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Rogers Carrier Services


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Rogers Carrier Services

  2. 2. Rogers Carrier Services offersdomestic and internationalwholesale partners a broad rangeof innovative telecommunicationsservices featuring theperformance, scalability andreliability demanded by today’sbusiness customers. Rogers offersservices across wireless, cableDOCSIS and fibre infrastructure.
  3. 3. “ “Our team continues to focus on building excellent clientrelationships and providing a positive customer experience.
  4. 4. WHY CHOOSEROGERS CARRIER SERVICES?RESPONSIVENESS — Because Rogers owns and operates its owntranscontinental and metropolitan area networks, we can quote anddeliver services faster, offer flexible solutions and quickly respond toyour business needs.SCALABILITY — Rogers deploys an intelligent access switch with multiplenetwork ports and a 1000 Mbps fibre optic uplink to our network. This allowsyou to increase bandwidth and add new services on demand without the needfor any new hardware.GEOGRAPHICAL REACH — Rogers’ national network contains over25,000 km of diverse fibre routes including touch points in all major Canadiancities and US Network Access Points. Rogers can provide fibre- and cable-basednetwork access to hundreds of thousands of sites across Canada.SERVICE AND SUPPORT — Rogers Carrier Services supports its customersand networks with responsive and knowledgeable account teams, customer careand network professionals. The Rogers Network Operations Centre is availableto assist you 24/7/365. Rogers Carrier Services delivers MEF 9 and MEF 14 certified ELINE and ELAN services via its secure and private national network with speeds from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps.
  5. 5. “We believe successful partnerships will always be about “people. Your dedicated account team understands theneeds of your end-user market and is committed tobuilding strong partnerships with you, our clients.
  7. 7. LEGENDRoute CityNetwork Access PointRogers Backbone FibreRogers Wireless Coverage
  8. 8. & PRODUCT SERVICESPORTFOLIOELANRogers’ ELAN service delivers a secure and reliable bridged LAN connectivitysolution for businesses. Our ELAN service brings the simplicity of Ethernet LANinto the WAN to connect your customers’ sites to your NNI. Within the ELANportfolio, we offer three distinct solutions tailored to your customers’ needs.ELANSingle bridged VLAN ELAN Plus Supporting multiple VLANs in a bridged configuration ELAN Premium Full QinQ support in a bridged configurationELINERogers’ ELINE provides highly scalable point-to-point (EPL) and point-to-multipoint (EVPL) networks to customers who wish to connect multiple locationsusing simple Ethernet interfaces.
  9. 9. OPTICALWAVE(WAVELENGTH SERVICE)With global corporations looking to connect to major metropolitan hubs inCanada, the need for ultra-low latency performance is vital. Rogers’ OpticalWave is a point-to-point private line service that is delivered over our opticalnetwork using Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology. OpticalWave is the ideal choice for high bandwidth and latency-sensitive traffic.Rogers’ Optical Wave is designed to support backbone network services withavailable speeds of 10, 40 and 100 Gbps. Rogers provides a Network Access Pointto Network Access Point solution with the ability to interconnect directly to acustomer’s premises.
  10. 10. INTERNETTRANSITRogers’ Internet Transit is a scalable, high performance Internet connectivitysolution offering symmetrical bandwidth over fibre-based accesses with speedsof up to 10 Gbps and full support of IPv6. Rogers Internet Transit is the idealchoice for businesses wishing to reach millions of Rogers smart phone and cableInternet subscribers over our IP network.Rogers has one of the most interconnected Internet backbones in Canada withdirect connections to hundreds of carriers across North America.“ “ Rogers Carrier Services uses advanced geospatial tools to determine serviceability at sites across its network to better serve our customers’ needs.ETHERNETOVER CABLEEthernet over Cable (EoC) complements Rogers’ last mile fibre reachby  providing cost effective, private layer 2 connectivity to hundreds ofthousands of sites across Rogers’ cable footprint. EoC is a native layer 2service delivered over a cable modem that requires no other customerpremise equipment, offering Carriers the simplicity and flexibility to buildtheir own unique network solutions.EoC can be used as an alternative to T1 and DSL accesses that no longermeet current speed requirements, or as a diverse network option to  improve availability.
  11. 11. ROGERS CARRIER SERVICESDELIVERS IN THE AREAS THAT MATTER MOST:• National reach to hundreds of thousands of sites• Technical expertise and responsive customer support• Ease of doing business with expedited service quotes• Secure and reliable high performance network Discover what a growing number of global carriers have come to depend on. For reliable, high performance fibre- and cable-based connectivity, Rogers is your one connection delivering advanced Ethernet networks.
  12. 12. +1(416) 935-6060CONTACT US