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When you partner with Rogers Business Solutions, you benefit from on-going collaboration with our team of experts who leverage our nation-wide fibre network delivering a flexible, scalable product suite to meet your evolving business needs.

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Rogers Business Solutions

  2. 2. ROGERS BUSINESS SOLUTIONSWhen you partner with Rogers Business Solutions, youbenefit from on-going collaboration with our team ofexperts who leverage our nation-wide fibre networkdelivering a flexible, scalable product suite to meetyour evolving business needs.Whether you are a government, healthcare or educationalinstitution, or a media, financial or manufacturingcorporation with several office locations, our team ofexperts can help to develop the right solution for you. So asyou grow, you can scale your services with ease.• We are a collaborative extension of your business providing a team of dedicated sales professionals and network design consultants to develop solutions with you.• Our own multipath digital fibre network backbone ensures reliability and allows us to provide faster quoting and flexible solutions to scale your services quickly and to respond to your needs better.• Our fibre optic network is fully supported 24/7/365 by a team of engineering experts in our state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre.
  3. 3. WHY CHOOSEROGERS FIBRE? DEPENDABILITY – Our multipath fibre backbone is built for speed and reliability using our history of creating, supporting and evolving the most advanced networks in Canada.SPEED – Rogers owns and operates its own network,allowing us to provide faster quoting, offer flexible solutions SERVICE – We provide 24/7/365 network managementand quickly respond to your needs. assistance, allowing you to benefit from a team of skilled experts that can support your evolving business needs.SCALABILITY – One fibre connection to your businessgives you the ability to add multiple services and featureswhen you need them. Scale as you grow.GEOGRAPHICAL REACHRogers owns and operates a national network withover 25,000 km of fibre routes. RBS can provide networkaccess in thousands of fibre-ready buildings and overone hundred thousand cable-ready business locations.
  4. 4. MPLS MULTIPROTOCOL LABEL SWITCHING Rogers Business Solutions’ MPLS IP VPN services deliver secure, highly reliable private IP networks for Canadian businesses. Our MPLS IP VPN service is the ideal choice to consolidate and prioritize your voice, video and data traffic across a fully meshed network.FEATURES & BENEFITSNETWORK ACCESS – Our MPLS IP VPN service supportsa diverse range of access methods including RBS’ fibre andcable-based networks, with available connectivity to USand International sites.CLASSES OF SERVICE – Our MPLS IP VPN service offersClasses of Service allowing customers to prioritize theirvoice, video and data traffic across a single network tooptimize the performance of their applications.MANAGED NETWORK SERVICES – RBS offers a suiteof service options to meet the management, monitoringand reporting needs of your business through a convenientweb portal.
  5. 5. DEDICATEDINTERNET FEATURES & BENEFITS EXTENSIVE AND DIVERSE INTERNET CONNECTIVITY – Rogers has one of the most interconnected Internet backbones in Canada able to deliver high availability, low latency service with a minimal number of hops as demandedRogers Business Solutions’ Dedicated Internet is a by our customers.fibre-based, scalable, high speed Internet connectivitysolution that offers business customers symmetrical HIGHLY SCALABLE AND FLEXIBLE MULTI-SERVICEbandwidth supporting speeds up to 10 Gbps. ACCESS – RBS invests in a customer’s site by deploying an intelligent access switch with multiple network ports and aRogers supports millions of subscribers on its IP 1000 Mbps fibre optic uplink to our network. This allowsnetwork, including wireless smart phones and cable you to increase bandwidth and add new services onInternet customers. demand without the need for any new hardware.Rogers is the ideal choice for businesses that need toconnect with these subscribers directly to offer thebest Internet experience.
  6. 6. ETHERNET ETHERNET VIRTUAL PRIVATE LINE Rogers Business Solutions’ EVPL provides highly scalable and reliable secure networks to Enterprise customers who wish to connect multiple locations using a hub-and-spoke design.ETHERNET PRIVATE LINE Connected with a combination of fibre- and cable-Rogers Business Solutions’ EPL provides highly based accesses, EVPL offers the flexibility to supportscalable and reliable point-to-point connectivity to multiple services on a single the demands of bandwidth-intensive, lowlatency applications. EPL is a flexible, fibre-basedalternative to traditional TDM private line services. FEATURES & BENEFITS MEF CERTIFICATION – The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has certified Rogers Ethernet Services as MEF 9 and MEF 14 compliant, hallmarks for carriers who deliver advanced Ethernet services. As a customer of RBS you can be assured that the services you purchase today align with industry standards and will continue to support your evolving needs in the future.
  7. 7. SESSION RBS SIP Trunking represents the next generation of voice services, allowing customers to consolidate their data and voice traffic onto their existing private IPINITIATED Network for improved reliability, greater flexibility and productivity, and cost savings.PROTOCOL SIP Trunking is the first step towards enabling advanced communication applications such as Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and Unified(SIP) Communications.FEATURES & BENEFITS GREATER FLEXIBILITY AND SCALABILITY – Allows immediate increase of individual voice sessions as needed,IMPROVED RELIABILITY – SIP Trunking leverages the versus traditional PRI trunks which require the installationexisting redundancy, diversity and rerouting capabilities of a of new hardware and provide additional voice circuits incustomer’s IP Network to improve overall reliability of voice increments of 23.communications, especially during peak hours. SIP Trunkingassures quality of communications by using private COST SAVINGSnetworks versus the Internet for connectivity. • Opportunity to converge and optimize voice and dataIMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY networks while reducing total cost of ownership as part of a technology refresh cycle• SIP Trunking offers enhanced voice quality for a better call experience • Reduce or eliminate the costs of dedicated PRI connections and the support of legacy voice hardware at each site• Enables advanced collaboration and telepresence conferencing applications • Eliminate the cost of supporting separate voice and data infrastructure, extending IP voice in the LAN over the WAN• Simplifies the overall support, capacity management, and evolution of a consolidated voice and data network • Reduce long distance fees associated with calls between offices connected by a data network • Centralize and optimize the number of PBXs needed to manage inbound voice traffic