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Presentation for #TFT12: Murders & Aquisitions - Leading Through Transition.
It was a dark and stormy night and in the dimly lit boardroom of X-Con, the directors watched their Chairman gazing out the floor to ceiling window. The room was filled with secret anticipation, the secret joy of committing the easiest and most unpunished of crimes... The impact and management of people during a merger, acquisition or internal restructure.
Simone discusses the creation, preservation and destructive facets of why murders and acquisitions occur and the quandary in dealing with the resulting emotional turmoil.

See Simone's TFT speaker Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/servicedesk/simone-jo-moore/

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#TFT12 Simone Jo Moore

  1. 1. Murders & Acquisitions Leading through Transition Simone moore @simonejomoore
  2. 2. Leading through Transition @SimoneJoMoore
  3. 3. Agenda Show me the money! It’s a wacky world (the why & complexity) Emotional Rhythm Leading Through Transition Lessons Learned Murder Most Foul Summary Resources @simonejomoore
  4. 4. Show me the money! Over 40,000 announced worth around US$3,000BSource: www.imaa-institute.org @simonejomoore
  5. 5. Show me the money! 1,500 transactions worth around USD 70 BSource: www.imaa-institute.org @simonejomoore
  6. 6. The wacky world of M&As… Sleeping Beauty AmalgamationCorporate Raiders Poison Pill Predator’s Ball Shark Repellent Horizontal Integration Saturday Night Special Dawn Raid Busted Greenmail Takeover Golden Parachute People Pill Macaroni Defense Acquisition Indigestion Sandbagging White Knight Spinoffsinvestopedia.com @simonejomoore
  7. 7. Why? Larger share of existing market Enter new markets Eliminate competitors Acquire expertise or assets Transfer skills Save costs Increase efficiencies Capitalise on synergies @simonejomoore
  8. 8. Complexity Legal & Financial Aspects Oversimplifying people-related risks leads to:  inaccurate integration planning scenarios  poor synergy predictions  unexpected costs  retrenchment panic  loss of critical talent  unhappy/lost customers  resistance build up  motivation drops @simonejomoore
  9. 9. Critical Success Factors Retaining key talent Aligning leadership Getting the right mix of skills and competencies Communicating and managing change with employees Properly estimating people-related synergies @simonejomoore
  10. 10. Top 12 Scary Facts that could happen to your job… Restructuring & Conflict with your Mergers & Couldn’t work Layoffs due to existing or Acquisitions, well with your lower profits in new boss.elimination of job colleagues or Headquarters? Personality redundancies team members Do you believe it? clashes Sweet yet Backstabbers or Power Politics Smart Liars, Closure of Office Two Faced Mask.at Play everyday, pretty good due to bankruptcy Act very well inbecomes a hobby at Sabotaging. or overpaying front of the to some of them Love to Bcc “foreign talent” management Emails Company relocation to Losing End due to Demoted due to Change of Role & developing Favoritism & some stupid Responsibility not countries. Biases of Race & reasons given by matching your Cheaper Labor, Gender the management skills and values lower costsCourtesy of Springboard Talent @simonejomoore
  11. 11. Courtesy of Macanta Consulting @simonejomoore
  12. 12. Behaviour Rhythms Before During Day 1 & Beyond Waiting Initial Engagement Renewal Relief Passive Constructive resistance Compliance Uncertainty Reconstitution Defiance Crush Day 1 Fatigue & Acquiescence Implementation Passive Reality AggressiveAdapted from Leading through Transition Paper - Deloitte @simonejomoore
  13. 13. Leading Through Transition How leaders choose to communicate during a M&A is key to realising the value Fail to communicate because:  Not a legal requirement  Time pressures  Don’t have the answers to ‘my future’ questions @simonejomoore
  14. 14. Leading Through Transition Commitment and patience are essential You need to deal with loss before you can deal with what is gained Affirm their experience and help them to deal with it It is not agreeing with people or being nice to them It is simply understanding how the world looks to them and using that as the starting point in your dealings @simonejomoore
  15. 15. Leading Through Transition Early involvement and participation Leaders and staff provide valuable input to ‘Go / No-Go’ decisions Form your communication strategy  Defined core message set  Sticking to the message  Be highly visible  Be able to explain  Manage expectations, establish credibility @simonejomoore
  16. 16. Leading Through Transition Form your communication strategy cont…  Face difficult issues (eg. redundancies) with candour  Determine what to say when you don’t have the answers  Establish/reinforce two-way communication mechanisms  Create positive sense of urgency  Identify quick wins to prove a working integration strategy  Communicate and celebrate the wins and recognise those who helped @simonejomoore
  17. 17. Margin Call @simonejomoore
  18. 18. Embed SustainabilityA warenessD esireK nowledgeA bilityR einforcementSource: www.change-management.com/tutorial -adkar-overview-mod1.htm @simonejomoore
  19. 19. Back2ITSM Lessons Learned If they don’t like the buyer, skilled people leave Is it your service they’re buying or your body? It’s not the legalities of the people but the being of people that is usually forgotten Don’t undersell yourself or you miss out on retention Get noticed for the right reasons Recognise the emotions & acknowledge them Guide your people through the change cycle (be there with them, not for them) @simonejomoore
  20. 20. Back2ITSM Lessons Learned Point out opportunities for personal growth to each person unique to their situation If they sense any fear or negativity, they will shut down and freak out Bad leaders often take the wrong path of trying to bond with their team in "us vs them" talk, negativity, gossip, etc Whenever possible, demonstrate an infectious attitude of hope, dedication, and team support @simonejomoore
  21. 21. M&A Stories & LessonsCase 1 Case 2 Case 3 @simonejomoore
  22. 22. @simonejomoore
  23. 23. @simonejomoore
  24. 24. Blind Evidence!
  25. 25. @simonejomoore
  26. 26. @simonejomoore
  27. 27. DeathWarrant!
  28. 28. @simonejomoore
  29. 29. CompanyAnnouncement
  30. 30. Strength Courage FocusImprovise Adapt Overcome
  31. 31. “There is a vitality, a lifeforce, a quickening that istranslated through you intoaction, and because thereis only one of you in alltime, this expression isunique. And if you block it,it will never exist throughany medium and be lost. Martha Graham
  32. 32. PRESERVE
  33. 33. Physical price vs. Good Will
  34. 34. @simonejomoore
  35. 35. Lead your people, not murder them!Allow them to take back their life from this unseemly, difficult death.
  36. 36. There is no loyalty tocompanies today but there is loyalty to yourself andyour profession. It is a direct impression and facet of who you are. @simonejomoore
  37. 37. You cannot change the direction of the wind but you can adjust the sails. @simonejomoore
  38. 38. Summary  Lead with trust  Lead with influence  Lead with visionM: 0416 289 366TW: @simonejomooreTW: @hdaa1FB: http://www.facebook.com/EnergiseHDAAWeb: www.hdaa.com.au / www.simonejomoore.wix.com/simonejomooreE: simone@hdaa.com.au / info@hdaa.com.au @simonejomoore
  39. 39. Resources ADKAR  http://www.change-management.com/tutorial-adkar-overview- mod1.htm Balanced Diversity – A Portfolio Approach  by Karen Ferris, Macanta Consulting (avail thru itSMFA bookstore) Back2ITSM  Callouts to Aprill Allen, Daniel Billing, Joshua Brusse, Karen Ferris, James Gander, Jan Hutten, Mark Kawasaki, Peter Lijnse CSI Lifecyle Approach, ITIL Framework ITSM Weekly Podcasts (global groups) @simonejomoore
  40. 40. References IMAA (Institute of Mergers and Acquisitions) Investopedia Springboard Talent Leading through transition, Perspectives on the people side of M&A by Deloitte Social Network Mixing Patterns In Mergers & Acquisitions - A Simulation Experiment by Fabac, R., Schatten, M., Đuričin, T. Change Management in Mergers and Acquisitions by ChangeWright Consulting and ChangeAbility Training Pty Ltd The Emotional Change Curve! by Joshua Brusse The Canadian Financial Executives Research Foundation (CFERF) @simonejomoore
  41. 41. WITH THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR bmc FOOTPRINTS #TFT returns may 2013 @simonejomoore