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Trends in Detention Center Funding


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"Trends in Detention Center Budgeting" workshop, presented by Kim Franklin at Winter 2014 NCLGBA Conference on December 11, 2014.

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Trends in Detention Center Funding

  1. 1. Trends in Detention Center Budgeting Winter Budget Conference December 11, 2014 Kim Franklin
  2. 2. Inmate Education: 101 Inmate Training Programs • Past involvement was with Community Colleges • Funding diminished & Community Colleges pulled out- Counties have had to look to outside agencies to fill the gap Examples of Educational Training • Wake County- ESL, Pre-GED, GED • Durham County- ABE, GED
  3. 3. Wake County • ESL- Literacy Council of Wake County • 16/class • 200+ Detainees have attended in 2-3 year run • Pre-GED, GED- Literacy Council of Wake County • Set to start back in 2015- changes in GED testing • 200+ participants since they started
  4. 4. Durham County • GED Assessment & Education- Literacy Council of Wake County • In 6 month pilot (September-February) • Target range- 16-24 years old • Voluntary enrollment-38 enrolled • Job Readiness Training & Mentoring- Durham Literacy Center • In pilot (mid September-mid March) • Target range- 16-24 years old • 10 modules on Life Skills & Job Readiness- 1-4 hrs each
  5. 5. Expanding Or Repairing Detention Centers An Example from Wake County: Where do I begin? Start with a Plan! • Criminal Justice Master Plan- mid 90s to 2030 • Included Justice Center, Jail, and Annex • County Facilities Department- RFQ Need vs. Funding Refer to Plan! • Broken into phases • Each phase implemented on need: • Phase I- Hammond Road Annex • Phase II- New Justice Center & Public Safety Center expansion
  6. 6. Expanding Or Repairing Detention Centers An Example from Durham County: New Plans • Annex or moving the Detention Center on the CIP • ADP is not, has not been near max (520, max is 700+) • Tabled for now Option for now is Renovate slowly • Facility built in 1996, some of kitchen equipment replaced in 2011 • Replacing laundry and other equipment as needed • County General Services repairing kitchen floor • Inmate crews painting • Will ask for new cameras
  7. 7. Contact Info Kimberly Franklin Phone: 919-560-0948 Email: