Reach Your Market with Social Media


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Salah satu materi pembuka tentang workshop social media series

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Reach Your Market with Social Media

  1. 1. Reach Your Marketwith Social Media@ArryRahmawan
  2. 2. About the Presenter• Director of CerdasMulia Consulting Group, 5 years - traineron business education specialist• President of TDA Kampus community, an entrepreneurshipcommunity for youth• Research Assistant on System Engineering, Modeling, andSimulation Lab, University of Indonesia• Writer for more than 500 articles in mass media aboutbusiness, branding, marketing, and social media.Arry RahmawanBusiness & Brand Analyst – Researcher – Entrepreneur – Dynamic Trainer
  3. 3. “Social media refers to the means ofinteractions among people in which theycreate, share, and exchangeinformation and ideas in virtual communitiesand networks.” (Heinonen, 2008)
  4. 4. Important Factsusing Social Mediafor Marketing
  5. 5. Social Media AwarenessAwareness of socialnetwork sites is very high.Facebook is close to 100%, Twitterreaches 80% awareness and Google+is known by 70%More than 7 out of 10 internet usersare member of at least 1 socialnetwork. This implies that morethan 1.5 billion people usesocial network sites
  6. 6. Unique Social Network AdoptionAwareness of new social networks like instagram is picking up. 25%people know instagram.In the future, users show very high intention to use the sites.
  7. 7. Social Media for Mobile Adoptionof internet users have asmartphone, most have a datasubscription on it.51%Boost in adoption of smartphones:
  8. 8. On average, peopleinstall 22 apps ontheir smartphone9 of which are usedat least weekly.Social network apps arethe most popular one.
  9. 9. Positive FeedbackConsumers are more positive than youmight think.More than half of their comments about brands arepositive. Fewer than 10% are negative.
  10. 10. Customer wants to help you!8/10 consumers want to helpin co-creation projects ofcompanies they like.The only thing they ask in return: giveus feedback on what you do with ourinput.
  11. 11. Opportunity for brands tooptimize conversationpotential of consumers
  12. 12. ContentCollaborationCustomerExperienceCunsomerConsultingBoardBroad, OpenCollaboration
  13. 13. Impact of SocialMedia to Reach theMarket
  14. 14. Maicih raise up their revenue byusing social media up to morethan Rp4 Billion/month
  15. 15. According to Jeff Robe, Blendtecsdirector of marketing, the videos havedone more than boost awareness ofBlendtec blenders. Home sales ofblenders have increased 700% sinceNovember 2006.
  16. 16. This one is purely about the numbers,with the effort, from Euro RSCG in Paris,Evian receiving more than 54,000comments and tweets to date, as well asmore than 60 million views.
  17. 17. AdagencyCrispin,Porter+Boguskysaystheapplicationterminatedsome234,000"friendships."Ultimately,Facebookdecidedthatlettingitsusersknowthattheyhadbeenletgocontradicteditsbusinessplan,andtheapplicationitselfwassacrificed.
  18. 18. Social MediaStrategy forMarketing Success
  19. 19. Know YourAudience
  20. 20. Channel andStrategic Plan
  21. 21. SincereCommunication
  22. 22. Listen&Compare
  23. 23. Objectives and Metricsfor Measuring Success
  24. 24. “Social Media is only part of Marketing Strategy. Themost important thing is the strategy itself”
  25. 25. Arry RahmawanBusiness Analyst – Researcher – Trainer@ArryRahmawancontact@arryrahmawan.net