7. organization feasibility


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7. organization feasibility

  1. 1. Longitude 131 Hotel at the Ayers Rock
  2. 2. Business structure. Outlines alternative business model(s) (how the businesswill make money). Identifies the proposed legal structure of the business. Identifies any potential joint venture partners, alliances orother important stakeholders. Identifies availability of skilled and experienced businessmanagers. Identifies availability of consultants and service providerswith the skills needed to realize the project, including legal,accounting, industry experts, etc. Outlines the governance, lines of authority and decisionmaking structure.
  3. 3. Business founders. Character matters -- are the people involved of outstandingcharacter? Do the founders have the "fire in the belly" required to takethe project to completion? Do the founders have the skills and ability to complete theproject? What key individuals will lead the project? Is there a reward system for the founders? Is it based onbusiness performance? Have the founders organized other successful businesses?
  5. 5. What type of organization to be established?-Single/ Sole proprietorship-Partnership (General or Limited)-Corporation-Cooperatives Organization(POs)ConsumersProducersMarketing orFinancing)-NGOs
  6. 6. What type of organization to be established?-Be sure to have an-organizational chart or-staffing patternPresident/CEOExecutiveSecretaryFinance andAdministrationSales andMarketingOperations
  9. 9.  The President shall be selected and appointed by the Board of Directors and shall serve as a member ofthe ExecutiveCommittee.The person shall be given a term of 3 years and shall be renewable upon review andrecommendation by the Executive Committee.The appointment of the president must be ratified by 2/3 ratesof the majority by the Board of Directors as provided by law. Duties The President shall be the CEO of the corporation and shall exercise the following functions: To preside the meetings of the stockholders. To initiate and develop corporate objectives and policies and formulate long range projects, plans andprograms for the approval of the Board of Directors. Report to the Board of Directors about the updates of the company. To supervise and manage the business affairs of the corporation upon the direction of the Board of Directors. To represent the corporation at all functions and proceeding. To sign certificate of stock. To perform duties that are incident to his office. Qualifications: - Male or female - At least 30-40 years old - Preferably a stockholder of the corporation - A graduate of any bachelor’s degree related in the field, with an experienceasCEO of at least 4-6 years - must possess a good command of responsibility and strong leadership in thesame field - Hardworking, patient and has an excellent communication skills Hiring Rate: P 120,000.00
  10. 10.  Duties The Secretary must be a resident and a citizen of the Philippines and she mustperform the following duties: To take the minutes and transactions of all company meetings of the directors andthe stockholders and maintain a file of such meetings as required by law. To keep record/books showing the details required by law with respect to the stockcertificates copy, including ledgers and transfer books showing all shares of thecorporation subscribed, issued and transferred. To keep the corporate seal and affix it to all documents requiring such seal. To act as an inspector of the election of directors. To perform such other duties as are incident to her office or as may be assigned tohim by the Board of Directors. Qualifications - Female - At least 23-28 years old - With pleasing personality - Graduate of 4 years secretarial course - Excellent in stenography and communication skills and must be computerliterate Hiring Rate: P20,000.00
  11. 11.  Duties: Assists in the formulation and administration of personnel programs, policies andstrategies. Assists in maintaining harmonious management and employee relations. Assists line managers implement personnel program, policies and strategies Solves problems affecting the employees performance and efficiency To keep all levels of management informed on personnel matters Recruit, screen and refer qualified job applicants to line managers who will decidewhom to employ. Qualifications - Male or Female - A graduate of BS Management, BS psychology, Behavioral Science - Must have at least 3 years of experience in Human Resource Managementand Development - Excellent communication and negotiation skills with strong leadershipabilities - Have a positive attitude and can decide and work under pressure Hiring Rate: P30,000.00
  12. 12.  Accounting Officer is responsible for tax administration,preparation and analysis of financial statements. Qualifications - Male or Female - At least 30-35 years old - Preferably a CPA Board passer and with a minimum 3years of meaningful experience gained from reputableauditing/ accounting firm - Computer literate, highly analytical, results- orientedand has an excellent communication skills - Have a positive attitude and can work and decideunder pressure Hiring Rate: P20,000.00
  13. 13.  Responsible in marketing of the product, coordinating andmonitor promotions in company sponsored advertisements,radio programs, issue letters of invitations and assists innetworking with local and foreign buyers. He shall also beresponsible for the promotions and advertisements. Qualifications - Male or Female - At least 30-35 years old - A graduate of any course related to commerce andindustry - With 2 years of related work experience andsupervisory experience - Excellent in communication and interpersonal skills Hiring Rate: P20,000.00
  14. 14.  Responsible for producing the products/ services toclients in the right quantity, of the right quality and atthe right time economically. He is the one who plansthe process of producing the product. Qualifications - Male or Female - At least 30-35 years old - Must be a licensed chemical engineer -With 5 years work experience on related field - Excellent in communication skills - Creative and able to work under pressure Hiring Rate: P20,000.00
  15. 15.  Shall be assigned to undertake preparation andencoding of communications, reports and performbasic bookkeeping and accounting activities. Qualifications - Male or Female - At least 23-28 years old - Preferably a graduate of BS Accountancy - Must have good communication skills and acomputer literate - Patient, hardworking and honest Hiring Rate: P12,000.00
  16. 16.  Must be a resident and citizen of the Philippines and he/she mustperform the following duties: To keep tract of all the documents regarding the acquisition andusage of corporate funds. To oversee the preparation of the budgets and the statements ofaccounts of the corporation. To perform such other duties as are incident to his/her office or asmay be assigned to him by the board of Directors. Qualifications - Male or Female - At least 23-28 years old - Must a Certified Public Accountant board passer - Honest, trustworthy and has an excellent communication skills Hiring Rate: P15,000.00
  17. 17.  Responsible into finding prospective buyers of thecompany. He/She is also responsible into buildingharmonious relationships with the customers. Qualifications - Male or Female - At least 22-25 years old - Preferably a graduate of any 4 years business relatedcourse - With pleasing personality - Must have good communication skills - Patient, hardworking and trustworthy Hiring Rate: P12,000.00
  18. 18.  Responsible in promoting and advertising theCompany’s product/ services. Formulates strategicactivities that will attract customers as well as toimprove and expand the market share of thecompany. Qualifications - Male or Female - At least 23-30 years old - A graduate of any marketing course - Has an excellent communication skills, patient,hardworking and trustworthy Hiring Rate: P12,000.00
  19. 19.  Duties: Handles bank relations, credit and quite often, theaccounting function. He is also responsible for settinggoals to be attained in sales, expense, production,manufacturing and profits. Qualifications - Male or Female - At least 23-28 years old - Must be an accounting graduate and preferably havea 3 years experience as a finance and budget officer - Hardworking, honest and trustworthy Hiring Rate: P12,000.00
  20. 20.  Responsible for the quality evaluation and control of the products/serviceshaving precise specifications and necessary inspections of the product tosee that the specifications are adhere to. His duty is not to create quality but measures the quality of product againstthe standards set by the company. He must also ascertain what qualities should be maintained and conduct itsquality check even when volume productions are involved. Qualifications - Male - At least 27-35 years old - Must be a licensed chemical engineer - Must have at least 3 years experience as a quality control inspector - Knows how to implement total quality management Hiring Rate: P15,000.00
  21. 21.  Responsible for the control of raw materials, goods in process inventory,finished goods inventory and supplies inventory. He/She must make a close check of issuances and established a true pictureof the status of the items. He/She must set ordering points when economic quantities may be orderedwith greater precision as well as established warning point when follow-up ofmaterials which have been ordered must be made to avoid delay andinterruptions in actual manufacturing. He/She is also responsible for canvassing and negotiating supplies andmaterials needed by the company. Qualifications - Male or Female - At least 25-30 years old - A graduate of any 4 years course related to the field - Broad knowledge in supplies and material procurement - Can able to meet deadline - Hardworking and trustworthy Hiring Rate: P15,000.00
  22. 22.  Responsible in assuring that company plant and equipment are ingood condition and functioning efficiently. He is also responsible in maintaining the conditions of the assets. Qualifications - Male - At least 25-35 years old - Preferably a graduate of mechanical engineer - With at least 3 years experience related to the field - Has abroad knowledge in machineries and can handlemachineries with due care - Hardworking, trustworthy and can work under pressure Hiring Rate: P12,000.00
  23. 23.  Responsible in maintaining the cleanliness ofcompany premises and assuring that workingwithin the company is conducive. Qualifications - Male or Female - At least 22-30 years old - Must have at least 3 years workingexperience related to the field - Hardworking and trustworthy Hiring Rate: P8,000.00
  24. 24.  Is the one who drives company vehicles within andoutside the company premises. He is also responsible in transporting the products intheir respective dealers/ outlets. Qualifications - Male and at least 23-35 years old - Must have at least 5 years of professional drivingexperience - With professional driver’s license - At least a high school graduate Hiring Rate: P8,000.00
  25. 25.  They are the people that work during production.They are the onethat first handle the product during and after production. Qualifications - Male and at least 20-25 years old - With a minimum of at least 2 years working experience in amanufacturing company - Can handle product with due care - Can follow complex and restrictive instructions - Must have a high endurance and good physical conditions - Can work under pressure and work overtime if needed Hiring Rate: P7,000.00
  26. 26.  To be paid twice a month, every 15th and 30thof the month.
  27. 27.  In addition to the salaries, the company provides certainbenefits to be given to all employees. These include the SSS benefits.This covers the sicknessbenefit, maternity benefit, paternity benefit, retirementbenefit, death benefit and disability benefit. A social security contribution is required to include boththe employer and employees share. The employee benefits will be given correspondingamount of employee’s monthly salary provided that eachemployee will contribute in the suggested amountprovided by the institutions. Pag-ibig fund contribution shall be given to employeeswhich covers the housing program, livelihood program,savings and multi- purpose loan program.
  28. 28.  1.13th Month Pay– Each employee are entitled to a 13th month pay, to berelease on the 1st week of June.This will be equivalent to 1/12 of their basicsalary. 2.Service Incentive Leave- Every employee who has render at least one yearof service shall be entitle to a yearly service incentive of five days with pay.The term “at least one year” means service with 12 months whethercontinuous or broken reckoned from the date the employee started workingincluding authorize absence and paid regular holidays. 3. Group Accident and Life Insurance-The company see to it that eachemployee are insured.This includes accidents that could result to death orpermanent disability. It also covers medical expenses for treatment ofinjuries, which result to disability or death. 4. Death Benefits- Cash benefits in the form of a monthly pension andallowance for burial expenses given to the dependents. 5. Disability Benefits- Cash benefit given to the employees who sufferpermanent, total or partial disability in the form of monthly pension. 6. Retirement Benefits- Given to the employees that under at least 20 yearsof service in the company.This is based on the accumulated years of servicemultiply by the monthly salary multiply by 150%.
  29. 29.  7. Separation Pay- Upon the employee’s separation to the employer,the employees will receive 1 year monthly salary for every 5 years ofservice to the company plus the corresponding benefits. 8. Maternity Leave- Each employee is entitled to have 60 daysmaternity leave and will receive the total amount of salary covered bythe maternity leave. 9. Paternity Leave- Each employee is entitled to have 1 week paternityleave and will receive the total amount of salary covered by thepaternity leave. 10. Sick Leave- Utilized at the discretion of the employee and isgranted for sickness of the individual employee, hi or her spouse,children, or other immediate family members living in the household.Sick leave may be accumulated up to a maximum of 90 days and maybe carried over from one employment year to the next. 11. Cost Of Living Allowance- As mandated by the Labor code of thePhilippines that each employee will receive P20 a day. 12. Christmas Bonus- It is equivalent to a one month salary of eachemployee. It will only be given when the company earn a reasonableprofit for the year.
  30. 30.  Any regular and directly hired contractual employee in any department irrespective of position,who violates company rules and regulations, shall be subject to disciplinary action. Provisions I. Offenses A. Habitual Tardiness Habitual or repetitious tardiness at work. Everyone shall observed punctuality in attendance.Arriving one hour late at least four times in any calendar month without valid reason, not observingproper break periods and leaving the factory premises early before the end of shift time are consideredhabitual tardiness. B.AbsenceWithout Official Leave (AWOL) Absence from work without official leave, the employees fails to notify his immediate supervisorof the reason thereof or even if he gives such notice the opinion of the company, the cause is notjustified. C. Misconduct and Misbehavior 1. Commission of an act, which is or may constitute a crime. 2. Commission of immoral act within company premises. 3. Concealing a disease, which endangers his fellow workers. 4. Carrying prohibited weapons, drugs or other banned objects within thecompany premises. 5. Smoking within company premises and failure to meet securityrequirement of the company. 6. Intentionally destroying or damaging company property. 7. Circulating false and confidential information affecting the interest ofthe company.
  31. 31.  D. Dishonesty 1. Substituting product with intent to gain 2. Stealing from the company. 3. Falsifying personal records/document either upon applying or duringemployment. E. Insubordination/ Discourtesy 1. Failure to carry out instructions of his superiors. 2. Disobedience to the lawful orders of his superiors in connection withhis duties. 3. Insult company official while discharging official functions. F. Negligence of Duty 1. Sleeping while on duty which adversely affects the interest of thecompany. 2. Gross negligence in assigned duties. 3. Frequently receiving visitors during office hours or making frequentpersonal telephone calls. G.Violations of Safety Rules 1. Smoking within company premises. 2. Removing safety devices from machinery, equipment or any otherproperty without permission. 3. Failure to wear safety attire within company premises. 4. Driving company vehicle without authority or allowing unauthorizedpersons to operate company vehicle. 5. Unauthorized entry in restricted areas within company premises.
  32. 32.  A.Written warning This is a written notice given to an employee for committing aninfraction of a rule, calling his attention.When an employee receives three (3)written warnings regarding the same offense he will be under observation for30-day period from the date of receipt of the last warning. B. Light Suspension This is a penalty placing an employee under suspension from one tofourteen day for committing the same offense during the 30-day periodobservation. Light suspension deprives an employee of his pay during the period ofhis suspension and places him under observation of 60-day period from thelast date of suspension. C.Grave Suspension. This is a penalty imposed on habitual offenders who commit seriousviolation of company rules and regulations placing them under suspensionfrom 15-30 calendar days. Grave suspension deprives an employee of his pay during the period ofhis suspension and places him under observation of 90-day period from thelast date of suspension.
  33. 33.  D. Summary Dismissal This is the termination of an employee for cause. Commission of anextremely serious violation of company rules and regulations while he isunder observation after having been voted out a grave suspension, wouldresult in Summary Dismissal of an employee. Causes forTermination: 1. Serious misconduct by the employee of the lawful orders of hisemployer. 2. Fraud committed by the employee resulting to a loss in operation of the company. 3. Commission of a crime within company premises. 4. Poor efficiency on the job. 5. Permanently disability on prolonged illness. E.Qualified Penalty The penalties of light suspension and grave suspension maybe qualifiedby the extent or amount of the loss or damage to persons, the gravity orseriousness of the offense and the manner and circumstances of itscommission, in which case such penalties could extend up to SummaryDismissal.
  34. 34. • Project design/organization should be in line withproject rationale and objectives• Participating agencies/ key players must beappropriately identified• Roles/functions of key players must always be clearlydefined• Derivative functions of organizational units mustcontribute to the attainment of project objectives• Obligations and benefits (to be derived) must also beclearly stated• Sufficient resources must be provided• There must be flexibility in implementationALWAYS REMEMBER
  36. 36.  THANKYOUVERY MUCH!!!!