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Intro to mobile marketing


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Presented to the Newport Interactive Marketers on January 20, 2011, this presentation provides a broad overview of the different channels of mobile marketing including mobile web, mobile apps, SMS, QR codes, mobile advertising, rich media, and location based services.

Intro to mobile marketing

  2. 2. WHY YOU SHOULD CAREABOUT MOBILE•  93% of Americans are mobile subscribers (CTIA)•  Over 61 million Americans own smartphones (Comscore); will become majority in 2011•  Mobile Internet users will outpace desktop usage by 2014 (Morgan Stanley); 120 million predicted by mid-2011 (Nielsen)•  One-third of online shoppers also browse on mobile (ForeSee Results)•  Time spent on mobile > newspapers + magazines combined (eMarketer)•  Mobile ad metrics still outpace online for ad awareness, message association, favorability, and purchase intent (InsightExpress)
  5. 5. SO, WHERE DO YOU START? Mobile Web Mobile App
  6. 6. MOBILE WEB Pros •  35% of mobile subs use browser •  Search discoverability •  Cross-device support Best Practices •  Browser re-direct to or .mobi •  Provide mobile appropriate content •  Design with mobile users in mind •  Use tools that optimize by platform Getting Started •  MoFuse •  Wapple •  Netbiscuits
  7. 7. MOBILE APPS Pros •  More than 60 apps downloaded for every Apple device sold •  Robust user experience •  Fully leverage native device •  Placement on device Best Practices •  Don’t rely on AppStores •  Provide true utility •  Android is just as important as Apple Getting Started •  PhoneGap, Appcelerator, ModoLabs… •  Chomp, Appolicious, Appitalism… •  App analytics (Flurry, Localytics…)
  8. 8. MOBILE SEARCH/ADVERTISING•  Mobile search volume has grown 130% year-over-year•  Google introduced Mobile Keyword Search tool•  Utilize mobile search tool to direct mobile traffic to mobile site•  Leverage “click-to-call” capabilities•  Don’t forget mobile SEO •  Mobile site map •  Submit to Google Places •  Load quickly, render correctly
  9. 9. SMS MARKETINGWhy Text? Over 7 Trillion texts in 2011 •  Contests •  Coupons •  Vote •  Give •  VIP Club •  Opt in •  More info/links •  Link to live events •  Call-to-action•  Get started… •  Mobile Storm •  Involve Mobile •  4Info •  HipCricket
  10. 10. LEVERAGING LOCATION •  Why? •  Improves discoverability •  Provides WOM mktg •  Rewards patronage •  Encourages interaction •  Getting Started •  Claim your venue •  Promote in-house (window decals, table tents, menus, ads…) •  Monitor comments/tips •  Offer specials/rewards •  Link to social networks
  11. 11. QR WHAT?•  QR = Quick Response •  2 dimensional barcode scanned by mobile app or camera phone •  Delivers info, coupons, links…•  Potential uses •  Realty For Sale signs for more info •  Ads/table tents/window decals for coupons, menus… •  Print ads – link to landing pages, social networks •  Out-of-home advertising•  Getting started: KISS! •  Create your code: Kawya, Delivr, Google •  Add your content •  Promote it
  12. 12. DISPLAY ADVERTISING (MOBILE WEB & IN APP)Banners •  Click-to-call •  Link to microsite •  Expandable •  Launch video •  Find locationGetting started •  Develop creative to MMA standards •  Work with ad networks to place in app or web •  Google Admob, Millennial, Jumptap, Mojiva, Smaato, inMobi…
  13. 13. RICH MEDIAUsed primarily by brandadvertisers •  Video •  Rotation •  Photo gallery •  Data capture •  Quizzes/games •  Think mini app/site w/ in an adMobile rich media vendors •  Crisp Media, Medialets, iAd, Greystripe, Google/ AdMob…
  14. 14. WHAT’S NEXT?•  Location-based advertising •  Geo-fencing alerts, coupons •  Shopping check in apps like Shopkick•  Mobile commerce •  Mobile online shopping expected to go from $1.2 billion in 2009 to $119 billion in 2015 (ABI Research)•  Augmented Reality •  Google Goggles, Layar, Goldrun•  Tighter integration with social networks •  Check ins, sharing, liking/following, cross-posting•  More rich media •  iAd has gotten brands excited about using rich media
  15. 15. THANK YOU!Find me at: @tgruber