The ‘Cloud Application’ Rev2


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The ‘Cloud Application’ Rev2

  1. 1. The ‘Cloud Application’Next generation software delivery<br />10thMarch 2011<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />Next generation software delivery<br />The principle of paying only for what you use is now commonplace.<br />Software is ready to take the next step, beyond SaaS to the Cloud – virtual applications that allow you to use the power of multiple applications in one.<br />Mainframe<br />Packaged software<br />On-premise client/server<br />Software-as-a-Service<br />Mobile Applications<br />The Cloud Application<br />Changing the face of software delivery <br />
  3. 3. 3<br />Introducing the ‘Cloud Application’<br />All the power of multiple enterprise applications with the simplicity of an app.<br />Everything you need is in one place, the cloud application: nine applications offering multiple functionality scenarios to suit individual or collective needs. Use only what you need and scale as you require.<br />Flexible, mobile and multi-platform – access them wherever you are, on whatever device you choose, from the desktop to tablets to smartphones and beyond.<br />
  4. 4. 4<br />Turn hidden IP into revenue<br />The Volume Cloud Application supports your people: turning IP into Revenue. It enables you to measure the impact on the organisation at every turn. And because it is in the cloud, and not restricted to your network, you can include your partners, suppliers and staff to increase collaboration.<br />Measure and improve<br />Develop and <br />create assets<br />Your enterprise IP<br />Build revenues<br />Campaigns and <br />communications<br />Train your staff <br />and partners<br />Create your assets<br />Realize your IP<br />Control and manage your<br />Social Media assets<br />Plan your campaigns <br />and communications<br />Communicate with <br />Customers and partners<br />Hold events, online <br />and offline<br />Record feedback<br />Localise your assets<br />
  5. 5. 5<br />Take what you need<br />The Volume Cloud Application’s unique model means you can select only the functionality you need for your people.<br />Sales <br />Enablement<br />API<br />Allows for integration with third-party microsites and applications<br />Survey<br /> Tool<br />Campaign<br />Sender<br />Innovation <br />Generator<br />SociView<br />Campaign<br />Builder<br />Campaign<br />Manager<br />Translation<br />Review<br />Event<br />Manager<br />Marketing Manager<br />Project Manager<br />Data Analyst<br />Developer<br />
  6. 6. 6<br />Innovation Generator“crowdsourced social innovation”<br />What is Innovation Generator?<br />The Innovation Generator enable business to make the most out of the combined imaginations of their staff, customers and partners. <br />Individual ideas can be rated and commented on, to sort the best ideas from the rest. Those that make it through the gate are then directed through an customisable evaluation process that ensures that the very best ideas make it to the top of the list.<br />Use it for internal product development, as an innovation knowledge bank, or to harness the power of the crowd to create new opportunities.<br />Application Features<br />Mobile ready<br />Great ideas can happen anywhere. Leveraging mobile technologies, the IG allows you to add ideas, take photos and geo-locate your content so that you can share your inspiration with others<br />Collaborative creativity<br />The community can rate, comment and expand on ideas, building good ideas into great ones. Adding their own expertise and opinions.<br />Rewards and achievements<br />A fully integrated rewards system keeps users involved in the creations process through peer recognition, competition and exposure.<br />Social Integration<br />Collect consumer data to support your product development strategy through the use of social logins such as Facebooks’ OpenGraph and the OpenID foundation.<br />
  7. 7. 7<br />Campaign Builder“online content collaboration, distribution and sharing”<br />What is Campaign Builder?<br />Campaign Builder allows you to take control of your assets, and ultimately, your brand. Centrally store all your materials – product information, copy, images, marketing material, sales tools and others – so that they can be used throughout your internal and external systems.<br />Follow other users and tag your favourite content to get automatic content recommendations, then use the in-built editing tools to create localised and fit-for-purpose materials for your geography.<br />Application Features<br />Mobile accessible<br />Get access to the latest product information, marketing material and sales tools whilst on the road through the intuitive mobile application.<br />Co-brandable assets<br />Make life easy for your partners by creating co-brandablepdfs, web banners, images and videos that they can edit themselves, online, in real-time. <br />Social sharing & API<br />Share assets directly from Campaign Builder using the social sharing functionality. Create secure links or share them out through Twitter, Facebookor the inbuilt API.<br />Usage analytics<br />Understand how your assets are being used. Who accesses them, when , and where from.<br />
  8. 8. 8<br />Translation Manager“process-driven translation review system”<br />What is Translation Manager?<br />The Translation Managers covers the complete translation process from initial master artwork to delivery. Create multiple independent job, all with their own team, timelines and milestones, then sit back and watch them progress. <br />Application Features<br />Mobile accessible<br />Check the progress of your projects using the mobile dashboard. <br />Multi-client<br />The Translation Manager handles multiple providers and multiple client, making it ideal for both agencies and end-clients.<br />Alerts<br />Never worry about tracking deadlines again. The Translation Manager contains an alerts and traffic-light system that makes sure things stay on time. <br />Collaborative working<br />Create teams of reviewers, translators and project managers and assign them to individual projects.<br />
  9. 9. 9<br />Sales Enablement“sales-readiness reporting and performance benchmarking”<br />What is Sales Enablement?<br />In a fast-paced, distributed environment, it’s difficult to keep your employees up to speed with the latest information and skills. The Sales Enablement application provides the answers to these problems by delivering mobile-accessible knowledge management and training, where and when it is needed.<br />Users are encouraged to interact through a reward and achievement system that provides them with recognition, whilst Managers can understand the individual performance of all their team members.<br />Application Features<br />Mobile accessible<br />Whether you are a manager trying to understand the readiness of your team, or a learner out in the field, you’ll be able to access the information you need through your mobile device.<br />Personalised learning profiles<br />Make sure your teams have the right skills for their roles. Personalised learning profiles make sure their learning is appropriate and means you can track knowledge gaps in your organisation.<br />Rewards and achievements<br />A fully integrated rewards system keeps learners involved in the process through peer recognition and competition.<br />Performance Benchmarking<br />Report on your staff across the organisation. Identify high-achievers early, and compare departments and teams.<br />
  10. 10. 10<br />Campaign Manager“create, track and distribute digital campaigns”<br />What is Campaign Manager?<br />Campaign Manager makes it easy to plan campaigns from start to finish, allowing you to concentrate on the bigger picture. Create your team, select your channels and Campaign Manager will do the rest, assigning tasks and monitoring progress to ensure that the campaign is out of the door on time.<br />Application Features<br />Asset management<br />Select your assets and store them against the campaign for historical reference. Pull assets straight from Campaign Builder for added simplicity.<br />Collaboration<br />Create extended teams that cover both agency and client, working seamlessly and openly to deliver campaign activity.<br />Tasks and Reminders<br />Automated task assignment and reminders help all team members to stay on track. Uncover where bottlenecks are appearing and quickly resolve them.<br />Reporting & Analytics<br />A full suite of reporting and dashboards keeps you up to date with campaign progress.<br />
  11. 11. 11<br />Campaign Sender“online campaign distribution”<br />What is Campaign Sender?<br />Deliver your campaigns through Campaign Sender and you’ll receive detailed reports on their impact. Covering a wide range of potential targets, from SMS and Email to Social Networks and Digital Ad platforms, Campaign Sender is a one-stop solution for the distribution of multi-channel campaigns.<br />Application Features<br />Mobile accessible<br />Monitor the progress of your campaigns through your mobile device.<br />Digital Ad platform integration<br />Push assets to Admob and iAd, ready for distribution as part of your campaign. Integration with analytics allow you to monitor the resultant activity on your site.<br />Social Media publishing<br />Campaign Sender can be used to generate Social Media activity across popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn .<br />Reporting & Analytics<br />From the moment you press ‘Go’, Campaign Sender will monitor campaign progress. From opens to bouncebacks and retweets to likes,Campaign Sender has it covered.<br />
  12. 12. 12<br />Event Manager“event management and data capture”<br />What is Event Manager?<br />Event Manager is a best of breed application that is suitable for all sizes of events, from small seminars to large product launches. Built around a best-practice event management process that has been honed through years of successful use, it keeps event teams on top of the planning process at all times. <br />Application Features<br />Support software<br />Additional software – such as at-event badge scanning for automatic attendance management – helps to automate and smooth the event management process.<br />Schedule and publish events<br />The Event Manager’s in-built calendar allows both internal and external users to stay up to date with the latest events. <br />Extend through an API<br />The inbuilt API provides the means to connect the Event Management application directly into your campaign microsites, allowing for seamless on-site registration.<br />Integrated surveys<br />Integrated surveys, both pre- and post-event, provide the means to effectively measure the success of your event.<br />
  13. 13. 13<br />SociView“mapping your social media landscape”<br />What is SociView?<br />SociView(TM) is the world’s first Social Media Mapping tool, developed to give organisations a true view of their global social media real estate (sociverse) across major social networks.<br /> <br />SociView collates a company’s social accounts and instances into a single dashboard. The tool then categorizes, ranks and rates each account to show relevance and impact on the brand. SociView categorizes each instance, as ‘official’, ‘endorsed’, ‘unofficial’ or ‘other’. A ‘sociscore’ between 1 – 100 is automatically applied to show how each instance is performing, based on the account’s relevance, activity, influence and visibility. Companies can benchmark their social accounts against each other to establish best practice, compliance and corporate governance. SociView also measures performance against competitors’ social accounts.<br />Application Features<br />Global landscape<br />Identify where your social media accounts and instances are. SociView’s roll over interactive global map shows country by country where your accounts are. <br />Rate, Rank & Categorise<br />Assess the quality and effectiveness of your social media instances, giving you greater control and influence on messaging and content<br />Support sales channels<br />Understand the message lifecycle, co-ordinating communications across your social media channels, both ‘official’ and ‘endorsed’; supporting and optimising the sales funnel<br />Granular analytics<br />Report on your social media landscape through an intuitive dashboard and detailed reports.<br />
  14. 14. 14<br />Survey Tool“online data capture and analysis system”<br />What is the Survey Tool?<br />The Survey Tool provides an easy way to gather feedback from your consumers and partners. Create and distribute surveys easily through the in-built administrative tools, then track the results as they come in. <br />Application Features<br />Mobile-ready<br />Response to surveys on your mobile device or desktop. Device-sensitive software makes sure the survey is presented appropriately, whatever you are using.<br />Social Media integration<br />The Survey Tools makes life easy for your users by allowing them to sue their Social Media accounts to fill out commonly requested information. And you get the benefits of additional demographic data. <br />Social Media seeding<br />Survey invites can be sent out via traditional methods such as email, but also seeded directly to the Social Networks.<br />Reporting & Analytics<br />Detailed reports allow you to analyse the survey data post-campaign and in real-time.<br />
  15. 15. 15<br />Want to know more?<br />Volume develops marketing and sales content for large multinational organisations, primarily in the B2B arena. This content is utilised across digital, social and mobile communications channels. <br />Communications are delivered through Volume’s own digital content delivery platform, bespoke web/mobile applications and all mainstream & emerging social networks. <br />This enables clients to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy integrated campaigns and synchronised business programmes across numerous media channels through a fully managed, measured and scalable resource. With offices in Reading, UK, Tampa, Florida & Colombo, Sri Lanka, Volume supports industry-leading organisations across the world and in over 140 countries.<br />For more information, please contact Tom Lambert:<br /><br /><br />!/TomGLambert<br />+44 (0) 7730 633 642<br />