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Presentation by Y. Dul, Ukraine, (ENG) Eighth SIGMA Regional IPA Conference on Public Procurement, Montenegro, June 2018.


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Presentation by Y. Dul, Ukraine, (ENG) Eighth SIGMA Regional IPA Conference on Public Procurement, Montenegro, June 2018.

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Presentation by Y. Dul, Ukraine, (ENG) Eighth SIGMA Regional IPA Conference on Public Procurement, Montenegro, June 2018.

  1. 1. © OECD Eighth IPA Regional Public Procurement Conference Introducing e-procurement in Ukraine challenges and outcomes Yarema Dul, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Ukraine
  2. 2. 13 March 2014 Volunteers’ team setup April-May 2014 First search & first concept August, 2014 Georgians & concept review February, 2015 MVP development & launch September, 2014 ePlatforms & final concept; first “seeding” April, 2015 Volunteers move into gov’t June, 2015 First donor support May, 2015 MinDefence & small procurements’ pilot December, 2015 New Law on eProcurement approval April, 2016 Law comes into force, system’s scale up ProZorro timeline
  3. 3. Web-portal with “Google”-like search
  4. 4. Hybrid system • Cross-access • One reduction module • Small fee per bid • Open-source
  5. 5. Private electronic platforms
  6. 6. Public BI module of Ukraine’s national e-procurement portal Everybody sees everything
  7. 7. Public BI module of Ukraine’s national e-procurement portal How PP data might look like
  8. 8. ProZorro covers key procedures and functionalities eProcurement Functionalities Web portal ePlanning eRegistration eAuthentification eNotification eNotices eAccess eSubmission/eTendering eEvaluation eAuction eAwarding ePurchasing/eOrdering eInvoicing eContract Management ePayments Procurement Procedures Open Procedure (price & MEAT) Competitive Dialogue Negotiation Procedure Framework Agreements Dynamic purchasing system Electronic Catalogues available being developed now to be developed later
  9. 9. Increasing competition 1. Free trainings for business held by ProZorro team 2. Dealing with businesses using various instruments: professional call centres, field workshops, individual support 3. Advertising campaigns in 5 regions 01 July: Zaporizhia, Mariupol, Mykolaiv, 4. Odesa, Kharkiv – 100 boards – campaign banner — up to 10 million displays on popular websites – distribution of leaflets near the municipal, tax and other administrative buildings
  10. 10. Professionalization 1. Education Prozorro launched trainings for trainers (ToT) • 3 ToT for more than 50 trainers • 100 free seminars for ≈ 2,500 trainees Online knowledge base • all legislative and regulatory acts available on one website • library of typical specifications • catalogue of self-study courses Online courses on Coursera-type online platforms • 3 free full interactive course for CA, business and civil activists Launch of the professional program with KSE • MBA-type program for professional procureres with one of leading Ukrainian business-schools 2. Aggregation (centralization) of procurement The first pilot CPB created, equipped with the staff and the expertize. • The first cumulative procedure for paper was announced
  11. 11. Key objectives ✓ Make professional and efficient procurements ✓ Create a catalogue and standard specifications and conditions favourable for both contracting authorities and tenderers ✓ Conduct marketing research ✓ Manage contracts in an effective manner CPB GOAL: introduce an efficient market-based and professional instrument for making public procurements in Ukraine to enable their rational aggregation. CPO’s targets 100% cross-functional highly professional procurer 90% share of successful (with contract awarding) procurement procedures 50 % saving of human resources and time 50% reduction of public expenditures for the procurement of supplies, works and services 15% average saving under the awarded contracts Professional Procurements State Institution is a legal entity that, within the framework of the pilot project, organizes and holds procurement procedures and makes procurements under framework agreements for the benefit of central executive bodies under the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement” and the ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. FOR THE PUBLICFOR TENDERERS FOR CONTRACTING AUTHORITIES - Reduced public expenditures - Reduced corruption - Better control (all consolidated) - Advanced centre for introducing new instruments and technologies, in particular e-procurements - Professionalization within the system ADVANTAGES OF INTRODUCING A CPO - Fewer procurement procedures - More attractive volumes of procurements - More professional purchaser that knows the market well - Long-term strategic relations - Simpler procedures - Time and money saving - Lower risks of complaining, audits and accusations of corruption - Delegating non- relevant functions to a specialized institution
  12. 12. Specifications Libraries
  13. 13. Our aim e-GPA is a modern and progressive e-tool in international trade Risk management tool
  14. 14. So, what is next?
  15. 15. Development of the system in 2018 • Framework agreements • Electronic tender documentation • Integration with Treasury • Integration with State Fiscal Service • E-Catalogues • Call for tender from an annual plan
  16. 16. GoGlobal • Further harmonization with EU Directives • Active participation in Contracting5 initiative (with support of OECD) • Launch of the pilot project on the unified notification portal within WTO GPA • Help the OCP to promote OCDS around the globe • Cross-border Public procurement facilitation
  17. 17. The fragmentation and disunity of information about procurement within the GPA is one of the biggest obstacles for business to take part in public procurement tenders More than 47 web portals?!? GPA opportunities
  18. 18. • provide additional opportunities for business and increase fair competition • enhance internal statistics and reporting systems • ensure accessibility for analysis and public oversight Future vision Unified global e-platform with information on public procurement
  19. 19. eProcurement is not a goal… … it’s a tool. The goals could be: - transparency - competition - professionalization - global ambition … eProcurement is a good first step, because you can manage the whole ecosystem with measuring the impact.
  20. 20. THANK YOU!
  21. 21. Contacts 11 - Yarema Dul