Protecting Your Web Presence


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This presentation covers the subject of protecting your web presence, a how to insure that you are not held hostage by your web administrator.

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Protecting Your Web Presence

  1. 1. Welcome toProtecting Your Web Presence
  2. 2. Protecting Your Web Presence
  3. 3. STEP 1 - Domain Registration• Domain Registration - is the term used to describe the process of acquiring a domain name from a domain name registrar.Domain Name = Domain Registrar Providers – -
  4. 4. Domain Registrant• Why is Domain Registrant IMPORTANT?• Because he who registers a domain is recognized as the DOMAIN OWNER and is the only person who can make changes to the account status.• Only the designated registrar may modify or delete information about domain names in a central registry database.
  5. 5. What Does This Mean?• If you have an agency or a 3rd party web administrator register your domain name, quite often they will register the domain name in their account. By default, this can make the domain theirs.• SOLUTION – When it comes to domain registration and or purchasing domains, you should create your own registry account and purchase your own domain in your own account.
  6. 6. How Do I Do This?
  7. 7. Advantages to Being Registrant• You are the Registrant / Owner• You are the Admin Contact• Tech Contact is generally your hosting provider• YOU ARE IN CONTROL
  8. 8. How to Verify
  9. 9. Good - ExampleGatlinburg Chamber is RegistrantSite is registered until 12/27/2018
  10. 10. Does Domain Registration Length Have any SEO Advantage? Google says No to SEO value - But I say to “Err on the Side of Caution”
  11. 11. Ever Been Held Hostage???
  12. 12. How Bad Can It Be, Really???• What’s the worst thing that can happen?
  13. 13. Was This an Extreme Example?• Yes it was an extreme example of what can happen if someone gets hold of your domain name.• The previous example was from a Software company who let their domain registration information get out of their control.• Is there a Fix to this situation?• Yes & No, there is a solution to everything but that takes time and time equals money; or should I say “Time COSTS Money = Loss of Revenue”
  14. 14. Control Your Website Destiny• If you have your own account, you are in total control of your domain.• The ability to control your DNS/Nameservers puts you in the drivers seat, and your domain name can never be held hostage. is under my total control.
  15. 15. Where Do We Go From Here?
  16. 16. Hosting• To Host or not to Host, that is the question?• There are two choices each with its own set of advantages and challenges.1. First Choice: Secure Your Own Hosting2. Second Choice: A Web Hosting Agency
  17. 17. Securing Your Own Hosting• Pros • You are in control• Cons • Technical knowledge required • You are responsible for downtime• Suggestions – If you do decide to self host, I suggest getting a Website for Dummy’s book for a basic understanding. Then, get use to calling tech support at the hosting company.
  18. 18. Hosting by Web Agency• Pros • Agency handles all aspects of your website • Agency deals with the technical stuff • Additional services provided by agency• Cons • Agency priorities may not be your priorities • Possible hostage taking of your website • Agency has access to your data• Suggestions • Get periodic copies of your website and data and collateral materials i.e. (photos, videos, PDF’s)
  19. 19. What to Look for in Hosting• A good web hosting provider is a key element in having a smooth running site. There are countless providers out there. Don’t get overwhelmed by all of the choices and features providers offer.1. Great technical support2. 99.9% uptime guarantee is all that you should be concerned about at this point.
  20. 20. Who to Choose Ultimate Review List of 80 Best Web Hosting Providers Compared
  21. 21. Can There Be Anything Else?
  22. 22. Other Networks?• What is the one thing needed to open an Online Account? • That’s right -- An E-mail address.
  23. 23. Only Use Company E-mails• Only use company e-mail addresses when opening any online account.• Why ?• If I use my personal e-mail to register the company Facebook Page and I leave the company, it may be hard or impossible for a company to post and inform followers of events and specials.
  24. 24. Consider the Work Involved
  25. 25. Google Analytics
  26. 26. What are Google Analytics?• They are your online P&L Statement. Review of your analytics should be done on a regular basis.• WARNING – Look at the big picture! Do not get bogged down in every minute detail. Our business is tourism, we know their will be highs and lows.• Your goal should be to push the lows up and create more demand in these times.
  27. 27. HOPE & PRAY• NEVER let an employee create a Google Analytics account for your business under their personal e-mail account. This is potentially a HUGE security risk.• If that employee leaves the company, you had better HOPE& PRAY that they give you access or you can Kiss your historical web traffic reports goodbye. Worst case scenario, your data is given to a competitor.
  28. 28. Summation (Tips) or Suggestions • Domain Registration – Create a company account with company e-mail & control the destiny of your business. • Website Hosting – Decide if you want to self host or if you would like to pay an agent to host for you. Educate yourself and make informed decisions.
  29. 29. • Social Media – Create all accounts with a company e-mail. If your accounts are under an employee E-mail address, have employee edit profile and change to company e-mail.• Google Analytics – Be sure that this account is registered under a company e-mail account. Be sure that the GM is also registered as a user on the account.
  30. 30. Next SessionBusiness Learning in the Library: Social Media and Online Reputation Management (Part II) Tuesday, April 10, 2012 8:30 am - 10:00 am Anna Porter Public Library in Gatlinburg
  31. 31. Thank You for Your Time (865) 242-1700 Download this presentation at I Invite you to Follow Me