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Horizon 2020: Eurostars SME funding programme


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Eurostars is a joint programme supporting R&D performing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). It is co-funded from the national budgets of 34 Eurostars countries and by the European Union through Horizon 2020.
Eurostars has been carefully developed to meet the specific needs of SMEs. With its bottom-up approach, it stimulates international collaborative research and innovation projects that will be rapidly commercialised.
Eurostars is an ideal first step in international cooperation, enabling small businesses to realise the many benefits of working beyond national frontiers. Participation in a Eurostars project can become a passport to growth, further innovation, an opening to new global markets and even greater business success.
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Horizon 2020: Eurostars SME funding programme

  1. 1. Eurostars-2 Eurostars Day Explaining Eurostars – The things you need to know for success Barcelona, 17th May 2017 Hosted by
  2. 2. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 Over 40 countries NETWORK PROJECTS 4282 projects UMBRELLAS CLUSTERS 829 projects EUROSTARS 1927 projects EUREKA TOURISM PLUS EUROAGRI CELTIC PLUS EURIPIDESPENTA ITEA 3 EUROGIA 2020 METALLURGY EUREKA instruments E!nnoVest
  3. 3. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 3 Eurostars is… Joint programme between EUREKA and EU Dedicated to R&D- performing SMEs Market- oriented Bottom-up International cooperation
  4. 4. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 4 Eurostars countries Austria Bulgaria Belgium Canada Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom 36 countries
  5. 5. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 5 Eurostars under Horizon 2020
  7. 7. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 7 SMEs in the driving seat © EUREKA Secretariat 2017
  8. 8. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 8 Market oriented
  9. 9. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 9 A typical Eurostars project average project cost €1.4 million average duration 30 months 2 countries 3 participants
  10. 10. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 10 Bottom-up approach
  11. 11. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 Reasons to participate Access skills you don’t have Requires collaboration across the value chain You have a solution for someone else You need access to someone else’s science/technology Share Risks
  12. 12. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 12 Eurostars process © EUREKA Secretariat 2017
  13. 13. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 13 Easy application
  14. 14. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 14 Straightforward, secure application
  15. 15. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 15 Application form
  16. 16. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 16 Application: To do list • 1.Check if your organization is eligible to receive funding Speak to your NPC about all available options • 2.Complete all sections of the application form • 3.Ensure that each organization has the correct status • 4.Ensure that all contact details are correct • 5.Upload annexes • 6.Double-check content – proof reading is the cheapest way of making your application better • 7.Check your application form is complete • 8.Check your application is eligible • 9.Submit!
  17. 17. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 17 Evaluation
  18. 18. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 18 Eligibility
  19. 19. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 19 Evaluation criteria
  20. 20. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 20 1st step: Assessment by independent experts
  21. 21. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 21 2nd step: Scoring and ranking by independent panel • Only projects rated above the quality thresholds are recommended for funding • The funding of projects is following the ranking list until national budget exhaustion • The funding of partners is based on the national funding rules
  22. 22. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 22 Decentralized funding
  23. 23. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 Ethics Humans, Embryos, Cells, Tissue Personal Data Health & safety Non-EU countries Animals Environment Dual use/Misuse
  24. 24. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 Ethics – Data • name, address, identification number, e-mail, CV, bank account number, phone number, medical records. • collection (digital audio recording, digital video caption, etc.) recording organisation & storage (cloud, LAN or WAN servers) adaptation or alteration (merging sets, amplification, etc.) retrieval & consultation use disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available (share, exchange, transfer) alignment or combination blocking, deleting or destruction. • Examples: creating a mailing list or a list of participants, managing a database, accounting records on personnel costs, time-sheets, project planning with names. 24 Personal data
  25. 25. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 Ethics VERY LIKELY LESS LIKELY Conditional clearance The ethics summary report will list 'ethics requirements' which become contractual obligations. They may include: • supplying further information/documents • adjusting methodology so as to comply with ethical principles and relevant legislation • an ethics check • appointing an independent ethics advisor or ethics board (possibly with a task to report on compliance with ethics requirements) Ethics clearance The project proposal does not raise ethics issues or the ethics issues have been properly addressed. No ethics clearance When a project proposal shows major ethical flaws, it will not be given ethics clearance, meaning that the proposal is not eligible for funding and will be rejected.
  26. 26. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 26 Timing Time-to-contract is within 4 to 7 months
  27. 27. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 27 Monitoring process
  28. 28. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 28 Factors for Success • Be available > Allow time for necessary preparation (partner search, project proposal, consortium agreement…) • Build up a « win-win » cooperation > Show complementarities and added value of trans-national partnership during and after the project • Show partnership’s ability to meet its commitments > Demonstrate each party’s management, scientific and technical skills as well as its available financial resources for the project • In austerity, tax payers money is a scarce resource > Demonstrate the fact that you have good financial health and have considered all of your options. > If you are too risky, you might not be able to access support.
  29. 29. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 29 Factors for Success • Set clear, measurable and verifiable objectives > Define success indicators for technological performance as well as the commercial and financial targets to achieve • Demonstrate clearly why the projects should be financed > Highlight the risks and the strategic character of the project in terms of expected commercial and financial impact > Is it value for money? • Be technologically ambitious while remaining realistic > Define a methodical approach in line with partnership, budget and time limit set for the completion of the project and the marketing of its results
  30. 30. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 30 Factors for Success • Point out the innovative nature of the proposal submitted > Present new industrial applications and their impact on the industry sector and relevant markets • Describing the technology is the easy bit there is more… > Who are you? Describe the benefits of this partnership, the added value that each organisation brings? > Focus on the project methodology (objectives, means, results) > Appropriate and realistic cost breakdown > Analyse the risks. How will you mitigate against them?
  31. 31. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 31 Factors for Success • Don’t forget your market (it sounds strange, but people do) > Product plans, exploitation plans, commercialisation strategy. > Analysis and comparison with state of the art. > Barriers to market entry? Competitive advantages? > Realistic market share? Will you actually make ROI? > Or how to protect it – Good IPR analysis/strategies are rare • Fill in the project application carefully and ensure it is clear > Promote the key elements the evaluators are looking for and ask an objective party to read it > Proof read it – this is the cheapest way of making it better. • Don’t allow yourself to be surprised by anything > Do your homework > Speak to your National Project Coordinator (NPC)
  32. 32. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 32 Success VIDEOSTAR – DE/SE (1.62 MEUR) A Breakthrough Video Restoration Software offers the rapid restoration of video- archives. Company has grown tenfold in 6 years TaniXing – DE/ES (940KEUR) A new leather-tanning agent. Bespoke supply chain to deliver a sustainable ‘Made in Europe’ product - Customers include the World’s largest car manufacturers NORM – NL/UK/DE/LV (2 MEUR) Risk assessment measurement system which automatically analyses financial news and helps companies manage their investment portfolios - 95% to 99% accuracy. MonthlyC2 – FR/UK (1.1 MEUR) A Revolutionary Contact Lens. Offers Patient greater visibility and comfort. Company market dimension x12 (4.5 B€)
  33. 33. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 33 Call planning
  34. 34. © EUREKA Secretariat 2017 Cut-off 8: 14 September 2017 Good luck! Hosted by