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Gulfnet Profile


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Gulfnet Communications Company, a subsidiary of United Networks Holding (member of KIPCO Group); the first ISP in Kuwait and the Gulf Region.

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Gulfnet Profile

  1. 1. About Gulfnet Gulfnet Communications - the pioneers of Internet and Online Data Services in Kuwait Gulfnet is Kuwait’s Premier Internet and Online Data Services provider that offers secure, reliable, high-speed and any-to-any communications solutions in addition to a host of diversified, value added services. Leading the way forward Gulfnet Communications Company (Gulfnet) was established in 1991 as the first service provider in the Gulf region with the objective of providing cutting-edge Internet and Online Data Services in the State of Kuwait. Today, approaching two decades, we are proud to be where we are pioneers leading the way forward. Our journey has been marked by growth, innovation, collaboration, building capabilities, strengthening networks and fostering relationships. Today, Gulfnet offers a host of diversified products and services that cater to a broad base of customers in the corporate, retail and residential segments. We have been known for always delivering the best results and creating business value. This profile is designed to introduce you to who we are, what we do, what drives us, our products & services that we offer, and give an insight into the values we abide by. We invite you to discover our services and enjoy your findings.
  2. 2. Mission & Vision Our Mission To enhance the quality of life by delivering progressive online services. Our Vision To be the pioneers in communications and online entertainment.
  3. 3. Our Core Values Gulfnet adheres to a set of core values that not only contributes to the company’s success but also serves as a source of constant guidance for conducting business. Our core values are: Integrity In everything we do and in our relationship with our customers and shareholders. We are committed to complete honesty and integrity in all our actions. Quality In the products and services that we deliver. We deploy the strictest of all measures to ensure that there is no compromise whatsoever on the quality of our products and services. Superior Performance Delivered through our wide range of smart products and services that not only score high on performance but are also extremely cost-effective. Excellence in Customer Service The hallmark of our existence. We realize that upholding the service standards that customers expect of us is paramount to our business and hence we are firmly committed to excellence in service.
  4. 4. Gulfnet Advantages We believe Kuwait ISP market is very competitive and customers always have a choice. Therefore, we at Gulfnet strive to provide differentiated services and work very hard to secure and maintain strong partnerships with our valued customers by providing them with unique high quality services. • Faster-Than-Ever with a Scalable and Resilient 10 Gigabit Ethernet Backbone • Multiple Internet STM feeds via submarine, terrestrial and satellite providers • Disaster Recovery Data Centers in Um-alHaiman and Kuwait City • State-of-the-Art Data Center connected to multiple exchanges with multiple fiber routes • International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) Provider • Vendor Interoperability and Independence • Verizon MPLS Network Hub in the region • Indelible Service Experience • Unmatched Reliability • Seamless Scalability • Satellite Solutions • Gulfnet Cloud
  5. 5. Connectivity Data Services Do you need to stay in touch with your remote locations to share data, exchange information, and create your own WAN? Do you want to connect to a far away place or just around the corner, Gulfnet Communications will help you get there, we can provide the best solutions tailored to your exact needs. No matter the connection you require; fiber, copper, wireless or satellite, we can provide it at an affordable cost based upon requirements. Data connections are kept secured with our xDSL, leased line or fiber optic links. With the help of our motivated and highly skilled Account Managers, you will be introduced to the best solution that suits your requirements, your future expansion plans, and most importantly your budget. We offer our customers with a robust, reliable and high speed Access Network including unmatchable data center services. Advantages: • Gulfnet Metropolitan Area Network • MPLS backbone • Coverage all over the country • Gigabit Ethernet Core scalable to Terabits • Multi Security levels • Customer Access through xDSL or Fiber • Wireless access
  6. 6. IP Services Are you stuck with non-IP based communications? Enhance your network with IP based services and let your LAN or WAN take advantage of the latest converged networking products in the market: video, voice and data. Stock market quotes to phones or even web based content. Gulfnet Communications has a fully redundant fiber optic IP backbone network connecting to every exchange throughout Kuwait. The backbone ring guarantees our corporate and residential subscribers the most stable and most resilient network in Kuwait, and exceptionally advanced IP services. Internet WWW (World Wide Web) Small Businesses and multi-national organizations require sharing information and exchanging data with their existing and potential. The fastest, cost-effective, and most reliable way is to make it online via land, air or satellite connections, which can be obtained through Gulfnet at a reasonably priced speeds ranging from as low as 128Kbps to as fast as 100Mbps or even multiple STM1. International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) IPLC provides end-to-end connectivity between local and international organizations through a dedicated point-to- point interconnection, designed to facilitate cross-border communications of mission critical applications including data transfer, VoIP and video conferencing with the highest security and reliability. IPLC service can be provided in various bandwidths up to multiple STM1 as clear channel or with IPs.
  7. 7. Verizon Business Gulfnet Communications’ strategic alliance with Verizon Business (the leading global communications provider) enables both providers to deploy paramount data delivery services and cost-efficient regional to global connectivity through advanced Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, Public IP access in Kuwait and secure access to neighboring countries via cable and satellite. Our MPLS nodes in Kuwait facilitate Gulfnet public access to the Internet backbone and indirect access to Verizon Business’s Private IP network through Frame Relay and ATM points-of-presence in more than 90 countries. The Gulfnet - Verizon partnership enables business owners in Kuwait to connect to the world business community through secured, reliable, fast, any-to-any communications solutions. Gulfnet Communication’s IP services provide high-bandwidth connectivity to Verizon’s (MCI) global Internet backbone, the fastest, best engineered, and most reliable network in the world. Our dedicated Internet services include a standard package of IP services that encompass domain name, DNS, e-mail, news, IP addresses, service level agreements, as well as 24/7 monitoring. As a complement to our IP offering, our global MPLS based VPN Service provides highly scalable connectivity options and a simple any-to- any network design using single PVC connection to the MPLS core network. Our MPLS network services are provided by Verizon’s (MCI) UUNet Global Internet Backbone.
  8. 8. Verizon Business Gulfnet services are designed to meet enterprise customers’ needs by offering reliability, flexibility and wide range of service speeds. • A network based Virtual Private Network service grounded in Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology. • Integrates the performance and traffic management capabilities of Data Link Layer 2 with the scalability and flexibility of Network Layer 3 routing. • Provides the capability to separate customer traffic through a VPN. • Provides the security and quality of service (QoS) of layer 2 switching with the scalability and any-to-any connectivity of IP. • Delivers IP Quality of Service (QoS). • 5 Classes of Service in support of real-time and mission and business critical applications. • Enables both network convergence and use of real-time or latency sensitive applications. • Fully DiffServ QoS compliant (RFC 2474). • Global coverage to over 90 countries worldwide.
  9. 9. Communications Voice Let us build your network with an IP based system that gives you the ability to deliver voice in a cost-effective manner throughout your LAN or WAN. Don’t be hindered by your plain old analog lines, take advantage of one connection for each person in the office that delivers your phone calls and connects them seamlessly to your LAN. In association with Kuwait Ministry of Communications (MOC), Gulfnet can carry and deliver ISDN services on its backbone throughout Kuwait. In addition, IP phone services can be implemented between your main head office and remote branches via Gulfnet 10G IP backbone. Video Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting for getting delicate business done be it with a customer or with someone in the office. Now, you can upgrade from just voice to video and voice right at your desktop and leap into the latest technology. With our IP based video-phones, we can design a network to take advantage of video streaming capabilities with as little as 256Kbps in bandwidth. Providing video connections within your offices or halfway around the world can now be provided in a cost-effective way with video phones and a soft switch to giving you video quality that will make you avoid the next hectic travel trip or just to the office next door.
  10. 10. Data Center Primary Center Data Center – City Tower The practice of businesses hosting their own equipment and applications at a specialized third party facility just makes perfect economic sense for big businesses. There is a real payoff for them to keep their own, e-commerce and other servers in secured facilities on major network backbones where redundant pipes and ample infrastructure can be shared and content can be positioned closer to its destination. Gulfnet Communications introduces Kuwait’s first fully integrated data center, featuring a variety of unique data services unmatched anywhere in the region. Our data center is housed in a state-of-the-art facility, and offers a range of services that can be tailored to your enterprise’s data management requirements. • Beautifully constructed 2,000 sq foot facility easily accessible on a 24/7 basis. • 2x200 KVA UPS will ensure 100% reliable and clean power. It is further backed up by a 250 KVA Diesel Generator with a provision for one more 250 KVA • High Quality, Rittal, 42 RU Racks. Power fed from two different sources. • DC Power Source; Redundant and reliable; 200 Amp. • High Precision AC in (2+1) redundant mode to keep the ambient temperature at 20° C ± 2° C. • FM 200 Fire Suppression System • Access Control System through biometric sensors as also through proximity cards. • Physical Security for unauthorized movement in the vicinity. • Verizon/MCI Node in Kuwait to connect the region to over 90 countries. • Video monitoring and recording facility for movement detection. • Integrated BMS for On Line monitoring and control of security, fire and access control. • Supported by 24/7 NOC facility. • World wide Connectivity through Optical Fiber communication via multiple Int’l different routes. • Connected to Satellite International Gateway • Connected via two different fiber routes to TEC and Nuzha Exchanges to access 10 Gigabit multiple fiber rings.
  11. 11. Disaster Recovery Data Center Gulfnet has a state-of-art-the-art fully redundant Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) in over the latest 10 Gigabit Ethernet backbone capable to automatically converge in less than 45 ms for any major network node or fiber backbone failure. In addition, Gulfnet maintains its own full replica of its vital systems and network services at the UHN DR site. Hence, Gulfnet is well positioned to offer connectivity to the customer’s owned Data Center or Gulfnet’s hosted DR site. Advantages: • Secured, dedicated, fast and end-to-end connectivity between the company HQ and DR • End-to-end gigabit bandwidth requirement (from 128 Kbps to 10 Gbps) • Flexibility to host DR systems at two Gulfnet fully equipped datacenters • 247 online and onsite support • Synchronous and asynchronous data replication between main and DR systems • Physically and network secured parameter for the co-location/hosted IT systems • Customized SLA requirements including all three key security elements (i.e.availability, integrity and confidentiality). • Replication and Data Recovery Management Business continuity and disaster recovery are primary concerns for companies. Whether the disaster event involves a server failure or a site outage, a disaster can interrupt user access to data and affect business continuity. Gulfnet Communications offers data replication and disaster recovery management features that organizations can use to effectively prepare for and recover from a disaster. Advantages • Peering with international data centers • High speed International connection through different routes and media On-line replication of data • Security and networking • Network management
  12. 12. Colocation Colocation Services Colocation services are for enterprises that require complete control over their server configuration. Colocation allows your organization to connect a server that you own to the Internet. • Full Infrastructure available • Cages • Racks • High security Access control • 100% Reliable Power • Environmental control as per International standards • Fire Protection • 24/7 - Access • 24/7 Help Desk Application Infrastructure Hosting Your mission-critical IT infrastructure is protected within our world- class facilities, and managed by our certified team of experts. This lets you concentrate on other important areas of your IT operation while we ensure your systems are always safe and always available. • Ongoing Application Management • Enhancements and Upgrades • ASPs & Software Vendors Welcome to host • Application Deployment and Minor Customization • Server/OS Configuration & Management • Application Performance Monitoring • 24/7 Help Desk
  13. 13. Gulfnet Cloud Gulfnet Communications Company has once again demonstrated its leadership, creativity and innovative corporate culture by introducing a country’s first and one of a kind, cloud computing concepts, dubbed Gulfnet Cloud. Namely, Gulfnet has been diligently working to diversify its portfolio of services with customers needs, desires, wants and pains in mind; as a result, Gulfnet has once again set the new and enviable industry standards by introducing the cloud computing, which will unequivocally prove to be highly valuable and stupendously convenient proposition to all its invaluable customers. We therefore, firmly believe the future is brighter with Gulfnet Cloud. Gulfnet Cloud is an ideal business collaboration platform with myriad of powerful, highly scalable and impeccably stellar solutions providing seamless collaboration and communication companywide, regardless of the company’s physical location and or its subsidiaries. Gulfnet Cloud solutions are solely Gulfnet Cloud in the State of Kuwait at the Gulfnet’s state-of-the-art datacenter ensuring optimal redundancy, accessibility and backup features. Further, Gulfnet Cloud provides complete mobility and seamless scalability; high security and guaranteed privacy of proprietary data, stored and exchanged therein. In addition, Gulfnet Cloud business solutions will ensure total compatibility and integration with all Microsoft products and services as well as with third party solution providers including Google and Apple among others. Gulfnet Cloud will most notably help companies: Reduce the cost of ownership Improve the team productivity and performance with easy-to-use collaborative tools Help easily manage documents and ensure integrity of its content Help easily scale up / down collaboration solution to meet business needs Help deploy additional resources and business processes quickly and efficiently Help retire obsolete resources and business processes quickly and efficiently Provide sophisticated controls for securing company’s proprietary resources Reduce complexity of securing and managing company’s proprietary resources Provide a cost-effective foundation for building Web-based applications With rich client functionality provided by Microsoft Outlook along with SharePoint seamless collaboration features and a secure hosting infrastructure provided by Gulfnet Datacenter, Gulfnet Cloud Mobile E-mail and Document Sharing is designed for companies that want: • To get more done and find a better way to share critical information with co-workers • Peace of mind by allowing experts to manage systems and security while staying focused on the core business • Seamless access to critical files, contacts, emails and events from virtually anywhere using a mobile devices or any Internet connection • High reliability, security, scalability and outstanding performance around the clock
  14. 14. Kuwait VAS KSE Kuwait Stock Exchange Gulfnet has partnered with the stocks trading and financial information provider of Kuwait KSE (Kuwait Stock Exchange), to offer Kuwait’s largest secured online stock transactions network access to the financial institutions, banks and investment companies, wherein real-time stock performance data for trading is available with a simple click anytime you require. Advantages: • Enables investor to monitor the status of stock options status • Stock Quotations table and individual stock index • Enables investor to have real time access to the KSE system • Daily & monthly quotations and index • Access to company background and financial information. MOI - VISA Ministry of Interior (MOI) – Commercial Visa Processing Gulfnet has made special connectivity arrangements with MOI Visa issuing authorities, to enable major companies, travel and tourism entities to directly apply for Kuwait entry/transit short VISA for business travelers. Such service allows authorized companies and top hotels to distinguish themselves by offering quicker, easier and convenient way of issuing Kuwait visit Visa on time to its guests.
  15. 15. K-NET K-NET Payment Services Gulfnet provides merchants with the required connectivity for K-NET IP based Point-Of-Sales (POS) terminals to access K-NET payment network. Now, merchants can achieve more sales by staying connected to any Bank of their choice through K-NET network for their customer’s payment transactions. Advantages: • Speed: Reduced transaction time. • Security: A secured IP POS network to process payment data between K-NET and merchants’ site using encryption VPN link. • Reliability: IP POS payment is very reliable compared to analog connections. CBK Central Bank of Kuwait Gulfnet has established network connectivity with CBK to offer Kuwait largest Securities Transaction Network to the financial institutions, banks and investment companies where the requested information is available via a Windows point and click based application, making operations easy to learn and perform. Advantages: • Secured end-to-end connectivity between the financial institutions and CBK • Committed bandwidth and performance • Complete setup of service, including hardware to your location
  16. 16. CSC Civil Service Commission Gulfnet plays a vital role in enabling Kuwait Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor (MOSAL) and Civil Service Commission (CSC) to facilitate the process of exchanging information to all the private establishments. CSC service helps regulate the Kuwait labor affaires thru a secured and fast connectivity between CSC systems and Kuwaiti companies for the purpose of transferring and maintaining wages, salaries, and other vital information in compliance with CSC. Advantages: • Easy and time saving solution • Private, secured, and direct end-to-end connectivity to CSC • Fully integrated with the Central Bank of Kuwait, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor • Committed bandwidth and guaranteed performance thru and dedicated fast link
  17. 17. Residential Services Basic Plans Gulfnet Communications provides both NGN and DSL service for home use. A variety of flexible options are available to suit user requirements. Whatever your choice, getting connected is simple and easy. We offer simple packages with different speeds and subscription periods with the ability to upgrade anytime. Basic Plans (Flat Rate) : 128 Kbps 256 Kbps 512 Kbps 1 Mbps 2 Mbps 3 Mbps 4 Mbps We offer you the freedom to instantly upgrade your speed (Max. 24 Mbps depending on your line quality) by purchasing a Booster. A Booster is perfect for budget minded people who want to pay the least every month for a very high speed Internet and without the monthly commitment. Pay As You Go Booster Service Volume Max. Speed Validity 1 GB Unlimited Speed depending on MOC One Week 3 GB Telephone line quality Up to 24 Mbps) *Booster will expire upon reaching the maximum download capacity (1 GB or 3 GB) or after one week from usage whichever comes first. Upon expiry of the Booster, your speed will instantly revert back to your original plan.
  18. 18. Volume Plans Gulfnet Communications is proud to be the first in the Gulf Region to introduce “Volume Plans” tailored for heavy download users. With Volume Plans, you can access the Internet at an incredible high speed allowing you to cut down the time required to download large files, movies, music, etc. We offer multiple plans to suit every Internet user needs. With the new plans and packages you have the freedom to get the best connectivity in Kuwait that suite your financial plans without buying annual subscription. Volume Plans packages are ideal for heavy downloader giving you the freedom to download to your heart content with the best service and highest bandwidth available. Volume Max Speed Validity Top-Up Allowed 4 GB Unlimited Speed 10 GB depending on Months Yes 18 GB MOC Telephone line quality (Up to 24 Mbps) Diet with Beef Up with Others 24Mbps Volume ! *Volume Plans will expire upon reaching the maximum download capacity (4GB, 10 GB, 18 GB) or after three months from usage whichever comes first. Upon expiry of the Volume Plans package, your speed will instantly revert back to 64 Kbps allowing you to select any plan you like. Users can Top-Up their account to achieve higher volumes for downloads. Upon Top-Up, the user’s remaining volume will be readjusted to include the new Top- Up volume and the expiry date will be reset for another 3 months.
  19. 19. Time Plans Gulfnet Communications is proud to be the first in the Gulf Region to introduce high speed “Time Plans” perfect for budget minded people who want to use high speed Internet anytime they want without the commitment to buy annual subscription. With Time Plans packages, users have full control on when to turn on or turn off their plan. And depending on the number of hours purchased, the user can use the Time plan in a piecemeal fashion to spread the usage over a period of 3 months! Finally, you can kiss good-bye to low speed and unaffordable high speed subscription. Time Max. Speed Validity Top-Up Allowed 20 Hours 50 Hours up to 2 Mbps 3 Months Yes 90 Hours *Time Plans will expire upon reaching the maximum usage hours capacity (20, 50, 90) or after three months from 1st usage whichever comes first. Upon expiry of the Time Plans package, your speed will instantly revert back to 64 Kbps allowing you to select any plan you like. Users can Top-Up their account to add more hours. Upon Top-Up, the user’s remaining hours will be readjusted to include the new Top- Up time and the expiry date will be reset for another 3 months.
  20. 20. Satellite Solutions Gulfnet, in alliance with its sister company Gulfsat Communications, offers the following major Satellite Services: • Local and International Satellite Data Links. • Direct Roof Top Connectivity or Connectivity through Gulfsat Teleport • Point-2-Point (SCPC), Point-2-MultiPoint (TDMA) and On-Demand (DAMA) Links. • Corporate Satellite Intranet Links using either Mesh or Star Topology. • International Satellite VPN. Internet Satellite Links • Internet Backbone Connectivity. • Internet and Data Access for local companies and government offices • Dedicated and shared Direct Roof-Top Satellite Internet or via Gulfsat Teleport and Terrestrial Network. • Options using SCPC/SCPC, TDM/TDMA, SCPC/DVB and DVBRCS Services with DVB S/S2 Technology. • One-Way Satellite Internet Services. Video Satellite Links • Dedicated P2P Video Conferencing Link. • Bandwidth on Demand Applications • Dedicated P2P Voice Links from Kuwait to anywhere in the world. TV Broadcast • TV Uplink, Play out, Studio and SNG Service.