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Customer Service for Concord


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Customer Service for Concord

  1. 1. W. Brian HiattCity Manager
  2. 2. Highlights – CARE Center
  3. 3. Highlights – Eyes/Ears Program
  4. 4. Steps in the process:Establishing One Purpose Vision & Plans DevelopedLeadership Input & Commitment Customer Input & Perspective
  5. 5. Steps in the process: Becoming One Team Co-worker Ownership Design Improvement ProcessCo-worker Awareness Training
  6. 6. Concord’s First Customer Service Design Team
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. Principles of Excellent Service• Concern for the Individual  Make people feel important and welcome• Professional Service  Provide good service consistently• Timeliness  Handle customer requests/concerns in a timely manner (the sundown rule)
  9. 9. Principles of Excellent Service• Customer Focus  Treat people like you would like to be treated• Effective Communications  Keep people updated and informed• Teamwork  Provide seamless service between departments
  10. 10. Principles of Excellent Service• Fair & Equitable Service  Treat every person with respect• Taking Ownership  Take personal accountability- Don’t “Pass the buck”• Great Service Recovery  Make a special effort to resolve the issue
  11. 11. Steps in the process:Reinforcing One Culture Establish Communications/ Reinforcement ProcessCustom-Tailor Process to Depts. Integrate Process Into Culture
  12. 12. Examples of Design Team Activities• Coworker Pledge Card• Annual Co-worker Appreciation Picnic• STAR Program• Journey through Concord (Employee Academy)
  13. 13. Journey Through Concord Design Team facilitates coworker tours of City facilities to learn about the work of other coworkers and learn about other City facilities and operations.  Application to participate  Evaluation by coworkers participating  Certificate of Completion
  14. 14. City Council Goal “Continue to review operations and customer requirements for user-friendliness, both internally and externally, and seek customer feedback through tools such as surveys, focus groups, secret shoppers, etc.”
  15. 15. Focus on User Friendliness Survey of Internal Service Departments within the City Co-workers randomly surveyed ontelephone and email response, as wellas user-friendliness of procedures and paperwork (CMO, Communications, Bldg/Grounds, Finance, Budget, Purchasing, Call Center, Tax, Legal, HR,Data Services, Engineering, Fleet, Risk Management)
  16. 16. Focus on User Friendliness
  17. 17. Focus on User Friendliness
  18. 18. Focus on User Friendliness• All surveyed departments are in process of sending out an email response to City co- workers based on the feedback they obtained during the survey.  Provides accountability in how each department is addressing identified issues.• Currently working on internal review of forms, procedures and policies City-wide to revise, update, or eliminate unnecessary steps and procedures.  Will include focus groups with co-workers if necessary
  19. 19. What’s Next Focus on External Customers• Bi-annual Customer Service Survey• Secret Shopper• Focus Group Feedback• Customer Service Refresher Training• Technology
  20. 20. What’s Next Evaluation and Measurement• Coworker Performance Evaluation• Performance Measurement Standards
  21. 21. Questions?