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My #inTalent Learning Journey


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#intalent LinkedIn London Talent Connect Summary. Learning by @sarangbrahme

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My #inTalent Learning Journey

  1. 1. LinkedIn Talent Connect London, 2014 Sarang Brahme
  2. 2. I was already getting ready to fly London for #inTalent The buzz has just began…
  3. 3. Drum rolls… Talent Connect 2014 starts
  4. 4. Here’s the summary of few most important sessions I liked.
  5. 5. LinkedIn's latest initiatives and vision for the future
  6. 6. What did I learn?  LinkedIn’s vision is to develop an economic graph to provide opportunity for everyone to connect and grow professionally.  Connecting Company –> Jobs –> Skills –> University – Knowledge (Content)  Challenge is to find one within 3 billion profiles on LinkedIn.  Data / Insights are key to become talent advisors for Hiring Managers.  LinkedIn to develop “Data Visualization” and “Cultural Fit” tools next year.
  7. 7. L’Oreal takes the stage
  8. 8. What did I learn?  Recruiting is partly a science and an arts.  Inspire your employees and talent. Be innovative, differentiate and engaging.  Selfie Contest (LI API)  SoundCloud  “Inspiration”  Candidate Experience (IoT)  Heart at the right place, not just employer branding 
  9. 9. Two ways to re-charge yourself @TCLondon
  10. 10. Hearing Lou Adler for first time
  11. 11. What did I learn?  Recruitment cost needs to term as investment and not expense.  Move your hiring descriptions from Have / Get to Do / Become. Don’t just hire on skill and grids.  Candidates at every stage of their career wants to move to steeper part of graph.  Measure quality of hire (Pre and post).
  12. 12. The Shell Story
  13. 13. What did I learn? • Your brand may not be “Sexy” but it can be innovative. • Involve hiring managers in employer branding. • Be engaging, innovative in building content and distribution. • Give voice to your employees and turn them brand ambassadors. • You can be “Cool” even in Oil & Gas – inspire ideas.
  14. 14. Art & Science of Digital Connections
  15. 15. What did I learn?  Ask questions – what is your objective? Why candidates wants to work with you?  Digital is not end, just a start. Go beyond keyboards.  Find out emotional drivers and influencers. Engage them on social.  How do you manage your ATS? Can you humanize the interactions?  Focus on engaging and innovative content.  Look at ROI from holistic view and not one dimensional.
  16. 16. How to Recruit Millennials
  17. 17. What did I learn?  With 40 million members, LinkedIn is key platform for connecting students to universities -> to companies.  LinkedIn is not a Facebook for grown ups   LinkedIn Alumni provides a great tool to search specific talent and gather insights. (Free)  Aseslan provides Career coaching to students for social branding including LinkedIn for networking and getting jobs.  Influence the influencer! One of the employer branding campaigns were targeted for moms of prospective students. Brilliant!
  18. 18. Let’s sum it up
  19. 19. Talent Insights & Data are key to become talent advisors Inspire your talent and be innovative to use their voice for influencing others Hire for capability and not just for skills and years of experience. Measure your quality of hire, always! Vacant job is not a recruitment problem, it’s a business problem. Hiring Manager partnership is key to solve those issues. Content should inspire emotions for your talent to be effective. Influence the influencer!
  20. 20. Oh yeah, It’s also about Connecting Industry Talent professionals Great to meet many of them