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Presentation by I. Franjković, Kosovo (ENG) Eighth SIGMA Regional IPA Conference on Public Procurement, Montenegro, June 2018.


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Presentation by I. Franjković, Kosovo (ENG) Eighth SIGMA Regional IPA Conference on Public Procurement, Montenegro, June 2018.

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Presentation by I. Franjković, Kosovo (ENG) Eighth SIGMA Regional IPA Conference on Public Procurement, Montenegro, June 2018.

  1. 1. © OECD 8th IPA Regional Public Procurement Conference Experience on capacity building in CPO Croatia Ivančica Franjković 13 – 14 June 2018 Bečići, Montenegro
  2. 2. Content • Establishment & development of the Croatian Central Procurement Office • Lessons learned 1
  3. 3. Establishment of the CPO Established in 2010 by the Regulation on CPO (OG 138/09) Mission: The Office shall set up an effective system of central public procurement with responsibilities towards taxpayers, the State Budget, persons subject to central procurement, and all economic operators involved in the environment of public procurement … Number of civil servants: 2010-2015 up to 15 Now there are 25 civil servants N° of procurem. categories: 20 N° of clients: 550 All bidding documents, FAs available on-line 2
  4. 4. Key stakeholders and its impact to the CPB 3 Stakeholders are defined in advance; some remain, some are changing during the CPO operations The success of a CPB framework agreement is highly dependent on the involvement of the large customers
  5. 5. Internal organization and its changes over time Engagement of additional experts from other institutions (regulatory bodies, independent associations, academia) depending on the subject matter 4
  6. 6. Knowledge on Procurement categories? 1.OFFICE FURNITURE Faculty of Forestry 2.OFFICE SUPPLIES  F.of Graphic art 3. CLEANING SUPPLIES  Economic Institute 4. VEHICLES  MoI/MoD 5. CAR TYRES  MOI/MOD 6. FUEL  7. ELECTRICITY  MoE 8. NATURAL GAS  MOE 9. COMPUTERS AND EQUIPMENT  Office E-Croatia 10. SOFTWARE LICENCES  Through technical consultation 11. TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES -MOBILE 12. TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES – LANDLINE  13. PRINTING SOLUTIONS  Through technical consultation 14. POSTAL SERVICES  15. INSURANCE SERVICES  16. SECURITY SERVICES  association, union 17. AIR TICKETS  association 18. CLEANING  association 19. REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES OF VEHICLES  MoI/MoD 20. MAINTENANCE OF OBJECTS IN THE OWNERSHIP OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA  large CA Where did we look for an advice? Not possible for the civil servants to know everything about each category, but they have to learn from the market and other available experts
  7. 7. Managing the Procurement Process in the context of a CPB • Every phase needs expert teams
  8. 8. Managing the Procurement Process in the context of a CPB • Cross functional teams • Category management - centred on team work across the organisation • Representatives from the relevant functions (procurement experts, legal, technical, economics, IT expert, analytical skills, PR knowledge…)  a team leader  category manager  define roles of each member of the team. • create working/reference groups with the users and decision makers of the contracting authorities.  technical and procurement experts should be formally or informally invited by CPB.
  9. 9. Needed skills • Good communication with clients / bidders • Knowing the market / needs of clients • Specialised knowledge connected to subject matter of procurement / PPA • Opennes to the IT developments • Internal /continuous education • Continuous revising internal processes, strategy, regulation, etc.
  10. 10. Added value for participants of the procurement proceses 9  Tender documents of the CPO is used as a template by many CA  Model of technical consultations – learning time for bidders  For most of 500+ new beneficiaries of central public procurement -- the first time to use FA concluded through the central procurement procedure.  impact on individual clients in terms of establishing processes and standards;  Help desk at the CPO - Support for clients/sharing of experience
  11. 11. SWOT analysis in the context of the CPO development and a capacity building Strengths State Treasury system Organizational unit for central purchasing Human resources, New approach, knowledge of PPA Weaknesses No standards in definition of subject matter Many categories to start with Lack of IT Lack of human resources educated for PP Specific subject matter for each CA Opportunities Rational using of resources Best value for money Lower admin. expenses Transparency of procedures Simplification of procedures Raising awareness on PP, professionalism Implementation of IT Threats High fluctuation of employees Controlling of contracts /FA Restriction for SMEs Longer deadlines in procedures Appeals 10
  12. 12. Thanks for your attention! Any questions? 11