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Hotel SEO - Optimizing Your Global, National and Local Web Presence


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Description: Hotel marketers are often challenged with managing their brand's web presence at a local, national or global level focusing on both the branded and unbranded keywords their customers are using to find and book accommodations via organic search or through social channels. This requires collecting, analyzing and acting upon data and reporting for 10s, 100s or even 1000s of locations.

Join Jeff Riddall, Director of Product Strategy at gShift, to explore and discuss how brand marketers can best focus their attention and effectively optimize their web presences and content marketing efforts for maximum return on their investment of limited time and resources.

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Hotel SEO - Optimizing Your Global, National and Local Web Presence

  1. 1. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Data Driven Insights, Monitoring and Reporting for SEO + Social + Content Hotel SEO Optimizing Your Global, National and Local Web Presence Jeff Riddall Director Product Strategy gShift
  2. 2. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO • Director of Product Strategy • 15 years of Web marketing experience • 5 years with gShift • Blogger • Social Media Addict • Recently Retired Hockey Dad @Jriddall About Me
  3. 3. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO SaaS platform collects and stores billions of content-level data points from search and social. 10,000+ brands and 6,000+ users in 24 countries. We transform big data into insights with intelligence for data-driven decision making. All your SEO, Social and Content Marketing analytics in one place. gShift’s Software
  4. 4. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO 1. How the Audience is in Control 2. SEO = Optimized Content Marketing 3. Global, National, Local Optimization 4. Global, National, Local Data & Reporting 5. Q & A Let’s Talk About… Socialize with #HotelSEO
  5. 5. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO So(cial)Lo(cal)Mo(bile) has changed the way people are informed, consider and purchase. Companies have slipped from primary driver to sitting on the sidelines. The Audience is in Control
  6. 6. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Brands as publishers… need to look at everything from audience interests to search terms to the type of device being used… to make relevant and timely offers to consumers. The Need for Multi-Channel Insights
  7. 7. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO “It’s about the long-term process of enhancing both the brand's web presence asset and the opportunity for discoverability in search, social throughout the prospect's buying cycle and across any device.” Krista LaRiviere CEO, gShift What is “SEO” Really All About? Fundamentally the same at Global, National or Local levels.
  8. 8. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Digital Marketing Tactics Used
  9. 9. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO SEO is Integrated with Everything
  10. 10. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO “The most important opportunity is content as this pervades all the digital media that we are using to reach our audiences.” Adobe/EConsultancy Content Content is Still King
  11. 11. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Brands are having to become content marketing experts. Content Marketing is crucial to execute a strategy. Marketers are adding the word “Content” to everything they do. Your Brand, Your Reality
  12. 12. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Web Presence Analytics Informs “Engaging Content”
  13. 13. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Mobile has quickly become most valuable real-estate because it’s in the now. Depending on the industry upwards of 40% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. April 21st – Mobilegeddon? The Case for Mobile GSM Association, Oct 7, 2014 7.2 billion people and devices
  14. 14. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO FOCUS your attention on the right keywords and content because we all have limited time and resources. General Web Presence Optimization Principles
  15. 15. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Which Keywords? Mobile Socia l Focus on a manageable number of keywords – 10 to 20 primary. Find keywords for which the site/presence already has momentum i.e. Page 1 or 2 in Google Keywords with relatively high monthly search volume. Keyword questions?
  16. 16. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Mobile Socia l How do People Search?
  17. 17. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Keywords > Positions Mobile Socia l Recently fell from #1 and relatively high search volume
  18. 18. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Keywords > Research Mobile Socia l
  19. 19. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Which Content? Mobile Searc h Socia l Find content which already has momentum i.e. Page 1 or 2 in Google Optimize based on focus keywords. Link to this content from other internal content or from external sources (backlinks), where possible. Promote this content via social media to encourage social signals.
  20. 20. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Keywords > Positions Mobile Socia l Multiple pages have positions for different keywords – leverage and support all of these
  21. 21. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Mobile Search Mobile Socia l We’re all lazy when we search on a mobile device. Shorter tail keywords and GEO when typing. Conversational search (voice search) and questions. See Google Hummingbird. Expand your keyword list to account for mobile searching.
  22. 22. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Mobile Keyword Research Mobile Socia l
  23. 23. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Local Data Mobile Socia l We need to understand how searching for a hotel in Toronto is different when you search while in Toronto vs. anywhere else. Keywords we use may also differ depending on where we are.
  24. 24. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Hyper Local Positions Mobile Socia l National Search Local/Mobile Search
  25. 25. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Local Optimization has some twists. • On-Site Optimization • Google + for Business • Content Marketing • Social Media • Backlinks/Citations Local Optimization Best Practices
  26. 26. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO • Identify top ranking/visited pages • Identify a manageable number of keywords you want to be found for • Optimize a page for a keyword • Title tags, Heading tags, internal links, meta descriptions • Local Business tags • Google Webmaster tools – XML sitemap * Include a Call to Action and phone number in your meta On-Site Optimization
  27. 27. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO • Take ownership and complete all information – add links to Introduction and to related websites, social accounts • Seek out and monitor customer reviews • In the U.S. – Look into Google Hotel Finder Google My Business
  28. 28. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO • Create and distribute original, relevant, value added content, which links to primary pages of your website • Blogs, news, events, white papers, videos, podcasts, etc. • Monitor content engagement Local/Topical Content Marketing
  29. 29. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO • Identify appropriate social media channels for your business – Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Foursquare • Identify and follow relevant local people or businesses • Listen • Distribute content • Engage Leveraging Social Media
  30. 30. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO • Hotel sites e.g.,, Kayak, Expedia • Local reviews e.g. Yelp, TripAdvisor • Relevant local directory citations e.g. Chamber of Commerce, • Links from Corporate Site • Don’t simply link to your Home Page – link to other relevant pages where appropriate Local Backlinks/Citations
  31. 31. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Is your website mobile-friendly? i.e. how does it render on a mobile device like a phone or tablet? Does your content load quickly? What is your visitor’s mobile experience like? Even more important for local businesses where mobile search is more prevalent. Mobile Usability
  32. 32. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Fixing Usability Issues • CMS? Use a mobile friendly theme. • Make sure your site fits in mobile viewports. • Make sure font is legible • Make sure buttons are clickable. • Minimize HTML & CSS. • Avoid JavaScript. • Avoid heavy images. • Use browser caching. • If you go “mobile-only” you need to re-optimize content.
  33. 33. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Practice Smart SoLoMo Content Marketing and Get Found Globally, Locally or Socially on Any Device
  34. 34. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Measuring and Reporting on Conversion and ROI Mobile Socia l What should you be measuring? • Social Audience Growth • Visibility/Share of Voice • Site Traffic • Content Engagement • Booking Goals and Funnel • Booking Goal Flow by Traffic Source • Booking Goal Flow by Location (Global, National, Local) • Booking Goal Flow by Device
  35. 35. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Enterprise Reporting Data at the Global, National and Local levels Roll-up data for multiple locations under one report Identify Top and Average performers to help inform what is working or not and where.
  36. 36. @gShiftLabs | #HotelSEO Jeff Riddall Director of Product Strategy gShift Self Help Guides: @gshiftlabs