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  • As marketers, we know how important it is to 1. Be social2. Show clients and colleagues that we are involved in the SEO communitySo use these twitter tags and tweet out some engaging things from this event
  • We’re going to start off with a little exercise to see where this market is at in terms of mobile. We’re going to get you moving around a bit. SO, IF YOU agree that Mobile usage & mobile device market is growing – Please stand up. Now. Stay Standing.
  • Those of you who are standing are right. Not only is mobile usage growing, mobile search is exploding and grew x4 times just from 2010-2011!It now accounts for on average 20% of all search and in some localized markets such as resturants it’s up to 30%For those of you sitting down, there’s a great Google webinar on the growth of mobile search. The bitly link is here. (You can get this later)
  • So for those of you who are standing…KEEP STANDING if you believe the mobile user is important. If you don’t, please sit down. Stay standing.
  • Again, those of you who are standing are correct! Google did a study and found that mobile-friendly websites produce 67% happier customers that were more likely to buy a product or service and 61% of the users left right away if they didn’t find what they were looking for.Keep standing, almost done.
  • Now for those of you standing….IF your agency or business DOES NOT have a mobile ready website, please sit down. If you’re not sure. Then you can quick pull out your phone and check, or just sit down because if you DO have one, you should probably know this.Don’t feel bad, we’re in the process of re-building our mobile site so at this point we don’t have one either. So I’d be sitting down at this point too :-P
  • OK… now… here’s the MILLION dollar question.For those of you who are standing, if your website has been optimized for mobile SEO, continue to stand. If it has NOT or you’re unsure… please sit downWow. Look around. Let’s give those who are still standing a big round of applause! Ok –you can sit down------Now, think about this. We are in the Internet marketing industry and there was very few standing at the end of this. So imagine a non-tech savvy industry like resturants which receives MORE mobile search traffic?Hummmm, I see an opportunity to upsell clients into some mobile optimization!Alright, let’s dive into the speech and get this guy off the screen.. haha
  • Now, what I want to lead off with is that one of the biggest first steps in Mobile SEO is dominating the LOCAL SEO SERPS. Generally, the search results that return on mobile tend to be location based and influenced by local factors. SO, take the time to study and optimize locally because this is HUGE for mobile SEO. I’m not going to go into detail on the whole LOCAL SEO … it’s a beast in itself.HOWEVER – I do have a free Local SEO webinar for beginners and intermediates that you can download at this bitly. *** This is a bit out-dated – Also check SEOMoz PRO webinars ***I’ll be putting this URL up at the end of the speech too.
  • So the first step to optimizing for mobile users and SERPS is….GET A MOBILE READY SITE! (duhhh)So you basically have 2 options: - Responsive (where the entire website adjusts based on pixel percentages)And - full mobile templateJune 2012 -Google’s Peire Farr = Responsive is better:1 URL is easier for users and for Google’s linking algorithm- Same HTML makes easier to crawlHowever responsive may not offer the usability you want for so a custom mobile template may offer a better usability solution. Now, if you DO a mobile template and host on a sub-domain or directory… Matt Cutts confirmed that it would not get flagged for cloaking as long as you added a 301 server redirect. -----------------------------------Lastly, make sure to include location based microdata. Again, this goes back to optimizing for
  • Here are a few UX/UI tips based on both google studies and independent. - Load under 2 seconds = HUGE!- Make things accessable in less than 2 clicks like phone, email, search. - Make buttons and links bigger. No one uses stylists anymore... I hope.
  • Alright, shifting gears. The next consideration is talking about MOBILE Keywords strategy. - Mobile search is different than desktop! Many times the searches that occur in mobile are based on immediate needs = farther in buying cycle = ACTIONABLE! They typically include some type of location or category based modifierTIP – double check any pages you create that are targeting MOBILE keywords are MOBILE FRIENDLY on multiple mobile devices
  • You can use google keyword tool
  • You can always use predictive search for ideas. Typically this is the same as local search, but not always.
  • Also, check your analytics for what keywords current mobile users are looking for. You can create a special analytics profile for just mobile to better analysis mobile visitors
  • Dec 2011 - Google introducedGooglebot-Mobile for smartphonesThis is a great way to communicate with Google and tell them which pages are important for mobile users specifically. Helps protect against mobile pages being indexed by desktop search
  • Example mobile site map
  • This will help communicate and explain to the bot what pages are associated with each other so you don’t have duplicate or mobile page indexing errors. Peirre Farr - Google’s Recommendations:If you choose to use a mobile templage and have a subdomain or subdirectory structure, it’s important to use rel canonical tags. In your desktop version of your site you will need to insert Rel = Alternate tag in the header pointing at your mobile siteOn the mobile website, put a rel canonical tag and point to the desktop version.
  • Now just by a show of hands, how many of you use your mobile device for either social media posting or browsing? WOW!Well you all should be right now while tweeting about Mozcation. :-P
  • Here’s a quick snapshot of the most popular social networks visited by cell phones. I don’t think there’s a huge surprise with Facebook dominating. Although I would have though a bit more for twitter.So the reason I’m telling you this is because with your mobile strategy it’s key to think social!
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  • SEOMoz Mozcation:

    1. 1. Mobile Search Skyrocketing? Let’s Optimize & Capture! Luke Summerfield The Inbound Marketing Specialist Savvy Panda
    2. 2. Nice to Meet You!Luke SummerfieldInbound Marketing Specialist at Savvy Panda• 9 years in Internet Marketing• Google Analytics & Adwords Certified• Hubspot Certified VAR & HUG Co-Organizer• Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu & Brown Belt in Judo• Joomla Web Design, Inbound Marketing & SEO
    3. 3. @SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    4. 4. Is MobileGrowing?
    5. 5. You’re Right! • 1-in-7 Searches are Mobile (2011) • 20% of all search • 30% for Restaurants • Google Webinar: “Are You Mobile Ready?” •
    6. 6. Is TheMobile UserImportant?
    7. 7. Very Important!@SavvyPanda#Mozcation Source:
    8. 8. Do You Have a Mobile Website?
    9. 9. Have You OptimizedYour Mobile Site For Search?
    10. 10. Start With Local SEO 50% of all local searches are mobile!
    11. 11. Get Mobile • Responsive • Preferred by Google • Mobile Template • Better UX • Tailor Meta Data for Mobile • vs • Not Cloaking (via Matt Cutts) • Server-Side 301 redirect • Microdata - Location@SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    12. 12. Mobile UI / UXIf Users Are Unhappy… - 40% will go to acompetitor’s website- 57% will not recommend toother mobile users@SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    13. 13. Mobile Keyword Strategy • Based on Immediate needs • Actionable web design • Location & Category Specific • Mobile Optimize The Targeted Pages • Myth: Shorter Queries • Desktop & iPhone = 2.93 words@SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    14. 14. Google Keyword Tool@SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    15. 15. Predictive Search * Used More By Mobile Users@SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    16. 16. Current Mobile Traffic@SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    17. 17. Create a Mobile Site Map • Communicates with GoogleBot-Moble • What pages are important and which are mobile vs desktop • Helps with indexing on mobile search@SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    18. 18. @SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    19. 19. Rock Canonical Tags • Explains to bot what’s mobile vs desktop • Only for • Rel=alternate • Desktop • Canonical Tags • Mobile@SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    20. 20. @SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    21. 21. @SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    22. 22. Think Social! • Develop Social Media strategy around mobile • Most popular mobile social networks • Mobile friendly blog section • Highly mobile visited section • Mobile Specific Marketing • QR Codes • Check-in • Reviews@SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    23. 23. Homework: • Tweet About #Mozcation • @SavvyPanda • Download These Slides • • Local SEO Webinar: • • Start Rockin’ Mobile@SavvyPanda#Mozcation
    24. 24. Questions? Luke Summerfield The Inbound Marketing Specialist Savvy Panda