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Internet of things


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"We’re no longer telling objects what to do and why – now, they sense, respond without our direction. Right now we are in the perfect storm for the Internet of Things with accessible robotics, affordable sensors, wireless communications, object tagging, and easy broadband access."

Internet of things

  1. 1. April 2013Internet of things:The next frontier for UX?
  2. 2. Why is itimportant?
  3. 3. Why now?
  4. 4. Plant today.Harvest tomorrow.
  5. 5. From GUI to UUI:Interfaces forubiquitous computing
  6. 6. The many names— Ubiquitous computing 1988— Ambient intelligence late 90’s— Internet of things 1999— Pervasive computing 2003— Everyware 2004— Internet of everything 2012
  7. 7. Internet of things:Винаходимо інтерфейси майбутнього
  8. 8. “A model of computation that will “weave itself into the fabric of our lives, until it is indistinguishable from it” — Adam Weiser
  9. 9. Weiser’s original vision:— Indistinguishable from environment— Delivered in manner appropriate to current context
  10. 10. From GUI to context data
  11. 11. Inventing the future
  12. 12. “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” — Alan Kay
  13. 13. Interaction design— User-centered design— Systems design— Genius design
  14. 14. “Far too many items in the world are designed, constructed, and foisted upon us with no understanding — or even care — for how we will use them” — Donald Norman
  15. 15. User-centered designUCD focuses on the user’sneeds, problems, and goalsto guide the designof a system
  16. 16. “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse” — Henry Ford
  17. 17. Systems designCombination of componentsto realize a solution in essence,the development of a systemof systems
  18. 18. Genius designThe process of exclusivelyrelying on the wisdomand experience of the designerto make all the design decisions
  19. 19. “A quality user experience can be created with genius design if one starts ... basing decisions on well-established usability data and studies” — Jacob Nielsen
  20. 20. Steve JobsiPhone
  21. 21. Classes of user interface— Tangible user interface— Surface user interface— Ambient user interfaces
  22. 22. “Computation in basic objects, environments and the activities of our everyday lives in such a way that no one will notice its presence” — Adam Weiser
  23. 23. SpaceTop 3DSupported by MicroSoft
  24. 24. “...relies on a self-illuminated or projected horizontal, vertical, or spherical interactive surface coupled with control of computation into the same physical surface”
  25. 25. MicroSoft Surface (PixelSense) 2008
  26. 26. MicroSoft Surface 2012
  27. 27. From GUI to UUI Fortnum Mason Public store, London
  28. 28. From GUI to UUI IllumiRoom Xbox 720 feature
  29. 29. “...a calm technology that can move easily from the periphery to the center of our attention, and back again” — Adam Weiser
  30. 30. Input technologies— Sensor input (M2M)— Gesture input— Speech input
  31. 31. NestProactive thermostat
  32. 32. Leap Motion NestMotion-control hardware Proactive thermostat
  33. 33. MyoWearable gesture control
  34. 34. From GUI to UUIiOS SiriPersonal assistant
  35. 35. Google nowPersonal assistant
  36. 36. Dragon NaturallySpeakingDictation software
  37. 37. IBM ViaVoiceSpeech recognition software
  38. 38. Internet of things trends— Home automation— Smart body— Connected cars
  39. 39. Iris Smart Kit DIY system
  40. 40. Phillips HUESmart lightbulbs
  41. 41. Parrot Flower Power Plant sensor
  42. 42. Apple iWatchSmart watch
  43. 43. Nike FuelbandActivity tracker
  44. 44. LarklifeActivity tracker
  45. 45. Jawbone UP!Activity tracker
  46. 46. Google GlassAugmented reality
  47. 47. Microsoft projectAugmented reality
  48. 48. ConclusionConclusion:What does this mean forour everyday lives?
  49. 49. Learning about Self
  50. 50. Learning aboutPeople
  51. 51. Learning aboutsurroundings
  52. 52. IoT can helpbring us back intothe physical world
  53. 53. Thank you.