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Burke County 911 PSAP Funding Presentation - Winter 2014 NCLGBA Conference


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Presentation on Burke County E911 PSAP Funding Grant, presented at Winter 2014 NCLGBA Conference, December 11, 2014

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Burke County 911 PSAP Funding Presentation - Winter 2014 NCLGBA Conference

  1. 1. 911 Funding Overview for the Burke County Grant Project Candy Strezinski, 911 Director
  2. 2. Overview • 911 Consolidation Project for Burke County, NC • NC911 Board Interaction throughout this project • Challenges/Opportunities • Financial Plan
  3. 3. • 911.Com $7.2 million Grant helps build 911 center • [1]MORGANTON, NC — Plans for a consolidated 911 facility in Burke County are moving forward as the inter- government project earned a $7,280,630 grant from the North Carolina 911 Board. But the money isn’t the biggest gain for the county, said Morganton Department of Public Safety Maj. Ronnie Rector. The biggest gain will be one communication facility for the county and the “seamless” service it would provide. • “To take this technology that exists in four separate locations and move that into one new facility is close to a $9 million project,” Rector said. The Burke County Homeland Security Task Force, which prepared the grant application, projected the consolidated PSAP’s cost at $8,480,630.
  4. 4. One Call……………… One Center…………… One Point of Contact.
  5. 5. The Team • Project Communications Expert/911 Director • Communications Technical Advisory Board • MCP Consultants • NC911 Board • Burke County Manager/Finance
  6. 6. Financial Plan • Outline in the Grant included a very high-level financial plan that defined the financial model and pricing assumptions. • Detailed Costs analysis for Projected Operational Costs – This plan included expected annual profits from participating entities of an inter-local agreement. – Required a thorough understanding of the 911 Funding Model
  7. 7. Challenges • Changing economy and rise in costs between 2010 and September 23, 2014 Go Live Date • Budget Projection – Grant Expenditures New Facility – Sustaining Operational budget • Staffing and Salary projection • Certification and Training • Technology • 911 Funding Model Eligibility List
  8. 8. 911 Funding Model Challenges • Items with % of the cost eligible (servers that host 911 eligible and ineligible applications) • Supporting Functions • Computer Aided Dispatch –modules listed as non-eligible used for documentation provided for responder safety • Dispatch Equipment/Radio Consoles –Radio network switching equipment but the exclusion of costs of base station transmitters, towers, microwave links and antennae used to dispatch emergency call information. • Telecommunicators Training- example DCI not eligible but required