enthusiasts Highlighting Influencers popular bands Managing fans protests on Detailed note to clear allCrisis Handling the selection of Final-4 concerns and issues of fan’s
  4. 4. Few Breakthroughs
  5. 5. #HashTags Created Hashtags #cameratips and #Top10DJs
  6. 6. Went Int’nal with Global Fan Page Used Red Bull’s international fan page to talk about RBBJ India
  7. 7. Music Hunt Contest Contest integrated and and
  8. 8. Note to empower transparency Helped in resolving issues and Contest integrated and and by created a good impression transparency
  9. 9. Results Started In August Us!!! Started on Oct 1st!!Compared to other RBBJ websites, Indian counterpart comes to a fast growing second rank in the number of likes after the mother page
  10. 10. Steep rise in fansLikes raised rapidly over the month
  11. 11. Steep rise in user engagementUsers who have engaged with the page, viewed the page, or consumed content generated by the page (Unique Users)
  12. 12. Traffic via seeding activitiesApart from, our seeding and twitter presence has pushed traffic to the fan page
  13. 13. Overwhelming traffic to websiteSocial Media contributed to more than 22,000 hits to the website, more than double of direct and search engine combined
  14. 14. …And the most important Over 230 Bands!!!“..most of them driven through Social Media” – Rohan Vyavaharkar, Red Bull National Communications Manager
  15. 15. Thanks