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Paid Traffic with WordPress PPC Hacks - by Peter Mead for BigDigital 2016


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If you want Paid Traffic and you use WordPress, here's a buch of PPC Hacks - This talk was given by Peter Mead at the BigDigital Conference in Adelaide 2016

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Paid Traffic with WordPress PPC Hacks - by Peter Mead for BigDigital 2016

  1. 1. Paid Traffic with WordPress PPC Hacks for WordPress (and a bit of Drupal & Joomla thrown in) @petermeadit
  2. 2. Peter Mead Who am I? * IT since 1997 before Google, AltaVista? * WordPress SEO Consultant * Hands on, Technical, Strategic Ethos? * Communication, * Community, * Culture. I like? * Sci fi Movies * Zen Philosophy * Rubik’s Cube Twitter: @petermeadit
  3. 3. ...that person can lead you to hidden treasure.” - Zen Philosophy “Find a wise critic to point out your faults...
  4. 4. Get Paid Traffic from all the Places Why go for Paid Traffic: ● New to Market, need traffic ● Or preferred traffic channel ● Some sites get a lot of traffic so they sell it off ● All paid traffic was organic once ● PPC ads are a bit like Paid Links...? Get Paid Traffic from: ● Adwords & remarketing ● Facebook & retargeting ● Banners on 3rd Party sites ● Many more: Bing Ads, Twitter, Outbrain etc. Lots of opportunities for Paid Traffic
  5. 5. Use Tools to Manage and Measure PPC Use these tools for Managing and Measuring: ● Google Analytics - should be standard for all Digital Marketers ● Tag Manager - you want custom tracking, like buttons etc. ● Facebook Business Manager - Retargeting pixel. Also plenty of other tools: ● WordStream for premium PPC management ● Use SEMrush for competitive analysis So many more tools available out there.
  6. 6. Use SEMrush to spy on competitor PPC Spend
  7. 7. Use WordPress for your Websites WordPress is Awesome: ● WordPress started in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg ● It is the successor of b2 ● 25% (approx.) of websites are powered by WordPress ● Open Source - Mission to Democratizing publishing ● Critics? Free Software Foundation Mission Statement “Our mission is to preserve, protect and promote the freedom to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer software, and to defend the rights of Free Software users.” Freedom 0 :- The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose gnu. org/philosophy/free-sw.en.html
  8. 8. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla… World Peace?? Captain, These are 21st Century Problems
  9. 9. Drupal 8 Open Source CMS ● Is also Open Source ● Started in 2001 by two Belgian uni students ● University of Antwerp students: Dries Buytaert and Hans Snijder ● Drupal has a great community, over 3,000 contributors
  10. 10. Install the Drupal Google Analytics module Get the module:
  11. 11. Joomla 3.5 is here ● Joomla is Open Source with a Strong Community of developers ● Was Started in 2008 ● Joomla 3.5 has some good features
  12. 12. Use the Joomla Analytics Extension ● Joomla Analytics Extension ● Also does Webmaster tools. ● It is by Peter Bui ● More Joomla stuff at
  13. 13. Get WordPress Ready for PPC ● Tune up WordPress before running Paid Traffic to it. ● Basic setup, site title and description, Permalinks and URLs, etc. ● Make sure your site can be indexed
  14. 14. Look Master Luke that robot’s crawling towards us …It’s a Googlebot 3PO, were finally getting indexed
  15. 15. Install Yoast SEO for WordPress ● There’s others: All in One SEO Pack etc. ● Features Speed up onsite SEO tasks ● Such as noindex tags and taxonomies ec. ● Download from Yoast:
  16. 16. Configure your robots.txt for WordPress ● It’s in the root of your website ● Tweak your robots.txt file from Yoast ● Search engines check for sitemap.xml More about robots.txt at SEOBook
  17. 17. Redirect Paid Traffic Properly ● 404s & Poorly Redirected Traffic affects PPC ● For faster performance - Use 301s in .htaccess ● Or for convenience, use: “Redirection” plugin by John Godley ● Also finds 404s for you to handle Download here:
  18. 18. I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can't do that It’s 404 error page not found
  19. 19. Use Webmaster Tools to check Website Health ● Use Yoast, enter in your ID ● Other platforms too ● And yes I think Bing is worth the effort
  20. 20. Configure XML Sitemap in Yoast SEO ● Helps search engines better crawl and categorize your site ● Again not strictly related to PPC Traffic but there is a blurry line
  21. 21. Improve Site Speed & Performance ● Optimize your Website performance ● Can Hosting web handle the traffic? ● Chris Burgess is a leader in perfomance optimization: optimisation-27075060
  22. 22. Use WP Super Cache at the very least
  23. 23. Measure PPC Channel with Analytics PPC Traffic filtered by channel
  24. 24. Analyse Traffic to your landing pages Drill down into your landing pages
  25. 25. Just give me that PPC Traffic... Hand it over!
  26. 26. Put Analytics on your Site ● Create an Analytics Account ● Get the tracking code ● Use Insert Headers and Footers plugin
  27. 27. Install Insert Headers and Footers - WP Plugin Or paste into your header or footer .php file… changes are lost if you change Themes.
  28. 28. Just Use Tag Manager, why not? ● Used to place all HTML Tags and scripts for tracking on your site ● Controls how the Tags are Fired and Handled ● Using Triggers, Variables and Data Layer ● Learning curve? Dive in, start learning
  29. 29. I made you... … and you're taking all my tracking codes?
  30. 30. A tag for all occasions
  31. 31. Install Google Tag Manager on WordPress ● Create your Tag Manager Account, and container: ● Place code Using Insert Headers and Footers ● Or paste into your header.php under the <body> tag. ● More about tag manager:
  32. 32. Use Tag Manager to put Analytics on WordPress ● We can use Tag Manager to deploy our Analytics Tag ● Create a reusable variable for your Analytics Tracking ID
  33. 33. Use Preview and Publish ● Can test the tag before deploying it ● Can see which tags have fired on the site ● Shows version number and any unpublished changes
  34. 34. Why not some Adwords Conversion Tracking ● In AdWords, Click tools > conversions. The click the red button ● Fill out the options, Then Save and Continue ● Copy the tracking code it gives you
  35. 35. I’ve been tracking you Hold it right there...
  36. 36. And remarketing with Tag Manager ● Will need data to get pushed into the data layer ● So Install Plugin: Google Tag Manager for WordPress by Thomas Geiger ● Fills the data layer dynamically
  37. 37. The Tag types for Conversions & Remarketing ● Tag Manager gives you some ready made functionality ● Not so with the Facebook Pixel will need to create as html tag
  38. 38. Install Google Tag Assistant Chrome Extension ● Use Tag Assistant to help you view the tags and the data being sent ● Very helpful for setting up and troubleshooting tags ● And Keep playing with Tag Manager
  39. 39. Get FB Traffic - Facebook Business Manager ● Log in with the account that owns your Facebook business page ● Go to: and follow your nose... ● Hint: Click “Create Account” button ● Learning curve, Dive in it's fun :) Business Manager integrates all your Facebook advertising campaign management efforts into one tool. It’s designed to simplify your marketing efforts.
  40. 40. I’ll be back... Again and again with my Facebook pixel
  41. 41. Install the Facebook Pixel So the Facebook pixel is used to Build Custom Audiences from your website to do remarketing New Facebook Pixel: You can now use the Facebook pixel to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns, and no longer need to implement the conversion pixel and Custom Audience pixel. Make sure you have completed your Business Manager Setup and Created and an Ad account Then you get to Create the Pixel
  42. 42. One Pixel to Rule Them All You can now use the Facebook pixel to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns, and no longer need to implement the conversion pixel and Custom Audience pixel. 3 basic steps, according to Facebook: click the green button
  43. 43. Name your Pixel well, you only get one
  44. 44. Insert the Pixel Code into the Header Section If you don't use Tag Manager:
  45. 45. Use Tag Manager to Add the Pixel to your Site ● Google does not give a function button for Facebook ● Need to Create Custom HTML Tag
  46. 46. Make sure FB can see your Pixel ● Get the Chrome extension ● Called FB Pixel Helper ● Check the details
  47. 47. Create a Facebook Ad - Select the Options See Instagram is already on?
  48. 48. Do PPC Landing pages PPC Landing pages: ● For click-through pages to drive sales ● For Lead Generation with you funnel ● Higher Conversion Rates ● Focus to Lower CPC ● More relevant content for People ● Higher Ad Rank and Quality Score ● Often have navigation removed ● Often have a single Call to Action ● Need a Privacy policy if Tracking ● Need CRO with A/B Testing ● Example template from Unbounce
  49. 49. What planet am I on? … oh it’s your landing page!
  50. 50. Use OptimizePress to Create landing pages ● OptimizePress is both a Premium Theme and a Plugin. ● Build all kinds of pages including Landing Pages ● Website:
  51. 51. Get the LeadPages Platform ● is a Complete Platform for Landing Page Optimization ● Also a WordPress plugin ● Lots of features like A/B Testing built in
  52. 52. Don't send good Ads to bad pages Why is my landing page bad? ● Small, hard to read fonts ● Poor choice of colours ● Unclear information about the business ● Complex forms to fill out ● Violates Adwords Policies WordStream gave this page an F: www. examples Don’t Run good Ads to a bad landing page:
  53. 53. Search the WordPress Plugins Repository ● Do your own Plugin research in ● A lot to choose from ● Some are better than others
  54. 54. Respect Adwords Policies ● Adwords Policies: ● Understand landing page experience: ● Google reviews landing pages ● Bad or misleading landing pages can get suspended ● What's your attitude? Churn and burn?
  55. 55. You have violated Google Adwords Policies You will be punished
  56. 56. Send PPC Traffic into your Inbound Marketing Funnels ● Don't waste PPC spend. Use Automated platforms: Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Mautic ● Infusionsoft is very well known ● Hubspot wrote the book on Inbound Marketing
  57. 57. Use exit intent popovers ● Be selective, don't just show popovers over and over ● Be respectful if you want quality subscribers, don’t say: ● “Hey! Click HERE to be Really, Really Awesome!” Or “Click here if you're just too stupid”
  58. 58. Get relevant with ClickFunnels The message should be somewhat relevant to the current topics
  59. 59. Make it simple and easy to optin
  60. 60. Create a great Thank you page
  61. 61. ...right after my automated oil bath, ok? You want me to pay for what? Traffic?
  62. 62. Resources to follow up on PPC Resources: - - - - - (PPC) - - - - - - WordPress & CMS Resources: - - - - - - - - - - - Disclaimer: Any and all names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. Follow me on Twitter: @petermeadit