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Mobile app development

  1. 1. Simple solutionsNative Mobile Development Presented by: Eric Brill Savvy Panda – Project Manager | @brilliantairic
  2. 2. What iS A Native Mobile App?• Written specifically for a Mobile OS• Typically across multiple devices
  3. 3. Native Advantages• No Hardware Limitations• App Store Distribution• Better Performance
  4. 4. Native Disadvantages• App Store Distribution – so harder to update• Typically more time consuming to create• Designing for multiple devices
  5. 5. WHAT IS A Web App• Application coded in language such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.• Run through a browser / mobile browser• Typically designed mobile friendly / responsive design
  6. 6. Web App Advantages• Uses widely known and easy to code languages like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.• Extremely easy to make changes
  7. 7. Web App Disadvantages• No device hardware control• Web Distribution• Slower than Native
  8. 8. WHAT Are Hybrid APps• Web Apps with a Native Wrapper
  9. 9. Hybrid Advantages• Uses widely known and easy to code languages like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.• Extremely easy to make changes• Control Device Hardware• App Store Distribution
  10. 10. Hybrid Disadvantages• Speed overhead from Wrapper
  11. 11. Mobile App Comparison
  12. 12. How to choose between which mobile devices?• Who is my audience?• Time• Money• Resources• You could distribute to multiple.
  13. 13. Development languages• IOS = Objective C• Android = Java• BlackBerry = Java
  14. 14. Frameworks/Libraries/Templates• Don’t reinvent the wheel• Use existing resources• Import libraries and frameworks
  15. 15. Tools -Xcode
  16. 16. Appcelerator• Titanium Editor• If you know JavaScript and call it in your api.• Titanium.filesystem.openfile•• Very familiar if you’re use to a framework like JQuery• 100% native once the code is translated on compilation
  17. 17. • Phone Gap Tool for building mobile apps using web technologies• HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript• Notepad++• HTML for Layout• JavaScript to access device functionality• CSS for rich look and feel• Built to leverage the API of Droid, Apple, BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm, Windows to distribute with web languages.
  18. 18. APP to Joomla COmmunication• Need Data Communication Method for Joomla and App to speak• Build Custom API• TechJoomla REST API - 1.5 / 1.6 –• Joomlaworks RSS to JSON – 1.5 – Joomlaworks SVN• K2 XMLRPC – 1.5 –
  19. 19. • Using the API Joomla REST API • Requests to the create, update & delete methods need a username and password. You can use any Joomla Super admin account username & password for this. • Send the username as auth_user and password as auth_pass • Send other relevant fields according to method• Abilities • Create/Update/List/Delete users with Jomsocial support • Create/Update/List/Delete Jomsocial groups • Create/Update/List/Delete Jomsocial group discussions, announcements and wall posts • Create/Update/List/Delete Jomsocial events (1.5 only) • Create content (1.5 only) • List categories/sections (1.5 only) • Joomla Search (1.5 only) • You can get more information about this on github
  20. 20. • JSON 1.5 enablesv1.0Joomla! website to export its auto- Joomla! Feeds any (plugin) for Joomla! generated RSS/Atom feeds to JSON formatted feeds• Yahoo YQL for converting and Caching Feed
  21. 21. Savvy k2 Plugin JSONP• Direct Queries to Joomla/ K2 Returns JSONP• NO YQL• Used with jQuery Mobile• Listing data only Items, Categories & Search
  22. 22. Some Web Apps for Joomla!• Can be used with Phone Gap• Perform device detection and have the site use a different template• Mobile Joomla! • Displays on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and many other. • Advanced Settings • Custom modules & themes
  23. 23. Some Web Apps for Joomla!Mobilebot • Detects iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Opera Mini separately and load a particular template for each of them. • It has two extra spaces so you can add your own custom mobile devices. • You can adjust your final HTML code with simple/regular expression PHP replacements; this can be done independently for each particular device. • If none of the specific devices is detected (or you just have one template for all mobiles), the plug-in can also perform a general mobile detection and load a “generic” mobile template if configured accordingly.
  24. 24. My Experience with IOS
  25. 25. Questions??
  26. 26. Simple solutionsTHANK @brilliantairic