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SOMO - The State of Social & Mobile Media Charlevoix Chamber Presentation Nov 2012 - ATI Marketing


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Today We Will Cover:

Social & Mobile Stats
What’s New in Facebook
How to Make Sure You Get Seen
Social Media ROI?
Social Staff – How Many?
Combining Social & Traditional Media
Real Time/Social Search
Social Commerce
What Kind of Mobile Media Do You Need?
Useful App Ideas
What’s the HOTTEST New Social Site?

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SOMO - The State of Social & Mobile Media Charlevoix Chamber Presentation Nov 2012 - ATI Marketing

  1. 1. SOMOSocial & MobileAre You Ready?
  2. 2. Today We Will Cover:• Social & Mobile Stats• What’s New in Facebook• How to Make Sure You Get Seen• Social Media ROI?• Social Staff – How Many?
  3. 3. • Combining Social & Traditional Media• Real Time/Social Search• Social Commerce• What Kind of Mobile Media Do You Need?• Useful App Ideas• What’s the HOTTEST New Social Site?
  4. 4. SOMOSocial & MobileSo…Let’s Start with Some Stats!!
  5. 5. Are You Ignoring It?
  6. 6. What’s New In…
  7. 7. How to MakeSure You Get Seen• No Interaction Goes Unanswered!• Start the Conversations That Create the Relationships!
  8. 8. How to MakeSure You Get Seen• CTA’s• Analytics• Daily Reason to Come Back
  9. 9. How to MakeSure You Get Seen• Check-ins (FB, 4sq)• Recommendations (FB, Yelp)• Be Consistent – Daily!!
  10. 10. Social Media ROI?“Some brands are so busy worryingabout “what’s the value of social?”That they’re not recognizing thedevaluation of traditional media” ~Gary Vaynerchuk
  11. 11. Social Media ROI? Read It!!!!
  12. 12. Social Media & Traditional Media How Can You Conquer “The Gap”?The Marriage of Social to Traditional!
  13. 13. Social/Thank You Staff?Only 1 way to do retention and lifetime value… Humans! (talking via social)
  14. 14. Social/Thank You Staff?• Take all the money you are putting into stupid stuff and put it into humans• It’s all about opening doors to relationships
  15. 15. Real Time SearchAKA: Social Search 1 billion searches daily! 1 billion searches weekly!
  16. 16. Real Time Search is HERE!
  17. 17. Real Time Search?AKA: Social Search • SEO Changing • Brand Monitoring
  18. 18. Real Time Search? AKA: Social Search• Intent to Buy• What happens when they switch? Will you be ready?
  19. 19. What to do NOW to Prepare• SEO• Mobile• Build a HUGE presence/network with high engagement
  20. 20. Social Commerce? The use of social networks in thecontext of e-commerce transactions
  21. 21. Mobile Media!
  22. 22. But, Be Warned: “Mobile will leave a wake ofcasualties among brands that underestimate the speed of disruption”
  23. 23. Mobile Now Accounts for 10% of all Web Traffic. That’s More Than Doubled Over the Last 12 Months
  24. 24. Continuing at This Pace, by 201580% of Web Traffic Will be From Mobile Devices…READY??
  25. 25. Kinds of Mobile Media • Microsite • Mobile Site
  26. 26. Kinds of Mobile Media• QR• Secure Image• Apps – Push Notification
  27. 27. Kinds of Mobile Media• Text• Proximity Based Marketing• E-commerce/Mobile commerce
  28. 28. App Ideas:Facebook, Facebook Pages Manager,Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Twitter,Hootsuite, Instagram, MapQuest, WhitePages, i-nigma, LinkedIn, Yelp, Ustream, Evernote, Dropbox, Pic Collage or Pic Sitch, Foursquare
  29. 29. What’s
  30. 30. Thank You! 231-590-9600 michellecorteggiano mcort & atimarketing & atiattractionmarketing atimarketing Social & Mobile Media MarketingSpeaker • Setups • SEO • Training • Consulting • Goals & Strategies