TFT13 - Ian Aitchison, Approaching the Event Horizon


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Doesn't IT feel as if everything is about to change? And that you are the ones who can change it
Join Ian Aitchison as he describes how Process is becoming Physical, how re-thinking ITIL Event Management actually provides the key to changing the future of IT Service Management, and how dramatic shifts in current and pending technology have the potential to take us beyond the tipping point - into a new world of User Oriented IT.
Not just ideas and inspiration, this session contains practical examples of re-shaping 'back-end' ITIL activities into measurable improvements in IT Customer productivity.
If you don't engage now. You might not be engaged tomorrow.
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TFT13 - Ian Aitchison, Approaching the Event Horizon

  1. 1. Ian Aitchison ITSM Product Director, LANDesk Software @IanAitchison Approaching the Event Horizon
  2. 2. Putting Big Concepts Together for better ITSM
  3. 3. Are We Running Out of INTERNET? 4
  4. 4. NO It’s Very Big Internet
  5. 5. It’s Getting Bigger 2017, there will be 3.6 billion global Internet users, up from 2.3 billion global Internet users in 2012 By 2017, average global broadband speed will grow 3.5-fold, from 11.3 Mbps (2012) to 39 Mbps (2017) By 2017, global IP traffic will reach an annual run rate of 1.4 zettabytes, up from 523 exabytes in 2012
  6. 6. Trivia Bytes(8 Bits) Kilobyte (1000 Bytes) Megabyte (1 000 000 Bytes) Gigabyte (1 000 000 000 Bytes) Terabyte (1 000 000 000 000 Bytes) Petabyte (1 000 000 000 000 000 Bytes) Exabyte (1 000 000 000 000 000 000 Bytes) Zettabyte (1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Bytes) Yottabyte (1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Bytes) Xenottabyte (1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Bytes) Shilentnobyte (1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Bytes) Domegemegrottebyte (1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Bytes) 5 Exabytes: All words ever spoken by human beings. On April 12, 2013, Fox News published a story indicating that the new NSA Data Center south of Salt Lake City, UT, will be able to contain up to 5 zettabytes of data, "according to some reports”. Question : Who is a YottaByte named after
  7. 7. Bill Gates, 1981 “640K [Kilobytes] ought to be enough for anybody.”
  8. 8. Two Important Words Per Annum
  9. 9. Where is the growth?
  10. 10. What is Taking All Usage? 2012 12 billion networked devices in 2012 2017 19 billion networked devices globally 2012 Average household 4.7 connected devices 2017 Average rises to 7.1 connected devices Non-Geek Disclosure : laptop (1), NAS, modem, router, printer, sonos, phone-to-ip extender, appletv, PVR, internet-connected TV, ipad (2), iphone (2), kindle. 2017 Nearly half of total IP traffic will originate with non-PC devices (including tablets, smartphones, and televisions)
  11. 11. Twine
  12. 12. And the REACH is Growing
  13. 13. Massively Interconnected Internet of Devices, Mobile, Wifi. And it’s only going to increase
  14. 14. AND We like to get CLOSE
  15. 15. Human Technology Proximity • Lots and Lots of Devices CLOSE to everyone • I wake, I reach out and touch Technology • As I move I stay connected to the Internet
  16. 16. Get Up?
  17. 17. Ever Closer Proximity
  18. 18. QR Codes – Point and Interact
  19. 19. • Lots and Lots of Devices CLOSE to everyone • This is what technology is bringing us – close proximity to highly interconnected world. • Mindboggling size and complexity. Invisible to us • But very CLOSE
  20. 20. As we swim in technology Our EXPECTATIONS Change • Our expectations of NORMAL are changed. • We expect to reach out and touch what we want or need • We expect to do it ourselves • What is normal now? CONSUMERISATION is EXPECTATION Infographic SAP,2817,2418471,00.asp
  21. 21. Work is what I do… not a place I go I Will Be Productive... My Way
  22. 22. So, In Summary There IS enough Internet to go around There IS Connectivity everywhere People LIKE Technology People Carry and Wear Technology People WANT to be Self Sufficient People WANT to be Productive So Why Can’t IT Take Advantage of This?
  23. 23. NOW, What’s The Deal with ‘Corporate IT’?
  24. 24. “Most of what we call Management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.” -Peter F. Drucker Does this apply to IT Management? Does IT Control Suppress Business Innovation? IT is playing catch-up. Attempting to enforce CONTROL. IT is Evolutionary… Technology is Revolutionary!
  25. 25. Where does ITIL actually TOUCH the HumanEndUser?  Availability Management  Capacity Management  Change Management  Event Management  Financial Management  Incident Management  Knowledge Management  Problem Management  Release Management  Request Fulfillment Management  Service Asset & Configuration Management  Service Catalogue Management  Service Level Management  Service Portfolio Management  IT Service Continuity Management Diagram : 36 processes and functions. 7 MIGHT interact with HumanEndUser <20%
  26. 26. So, In Summary So the Demand is There The Infrastructure Is There IT Struggles What’s the Solution ?
  27. 27. Lets look at ITSM Tools
  28. 28. What other tools let you... • Build web sites, dashboards, windows, metrics • Communicate via email, phone, social • Design human workflow • Measure performance • Across all platforms and devices • Integrate with other tools
  29. 29. Using ITSM Tools only for “ITIL” • Is like using a multifunction food processor to only slice cucumbers • Excellent at it, but there’s so much more possible
  30. 30. Potential You can do so much more HR, FM, DevOps, Project Mgmnt, Asset Mgnt, Social Communication, Room Booking, Self Service, Mobile.... PROCESS with UI
  31. 31. Now, Let’s Look Deeper - Let’s Look At One Area where ITSM Tools can CHANGE the Game • Event Management • A unique ‘toolset’ perspective that maybe cannot be seen from a documentation, formal, rule-book angle • But what IS Event Management?
  32. 32. Event Management NOT THIS
  33. 33. Event Management from an ITSM TOOL Perspective An event is an ITSM process followed when a notification of the relevant type is received from a monitoring tool. Events may or may not create further Incidents or Changes Events are CREATED, UPDATED and CLOSED by external tools
  34. 34. SO what? What is special about event management? IT IS SIMPLE, AUTOMATIC INTERACTION WITH ITSM PROCESSES. Machines talk to Processes. People design processes. Technology talks to Processes. IF YOU HAVE EVENT MANAGEMENT YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO TOUCH ANY ITSM PROCESSES It’s been there all the time and we didn’t notice
  35. 35. Need an Incident?  Need a Change?  Created By External Tool
  37. 37. BUT, EVENTS • DON’T HAVE TO COME FROM MONITORING TOOLS • In fact, forget that whole ‘Back End’, “IT Behind The Wall thing” • Why Not “PUSH A BUTTON?” to interact with ANY PROCESS • “HUMAN EVENTS”. Nothing to do with ITIL Event Management • Everything to do with PEOPLE interacting with PROCESS Added By External Tool
  38. 38. The Event Horizon So, this is NOT about ITIL Event Management and NOT about Monitoring Tools This is about HUMANS LET’S LET THE HUMAN END USER INTERACT WITH THE PROCESS DIRECTLY (And not having to go to a Self Service Portal at all)
  39. 39. Not Self Service “Portal” ? Distribute BUTTONS that INTERACT with ITSM PROCESSES around YOUR BUSINESS Soon it will be NFC, for now it can still be QR
  40. 40. QR Codes – more than stupid
  41. 41. Let’s experience • Better living in a Human-Event driven, Self Service, Mobile world. • It’s a Day in the life. • NOT BACK END. FRONT END • ALL POSSIBILE • ALL ITSM PROCESS TOUCHED BY HUMANENDUSER
  42. 42. Arrive Susan arrives at new job SCANs her new BYOD phone at RECEPTION PHONE is PROVISIONED for WORK
  43. 43. Arrive Find Desk Email received contains location of her desk, useful links and schedule for that day. Her Laptop is provisioned for Work
  44. 44. Arrive Find Desk Print Meet She prints a document. Goes to a meeting. Collects Printout on the way... It’s not there – no paper. None spare. SCAN’s ‘NO PAPER’ and goes on
  45. 45. Arrive Find Desk Print Meet In the meeting She needs an Extension Lead And a lightbulb had blown She SCANs twice An engineer arrives, with lead and new bulb He SCANS the ALL DONE code and leaves
  46. 46. Arrive Find Desk Print Meet New Services At Lunch Sees IT POSTER advertising new IT service SCANs to Request Apps/Shortcuts etc delivered to Phone AND Desktop
  47. 47. Arrive Find Desk Print Meet Error on laptop Cannot connect to network any more ‘Help Me’ on mobile Captures picture Starts video-conference Watches Remote Contol Corrected Driver deployed, live Error! New Services
  48. 48. Arrive Find Desk Print Meet Phone Stolen on Way Home Colleagues Mobile “WIPE my Profile, even my ipad” ---- Requests Corporate Replacement Routed to courier. Replacement waits at home with QR Code SCANS to confirm received Error! Fix Replace New Services
  50. 50. All Possible Now 1. Arrival 2. Find Desk 3. Print - Fault 4. Meet – Fault/Fix 5. New Services 6. Error 7. Stolen/Replace All Possible Today With ITSM Tools:- • With SelfService • With Mobile • With Integration • With Automation
  51. 51. So Because we live in a Massively Connected, Always Accessible, Mobile World, with Close Human-IT Proximity, and we have ITSM Tools.... We have an opportunity! Find Direct Connections between HumanEndUser and ITSMProcess Focus on HumanEndUser Use Automation, Integration, SelfService
  52. 52. User Oriented IT Reposition IT Become the Innovator Become the Productivity Enabler Focus on EndUser Automate, Integrate Best Practice Combined with Mobile, Self Service
  53. 53. THANK YOU Ian Aitchison, @IanAitchison LANDesk Software (My Presenter Fee for TFT13 All Goes To Charity)
  54. 54. Backup