Maximizing Your Virtual Assistant for Realtors


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Maximizing Your Virtual Assistant for Realtors

  1. 1. Maximizing Your Virtual Assistant The Marketing Animals Richard Smith
  2. 2. Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant • Can complete a lot of tasks for low cost • Free your time up to be making $$$ and building relationships • Help you focus on your 80/20 • Helps you delegate tasks that you don’t want to be working on or shouldn’t be doing yourself • The range of skills you can find in a VA is limitless
  3. 3. Sources of Virtual Assistants • $5 for any gig – Facebook – you want likes from the USA – Writing – Video Intros • Questionable quality sometimes – Try to choose US based offers for writing • More of a one time type of assistance – Project based as opposed to ongoing
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  12. 12. Sources of Virtual Assistants • Can be more expensive, must pay through oDesk • Better for project assignments than full time
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  20. 20. Sources of Virtual Assistants • • • • • • Great source for inexpensive workers Great source for full time, high quality workers Can be project based or ongoing Wide range of skills available Search for a worker or let them find you Can use your own payment methods
  21. 21. Is It “Cool” To Outsource Overseas? • The computer you are typing on was made in China • The fruit you had for breakfast was from South America & Central America • The eyeglasses on your head were made in Mexico • The gas in your car came from the Middle East • The house you live in was made in USA • It’s a world economy now, to deny that is not logical
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  34. 34. • Sample Job Description Looking for a full time Virtual Assistant that must be able to think quickly and handle multiple tasks at once. You will be responsible for managing the ins and outs of a web-based Client Relationship Management System, all Social Media and online marketing tools including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube, video marketing and editing of videos, uploading of property information to a single property website system and some phone support. MUST be able to work between 9am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time. Must be able to give 40 hours FULL TIME and have NO other job. Dedicated computer with wired Internet Access is required. Knowing Microsoft Word and Google Docs is a BIG plus, but not required as long as you are willing and eager to learn. MUST speak excellent English. British or Australian accent preferred. To apply for this position, please reply to this post with your resume, contact information (including Skype ID) and a preferred time for an interview.
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  37. 37. • The large time difference will create a delay in responses, but within 12 hours, you will start to get a lot of replies
  38. 38. Interviewing on Skype • Scan through the resumes and look for good experience or the qualities you like, just as you would for hiring an office person • When you find someone you like, add them on Skype for an interview.
  39. 39. Interviewing on Skype
  40. 40. Interviewing on Skype
  41. 41. Interviewing on Skype • Once they accept your request they will show up in green in your contact list.
  42. 42. Interviewing on Skype • Follow Your Gut – If you get a feeling in the beginning that they aren’t right, cut the interview short and tell them you will follow up if interested. • Ask about their internet connection – Wired internet is key – Minimum speed of 1mbps – PLDT, GLOBE, and BAYANTEL are strong providers but most are sufficient • If they will be placing calls, make English a top priority – There are a lot of high quality English speakers out there. – Don’t settle for someone with less skill than what you want. • Sample voice recording -
  43. 43. Hiring an Assistant • Create a new Skype account – This is the account they will use – Register it under one of YOUR email addresses • Make a new gmail address if necessary • Bring them on for a two day, paid trial period – This will allow you to get a good feel for their skills • Make sure that whatever you give them access to, you have the admin rights to those accounts • Give them a specific task to work on so you can gauge their abilities
  44. 44. Paying Your Assistant • – Xoom is the preferred method • The sender pays a fee, not the receiver • $5.99 per transfer • Can send from bank account or credit card • – Many people will be OK with PayPal – Both the sender and receiver pay a fee
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  49. 49. Tasks your VA Can Complete • Linkedin • Help you with any marketing systems/strategies you use – Build and manage your profile – Create and manage groups • Phone call to leads, past – Increase connections clients, Craigslist leads, referral partners. • Twitter – Create and manage account – Tweet for you • Video Marketing – Edit videos – Email/post videos for your database – Post to social media sites
  50. 50. Tasks your VA Can Complete • Epropertysites/LO Unfair – – – – Upload Properties Build Property Plogs Monitor Leads Craigslist Postings • Facebook – Build fan pages – Monitor and post to fan pages – Help create following – Post on referral partner fan pages – Create and manage groups • Website Management – Blog postings, building blogs, following blogs – Building and handling websites – Comments on websites • Email Management – Sort and filter emails – Handle emails with prospects – Follow My Clients • Live Chat – Monitor chat rooms – Handle all correspondence
  51. 51. How Do I Train My Virtual Assistant? • • • • YouTube (search how to) Online Classes for Specific Tools ($25 / month) •
  52. 52. You Don’t Have To Do That Either!! You don’t even have to be the person that brings in new business. You can hire that out too, look at title company reps!
  53. 53. Getting Started If you get a call from somebody that you know doesn’t need to buy, that’s the first call you start handing off to your assistant!!!
  54. 54. Getting Started • If I had to grab one thing to do first, it would be to implement my database follow up.
  55. 55. Getting Started • Write down a list of some things that you have wanted to do, but haven’t. • • • • • • • • Agent Unfair Advantage Database Management Calling Database Video Marketing Fan Page Linkedin Groups Youtube Channel Execute a plan that you have seen work Then hire somebody and have them do it from start to finish. They watch the training, they call for help. Tell them how many referral partners, or whatever that you expect so they have a goal to reach. Just saying “help me” isn’t enough. What top Realtors do is find a strategy that is working, then they implement it. • Delegate it out, then find a new strategy, rinse and repeat. No real estate experience needed.
  56. 56. Yeah but…… “My company won’t pay for my assistant….” Write small checks to cash big checks….
  57. 57. Yeah but…… “What if my assistant leaves me and becomes my competition?” Get Another One!! What you do is a lot harder than it looks to an assistant!!
  58. 58. Feed the stallions Starve the ponies
  59. 59. Mean Ol’ Dan Was Right!! 1% 4% -------15% 60% 20%
  60. 60. Don’t just farm out your work stuff, delegate your personal stuff too, and don’t feel guilty about it!!
  61. 61. How Your Assistant Calls Your Clients
  62. 62. How Your Assistant Calls Your Clients
  63. 63. How Your Assistant Calls Your Clients
  64. 64. How Your Assistant Calls Your Clients
  65. 65. How Your Assistant Calls Your Clients
  66. 66. How Your Assistant Calls Your Clients
  67. 67. How Your Assistant Calls Your Clients
  68. 68. How Your Assistant Calls Your Clients
  69. 69. How you communicate with your assistants
  70. 70. How you communicate with your assistants
  71. 71. Google Docs Task Sheet
  72. 72. Free DropBox Acct
  73. 73. Jing
  74. 74. A virtual assistant can save you and so don’t delay on this valuable asset!