Tools used by early people


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Tools used by early people

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• About 3 millions B.C.E, the first early human called “Hominid” appeared on our Earth. They were evolved from apes. Apes are animals like monkey except they’re bigger and stronger. Hominids are more apelike than the modern humans, and they can’t stood upright. Then the hominids evolved to more smarter and stronger humans. The biggest difference between early humans and apes are the early men have the abilties to hold things, so tools are being used after they realized how their hands worked. Tools are the most important thing invented by early men, it helped them to hunt, make clothing, and more other uses. The first tools were stones they picked up on the ground. The first made tool was found 2 million years ago used by the Homo habilis, but the first hominids knew to used found tools like sharp stone or branches. The tools helped them evolved to more smarter human. It make their lives easier and more comfortable.
  3. 3. TOOLS TIME CHART  This Chart shows when some different kinds of tools were made.Pebble tools and Choppers Early hand axes Later hand axes Blades 200 0002.5 million 1 million 50 000 10 000 Years ago
  4. 4. AUSTRALOPITHECUS AFARENSIS(LUCY) Where Animals have to rely on their Lucy was abilities, their teeth and claws, found to use tools. The first humans appeared on Earth were the A. afarensis. They have small brains as a chimpanzee brain, so they only know how to use found tools. Found tools are natural tools found in the natural world. The A. afarensis were carnivorous, they ate a large amount of meat. Because of they ate a lot of meat, many stones found on the ground were Found positively identified as weapons Tools(stones) to kill animals. They used sharp branches to cut raw meat and razor-sharp stones to hunt. Some scientists also think the A. afarensis used jaws of zebras to knock small animals unconscious and used sharp stones to finish Lucy them off.
  5. 5. HOMO HABILIS The Homo habilus were the first tool makers of human history, so they were also named Handy man The Homo habilus started the stone age by their tool making skills. The early men didn’t have strong abilities to fight off Sabre toothed tigers, cave lions, and many other dangerous animals. They had to get smart to survive in the harsh environment. The Homo habilus used tools mostly for scavenging, rather than hunting and defence, but still, they started basic hunting with their stone tools.
  6. 6. HOMO ERECTUS The Homo erectus is the first people to make fire, but they still need to used tools to hunt for animals to cook. Since they still need to hunt, they made more complex tools than the Homo habilus to let them hunt more easier. They made the first powerful and dangerous hand axe to help them hunt bigger and more dangerous animals. Although the huge and strong mammoths were hard to hunt, the Homo habilus worked very well as a group. They are the first people ever to hunt the large mammoths for more meat to eat.
  7. 7. HOMO SAPIENS NEANDERTHALENSIS The Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis were very strong, smarter, and much taller than the modern humans, but they died mysteriously. They had made the most powerful weapon that human had ever hold, the blade. The blade was very useful, it can kill animals instantly except those stronger and larger animals like mammoths. They were extremely good hunter with their powerful weapons, but their group work was the most important skill for them. Although the Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis were stronger and smarter, they died off without any trace for us to find out. Maybe wars were fight between groups because they were good fighters with their weapons.
  8. 8. HOMO SAPIENS CRO-MAGNON The Homo Sapiens Cro-Magnon lived mostly in Europe. They were very smart, and they also worked very well in groups. Their biggest difference between modern humans was that the Cro-Magnon did not make their own food, like farming. The Cro-Magnon knew how to fish, so they were the first one to hunt fish and ate it. They had invented a variety tools for hunting, fishing, painting, sewing. Cave paintings were drawn by the Cro- Magnon in caves. They used or made razor-sharp stones to make lines on the wall of a cave to form drawings. The Cro-Magnon also invented the bow and arrow, which is powerful and safe because you can kill dangerous animals faraway. In that way, it’s more safer than fighting dangerous animals close with blades.
  9. 9. HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS(MODERN HUMANS) The Homo Sapiens Sapiens, which are also called Modern Humans, began to emerge with farming. They had survived the last age with their smartness. Some of them traveled through the land bridge made out of ice formed in the ice age between Russia and North America. They had made tools to make farming more simple and easier. Although the modern humans are very smart and strong, some people are greedy and wants everything, so deadly weapons(tools) were invented by people. That’s why many wars happened to the modern humans.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION Tools are one of the steps of evolution, which include making fire, to stood upright, and the ability to farm. Tools are the most important thing invented by people, and they realized tools made their life easier and more comfortable. Without tools, we can’t farm or make fire, so the world will not be like now’s, full of technology and knowledge.
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