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ICT Service Desk as a Business Partner 2015 - itSMF V


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ICT Service Desk as a Business Partner 2015 - itSMF V

  1. 1. Making the ICT Service Desk a visible and reliable business support partner People, Process, Technology, Partners Paul Lahey Service Operations Manager, Service Operations Group Information Services branch
  2. 2. Brisbane City Council profile Organisation •Largest local government in Australia with 26 wards. •Serving over 1M residents in local government area. •Just over 8,200 employees working full-time and part-time in more than 200 different occupations – professional and administrative office-based roles, field workers, bus drivers. •33 public libraries, 14 community halls, 20 swimming pools, hundreds of parks, sports facilities and fields, arts and culture facilities. Transport •Bus patronage of 80 million per year •Operates 19 CityCats and 9 CityFerries along a network of 24 terminals. •TransApex inner city ringroad is the biggest urban road project proposed in Australia, involving five key projects – Clem Jones Tunnel (CLEM7), Go Between Bridge, Airport Link tunnel (completed), Legacy Way (under construction), and East-West Link tunnel. Sustainability •The Sustainable, Green and Clean City Program helping Council achieve its long-term goal of becoming Australia's most sustainable city. •2 Million Trees planted to revegetate 78 sites across the city in just over four years. •Australia’s largest purchaser of renewable energy, using 100% GreenPower since 2010.
  3. 3. Agenda • WHERE TO START? – Identifying concerns and issues. What benefits are we looking for? What is our focus? • IMPLEMENTING AND EMBEDDING IMPROVEMENTS – Agreed plan and impacts (consequence = statement of intent) – Our People, Processes, Technology and capabilities, AND Partners • PROGRESS TO DATE and NEXT STEPS (Continuous Service Improvement Planning)
  4. 4. Where to start? • What is changing? – more reliance on the supply chain – vendors to deliver business outcomes • On reflection - process review is only part of the answer! • Our focus now starts with people - “CSIP NOW” to drive: – process improvement – tools investment – partnering
  5. 5. Some initial customer feedback Help desk works fairly well It’s a relief to have an ICT product that actually works most of the time (phone) and a Help Desk staffed by people who are genuinely willing to help
  6. 6. Sample benefits we are looking for (to drive improvement and outcomes) Our Goals ICT Customers and colleagues Be Prepared (Pre-requirement) Documented and tested procedures that are easily understood and useable. Confident that I can go to the Intranet and get what I need easily. Be effective and efficient (Actively encouraged when requesting and delivering consistent outcomes) Better information and Improved channels for customer information and requests reduces calls to Service Desk, in turn lowering call wait times. (Grade Of Service) Proactively able to use self help. No waiting in a queue / on hold. Reduced cost to Council of service provision. Able to help self and team mates. Be Communicative Improved take up means better ability to maintain / increase service levels. Can provide better support for in depth items that require investigation. Better / consistent information to support business as usual activities. Increase levels of ICT support and response capability for ICT incidents. Be Better Additional continuous improvement capability and better capability to support day to day business. Better able to provide feedback and track improvements to help improve service to customers of BCC. Future Council We continuously improve I am capable and effective We deliver value to Brisbane We are One Council (Actively seeking and acting on any feedback from our customers. And identifying and giving recognition for feedback given).
  7. 7. Implementing and embedding improvements OUR PEOPLE Build and promote an improvement culture with the tools you have (it’s all about our customers)  Performance Leadership  knowledge / idea sharing  Behaviour setting
  8. 8. Focus on our Organisation Building an Improvement Culture with “Performance leadership” in line with the organisation Executive view
  9. 9. Refocus on our Team Culture Building an Improvement Culture within the ICT Service Desk with “Performance leadership” in line with the organisation Team view Team purpose Team meetings Learning Quality Communications
  10. 10. Refocus on our Team Behaviours Building an Improvement Culture with “behaviour setting” • Team Charter • Team Leader Behaviours (extract below) • Planning for Performance includes two way behaviour expectations
  11. 11. Refocus on GROUP Culture with “knowledge sharing” and new thinking • ICT Service Desk Improvement Log and customer feedback • Problem management • Forward Schedule of Change
  12. 12. ICT Service Desk Desktop Services Library Services Network & Security Ops. Council and Ward Office Problem & Event Management Application Services Refocus on our stakeholders and customers Service Desk Shadowing
  13. 13. What Is Happening Here? Help desk always resolve my issues Staff on the ICT Service Desk have answered and responded to my reported issues immediately
  14. 14. Process reviews • Needs to be in line with stakeholder / customer feedback • Must be validated and tested with key stakeholders and customers and approved by the Organisation’s Executive • Must be “simple”, “visible”, and “logical”
  15. 15. A Process View Building an Improvement Culture with ongoing “process review” • New thinking! Consolidation of ICT work procedures and business process into a single view.
  16. 16. Communicate
  17. 17. Communicate the process to educate
  18. 18. Communicate process effectiveness and build trust
  19. 19. Customer BrandBusiness Experiences Promises Services Customer engagement
  20. 20. Customer Engagement Awareness Service Delivery Excellence Success Customer Value-Add Sustaining Customer Focus Customer Focused Interactions Customer engagement - Our approach
  21. 21. Customer engagement Ambassadors/Ambassador Forum • Group of customer engagement ambassadors meet monthly at a customer site • Role of the ambassador is to motivate, collaborate, communicate • Currently 13 ambassadors, 3 are from the ICT Service Desk
  22. 22. Celebrate Success Building an Improvement Culture with ongoing “customer engagement and support” • New thinking! = potential for better outcomes!
  23. 23. Celebrate with all stakeholders (Building relationships)
  24. 24. Looking back to recognise more wins • G20 preparation leveraged off of our MI process across organisational ICT • Bringing Incident, Problem and Change together • ITSM ownership in the Service Desk • Better outage communications across other areas of the business
  25. 25. It’s a journey! (and it’s REAL and VISIBLE) Help desk always try to assist in a prompt, friendly manner Staff on the ICT service desk have answered and responded to my reported issues
  26. 26. Refocus on our Technology • Starting with SLM and building from the ground up • Key metrics as a new focus (e.g. service performance) • Other process inputs and artefacts (e.g. problem and change management visibility)
  27. 27. Getting some visibility of the ICT service Building an Improvement Culture with ongoing “service visibility” and the reality of business value and customer experience. • Making ICT service delivery “real” for the people who provide ICT support • Informed customer communications ICT support view
  28. 28. Making ICT Services Real Building an Improvement Culture with ongoing “ICT service visibility” and VALUE for key stakeholders and customers. • Making ICT service delivery “real” for the people who use ICT (ICT is no longer a black box)! A customer view
  29. 29. We can’t stop now! Our customers are talking…!
  30. 30. Refocus on relationship ownership and improvement with our partners • Our vendors and suppliers are the face of ICT • Feedback from all customers is key • Two way feedback with suppliers is more than a monthly review meeting • Relationship management is the key to build the foundation for improvements and business value
  31. 31. Building an Improvement Culture with “Relationship Management” as a focus • Not just a contract - it’s a business service that supports customer needs • To build VALUE for key stakeholders and customers • E.g. ICT Service Desk develop and run customer focus training across organisations and geographical limitations
  32. 32. Building an improvement culture with a focus on building VALUE for key stakeholders and customers • Moving from “Fix On First Contact” and “Grade of Service”, to “Fix By First / Fulfilled at First Team” i.e. ICT Service Desk (to show “real” value).
  33. 33. So what our customers said about ICT service delivery (in 2014)?
  34. 34. Progress to date • The “Wall of fame” within the ICT Service Desk is based on specific customer feedback and staff initiatives for improvement action • Customer feedback goes into monthly ICT Service Desk Reports • Awards program is in place based on customer feed back (e.g. job well done) • ICT Service Desk Feedback Register maintained and includes customer feedback, complaints and IMPROVEMENT ACTIONS • Customer surveys capture feedback
  35. 35. Next steps (CSIP) Baseline metrics Measuring our success Working together
  36. 36. Questions? More Information Paul Lahey Service Operations Manager Email: Phone: 34034308 Or BOOK A VISIT