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Davidson County Sales Tax Handouts


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Handouts on Davidson County Sales Tax Referendum from workshop at Winter 2014 NCLGBA Conference, presented December 11, 2014.

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Davidson County Sales Tax Handouts

  1. 1. M W I 336 731-6242 p-1 ax aser M: Cent Sales Tax Referenda Thomasville Area Strategy Chamber advocacy focuses on: 1) Voter tumout — encouraging citizens to vote I» Officially announcing Chamber’s position In Sharing our position statement It Using a few additional quotes fiom Rod Lambeth and Doug Croft Speaking Engagements 4* Thomasville Rotary Club — Sam, Doug, Vickie, & Fred Mock av Thomasville Lions Club — Doug requesting as Fairgrove Lions Club — Sam requesting av Fairgrove and East Davidson teacher meetings —- Sam 0 Brown middle teacher meetings -— Sam requested is Hasty Lions club — ? - Davidson County Education Foundation —- Sam requesting Pole Workers I Request through email, social media, retired teachers —— really any volunteer at Vickie Holder will cover much of the early voting period at Thomasville Library but can’t do it all or Retired teachers club — Doug to request
  2. 2. 336 731-6242 9-2 Max Walser Letters to the Editor — Thomasville Times & Hi Point Ente rise It Ask for volunteers to submit letters of support a A few suggested letter writers are — Keith Tobin, Stan Styers, Judy Younts, Berta Riley, Sara Faulkner, David & Jane Williams, Keith Carroll 9 Chamber may ghost write some if requested Notice to Members ‘.7? 0 Position statement 4: Letter request 4: Volunteer pole worker request -3 Attach brochure 0 Ask for likes on Facebook and follows on Twitter Social Media 0 Push through Chamber social media as Link to Davidson County Strong for Education Facebook & twitter 4: Encourage the posting of positive comments, factual information and shares through social media Cig Hall in Chamber has encouraged City of Thomasville to consider position of support vs Chamber will use a portion of its 2-minute address to speak _our position of support during the April 21 Council Meeting (That will be live and repeatedly broadcast on Channel 13.) Post Cards / Letters ? ? At this point, we do not have plans or budget for mailing postcards or letters. We do have voter registration lists and can help anyone willing to make some personal contacts.
  3. 3. Max Walser 336 731-6242 P-3 Subject: Information on Education in Davidson County Dear Davidson County Resident: I'm Max Walser with the Davidson Strong for Education Committee and I am asking you to vote "Yes" on May 6”‘ for the 14 cent sales tax increase in support of Education in Davidson County. You are receiving this email because you are a resident of Davidson County and we would like to send you information about the May 6"’ election. If you do not wish to receive emails from the Davidson Strong for Education Committee please see the information below. As Chairman of the Davidson Strong for Education Committee and former Superintendent of the Davidson County Schools, we appreciate your past interest in and support of education. Occasionally between now and May 6, 2014 we would like to communicate with you via email with up-to-date information regarding the ‘/6 cent sales tax referendum on the May 6"‘ ballot in Davidson County. If you do not wish to receive email communications from Davidson Strong for Education Committee, you may remove your name from our list by clicking below. If at any time in the future you wish to stop receiving emails from us, a means to do so is available on every email we send. Thank you, Max Walser Davidson Strong for Education Committee
  4. 4. Max Walser 336 731 -6242 Energy nitedi. YOUR LOCAL CONNECTION A Touchstone Energy’ Cooperative Davidson County Sales Tax Committee April 1, 2014 1653 letters (total usage of $793.44) April 18, 2014 1537 letters (total usage of $737.76) April 29, 2014 2009 letters (total usage of $964.32) Total 5199 letters $2495.52 postage
  5. 5. Max Walser 336 731-6242 p.5 The following comments reflect my thoughts and should not be interpreted as the official stance of the Lexington City Schools Board of Education or any board member individually. Our Board did pass a resolution supporting the 1/4 cent sales tax referendum process. Early in my career, I taught at an overcrowded high school. I was assigned a cart and a map of the school. Each day I would roll my cart full of high school English material through In other districts, as a high school principal and system superintendent, I have experienced 'cted growth in school curriculums due to lack of space within a building. When students’ course offerings are limited because there is not room to add a technology course or an additional AP course or a remedial course, the school and the school system are not delivering on the promise of providing the best education possible. Some may see my support for the building of a new high school in northern Davidson County as taking much needed funds away from Lexington City Schools. Admittedly, we In my opinion. this issue is about creating equitable instructional environments. As an educator I recognize priorities and understand why the northern Davidson project is at the top of our commissioners’ list. They won’t forget our Lexington children. Rick Kriesky, Superintendent, Lexington City Schools 1010 Fair St. Lexington, NC 27292 '. ‘.~I; ‘:C3Si~1-‘ '”’ -; ::s. o:'v 336-688-7640 5/I/2014
  6. 6. W I 336 731-6242 9.6 Max a ser DCCC THE COLLEGE or DAVIDSON AND DAVIE Coursrrxas OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT January 16, 2014 Attention: 7. Cent Tax Steering Committee it will also provide resources over time to Lexington and Thomasville school districts and our Community College, Davidson County Community College. Sincerely, % Mn Mary E. Rittling, President ‘ Davidson County Community College Davidson Campus Davie Campus R0. Box 1237 1205 Salisbury Road Lexington, NC 27293-1287 M°Cl6V'”9- NC 27°23 3352493135 336.751.2885
  7. 7. 336 731-6242 Max Walser RESOLUTION 'WHWfl§fth entified a cent Sales tax asia fairer means of paying for public facilities and education needs as compared to prope taxes, and has further set a referendum on a 34 cent sales tax for the election scheduled May 6.12014: and, nd funded the dissemination of information explaining the 14 cent sales tax, the May 6 referendum allowing the public to vote on such a tax, and the educational facility needs which could be alleviate ' through funding generated by such a tax, and has requested the Board of Education's endorsement of this information to educate the citizens of Davidson County on the purpose of the M cent sales tax. I 534*’ This Z dayofApril,2014. ‘I’! -IOMASVILLE can some or EDUCATION 5 By: CB4/'? I.’fl1—’ Crystal Hodges, Board Chair Dr. Maria Pitre-Martin, Superintendent
  8. 8. Max Walser 336 731-6242 p.8 April 2, 2014 Dear Retired School Employees, This letter is to retired people in the Thomasville, Lexington, and Davidson County Schools. 1 was asked by the Davidson County Board of Commissioners to chair a committee to support the passage of 1/4 cent sales tax referendum. The purpose of this sales tax, initially, is to fund a new high school in northeastern Davidson County. The Commissioners have said that they intend to build the school. If the sales tax does not pass, it is my belief that they will have to raise property taxes. As the attached brochure reflects, the sales tax will not have a major efi‘ect on anybody. The example that I like to use is when I bought a hot dog and drink on sale recently for $4. I would have paid one penny if the 1/4 cent safes tax were in effect. If property taxes go up two cents, I will pay about $90 more a year on my own property. So the sales tax is far and away the best approach. What about Thomasville, Lexington, and Central Davidson, South Davidson, West Davidson, and East Davidson? They all have facility needs. These needs cannot be met until this Northeastern Davidson High School is built. North Davidson and Ledford are extremely overcrowded. North was built for about 1100 students, it now has 1550. Ledford initially was built for B00 and now has 1350. There were some additions to Ledford and North in the 90‘s and mid 2000's. Now let me speak directly to the Davidson County retired people. I guess I am asking you to trust me that this is the right thing to do. As Deputy Superintendent and Superintendent for 23 years, I always tried to do what was best for you and the students. I am reminded of how teachers’ supplements got started. 1 was determined early in my superlntendency that somehow, someway we would make a start. The Commissioners at that time said absolutely no. One moming as I was getting dressed, I had an epiphany. I remembered that the school system had what is called "fines and forfeitures" which come to the Board of Education from the court system and which Commissioners do not have control over. I and the Board of Education decided to take some of this money and give teachers a $50 a year supplement. Some very few teachers thought it was an insult, but the vast majority knew that if we ever got started with a supplement that we could continue to improve on it. And, we did and have continued to do so. Today, it has reached a high of $3,649 per year. I tell you this long—winded story to say that you trusted me then and I am now asking you to trust me that this 1/4 cent sales tax is in the best interest of all of us going forward—-that is, all of the Davidson County schools as well as Thomasville City and Lexington City. PLEASE GO VOTE “YES” ON MAY 6, or vote early from April 24 -— May 2, 2014, —- and one Saturday only, May 3. The voting locations are Board of Elections Office, Arcadia Community Building, Midway Fire department , Denton Library, and Thomasville Library. Equally, important, get ten other friends and relatives to do the same. Max Walser
  9. 9. Max Walser . EDlTORlAl. 13-/3 -/3 Z ? F0rmer schools superintendent seeks onemorei , ‘positive Vote l . . i I he Davidson County Board of Commission- Tem picked the right person to lead the effiort , to garner public support on a referendum to _ l raise the county salesiax by a quarter of a penny. Dr. Max Walser providesa unique perspective. . Not only is he a retired county school system superiniexident, he also served as a commissioner for eight years Perhaps most importantly, he led committees that advocated for passage of school ' bond referendums in 1992 and 2005. Both passed. In some measures, this referendum should be the easiesttorwhich to drum up support, finceils 336 731 -6242 I efiectwillbe so negligible. It amounlsto aquarter. . of extra tax on a $l00»purchase. Mostpeople have , . more change than that lying on dressers, bur- ' - rowed in seat cushions or residing in vehicle cup 1 _ holders. Also. moneythatnowgoesto lhe slatefor rounding purposes will simplyremaininDavidson~ County. since merchants round, the 6.75 percent 2 ~ salestaxto7peroentalready. ~- ’ However, as Walser aclmowledged, invotherv . ways thisoould be a challenging task. .'l11e previ-‘A ous bond referendums benefitted all‘ school sys—= terns in the county. This one will not only benefit 4 just one system, itwill build just one school in a'_‘ specific geographic location. northern Davidson . County. Walsefs missionwill be toconvince vot- ‘ ers throughout the county of_th'e need ‘for the . . school to relieve overcrowding at North Davidson < ‘and Ledford. high'schools. 'lhe small saimaxin. . ' crease provides a preferable mnding mechanism than'a propertylax increase. ‘ ‘ * " " Too often unnecessary barriers divide people; . . It plays outin the political arena. It still exists at limes between geographic locations in Davidson County. But just like the city's barbecue resino- rants can find a vviy to work together to make the Barbecue Festival such a great annual event. so, ,‘ too, must voters ‘see the need for the new high : school and lend the referendum their support Eventually, building the high school will allow V, ; other capital needs it: the school systems to be * I addressed in a quicker manner. As long as the ,7 high school remains the top priority, efforts will - f go toward finding money to build it, which could delay other needed projects. -. ‘ Walser can't do it alone, and it will take more 5 than a committee he chooses to help him, too. ; Leaders at North Davidson and Ledford will play 1 key roles. The parents whose children will benefit I need to share theirvoices. Butperhaps mostcriI_: ‘- cal helpwill come from those who don't live in the I affected area yet understand the need for the high 3 school. They can help convince their friends and ineighbois that in this situation Davidson County ' should pull together, as people here do so often, f to address aneed. ‘ ’ . ” _. .--—~—-—
  10. 10. Max Walser A Money for the new school Editor: County Commissioner Billy Joe Kepley is someone William Shake- speare would have described as “a fel-’ low of infinite jest. ” Too bad the Bard and Commissioner Kepley missed each other by 320 years ‘ ' The human body can stand only so much hilarity. So it must have been concern for the health of your readers that caused you to withhold from the 11 December 2013 top-of-the-fi'ont-page. story the tnost sidesplitting line uttered- by Commissioner Kepley at the 10 De- - ' . cernber 2013 commissioners’ meeting: > He called‘ Max Walser "a nonpartisan Democrat’ . t The commissionerswere about to _ . .. . .:». ._, . l. m’rRs TO THE EDITOR . naniethe former commissioner and former school system superintendent to the newly created position of county dismforniation czar. Dr. Walser‘s first ' official actin that role was to threaten a threeto four-cent increase in the prop- erty tax rate. Forhim, not building the new school is notan option. For him, delaying the ' school is equally off the table. What he is saying about the school is reminiscent of what another famously nonpartisan ~ Democrat was saying about the Afford- able Carefict not so very long ago. That property tax increase already happened. It happened after the 2007 revaluation. It happened when Commis- sioner Max Walser and six Max Walser Republicans voted to leave the rate at 54 . ... ... ... ; 336 7316242 cents, even though the county finance department had calculated the revenu neutral rate to be 50.3. ‘ Where did the money go? ltwent into the county commissioners‘ fund balance. The new school is receiving a token con- tribution from the county school boards fund balance, but the commissioners’ fund balance remains untouched and untouchable. At the 10 December 2013 meeting‘ Where the appointxnent of Dr. Walser was announced, the latest figure for the ' commissioners’ fund balance also was ‘announced. That amount has reached $42,578,178. just short of the upper esti- mate for the cost of the school. Barney W. Hill - _ Thomasville 4-. -t. .., ... ... ..u. ..n. aau. su-an. »-o-—-u. -rw-— wn --F» ~ - <— ~ —--~- -<— ~—~ '~
  11. 11. 336 731-6242 P“ Max Walser l 4 1 March 11, 2014 Dear Fellow Farmer: As you may have heard, there will be a vote on a V. cent sales tax for education on the May 6 election ballot. Funds P from this tax will be used to build a high school in North Eastern Davidson Countv, where over—crowded conditions have become quite severe . When this school is completed, funds will be freed up to‘ take care of much needed facility needs in Lexington, Thomasville School Systems, as well as those in East, Central, West. and South Davidson High The Davidson County Board of Commissioners has determined that the new high school in the Oak Grove area must be built. The most practicable and easiest way to do this. and the best thing for the tax payer in Davidson County, is to support the Z. cent sales tax which will be on the May 5 Election Ballot. This tax, which will be on all consumers and not just property owners, ls a fair tax which requires every household to pay something. This will help our local officials keep property taxes low. The cost to you and others with the sales tax would be minimal-one cent on a $4 purchase. There are many items that are exempt from the sales tax including most prescription medications, gasoline and diesel fuel, certain agriculture supplies, and motor vehicles. -' Currently, Davidson County has a tax rate of 54 cents, one of the lowest in the state. For comparison. Randolph County is 58 cents. Four pennies rs a big difference on a family farm operation. We are certain, as a farmer and a business parse you want lo minimize the cost of owning farmland and equipment as we attempt to recover from the Thank you for your support , . . , M F’ . _, . 1 , ~/, €fc, x¢. ;€fh_ 64'. -- a: f€"‘«~* F/ ~—« Mb , E, 9-‘J Red Acres Farm Ban /5 , /a , cw. W~w/ Swing Farms ~ pumped? <l~”. Bualclaaéi , /3 .1 Sandy Grove Farms Qcgy. /-* 7 Friendship Farms flwct. /l narrison Farm
  12. 12. p.12 336 731-6242 Max Walser <2. 3.5:. cm W £3 Hrmmm Em: mam : _m cmnmcmm Em Em l. . fies as see 35:2 52 o3_. ._Bmm2mo_ ts. silsx mopfimm. . .-. l 3:2 am 95. E: 33. 33mm 3 mumaa mi o. " 23:. amacammzfi _. mmm2m . .§& 8 E: F . _.: m< 22.: SEE 32% :6 3on3. mun. .. 3.322. . §.m1.. . $03: so :83 3% mo 2.53 on :5 35:. mun. .. 3.2 o* "rm E. ... ._$m_: .m €o_. _E 3 Son: Bo nmza on $5 %__3. 2.03 wmsw «on 3% oi. mc3_. _m: =oam. :53 am: 33.3 .8 woman no. .. 215.. . u__.2_.1_§_m 3 om. ‘ .42 :3 m= ::m_ use 32;» o: 2.5 weaning 333.. :5. 22.: 32.2 = <=uOmm xx 2mE . _.>X. O: :2 may in ma. 3% <9. 33 m :2: 333% 3 $9.5 Em? xmwcmm $5? amazon» 3. 39.» 3o: m< mam %3§. _ $2 somsn 3312;. .. Sflmmu. <O. ~m . mE2m. _. firm K 33
  13. 13. 13 Dzmio wmaag. mm= <o3__~, 09.: $332. $363». 2o2;: oa2 <53 4 & wm_. o._oo. . wma W $332. mm; 6 wm§. oo. _ wma «U. 3882. mma woiam? o_§_m. .. woiam? o. §_$ wosama. 9.2.: 32.33. o: m.. _m. ... wO<<3m: . n: e_$ .053»: o. §_$ . os= =m: _ oases . o<<3m: _ o: m_. _om . o<<3m_. _. 032.3 6<<3m: . 952$ eczema. 92.8 65.3»? 0.61% o§: m:_ 92.8 o§sm: _ oases o<<3m: _ ozmamm o<<3m: _ 032.3 os= :m: _ 9.3% wo<<_. :m: _ 9.2.3 m o<<3m: . 9.38 osamz. osaam Max W osama. 92.8 u§. ... m:. o: m_. _om us= =m: . oases U232. o_§_$ .053. gm >3: .053. _sm >3: 3: .3 02: man» Aux Ema: um. 82 I E | II was: 5&5 mesa. ll Esau. m: <m_o. mm II <5: 83.: <o= S.mo1o Ecax m. mo. m_ 0. axon A. . r.. mncomaos mmqmaoznca mcamE: a>n: <=< m<2:m Ea cunae >3: . _ no: aH o3mm<= _m 1$n_: n. am m_. oo: :3m <3: cm a_. mEu: .on 8 <<m__u= _.u IE Um. m:3m3 Immfi . <<m___oE. ._ man 3.933.. ooaacaamm ll llllllllllllllllllll
  14. 14. 83 . _R 02: was» amxfi .2. m. _=8.§. _~&2.. .=%= _ A m. §_. _=Q>zz_2 m<2.. ... rmmn cvnmfin >9: 3 82 4 pzman fifi 3.2. E II ogficzo sage. I age. as II 93.2 can :8.“ 23.. . Esaa. asap E II <_ msan 2.. II 22:. 2.2.5 Bo mass. 25 2 was. .8 ll 23: z_a% _u. _.O >%8 mama M. was. E ll 22:. 25.2 moss. 9% m mam 3.. ll 2%. m2_2>%_8 mama nE_2_ E ll 2;. mm. .a§aa_. . sisam m age. ._. a ll <. __m. 3 mas. .3 I 035. cocfimmioop wmaioamn <_namom___o: =_ x23 Ema: 3. no: Emwzam 8 mn: ma: _m no: s6:8_. m m_3o8. ormzmm m_3o8 ozmzom ummnon mam: n¢m~o_. . mam: ummnoq man: 622. was . mimo: _ mango . o_n_m. . Scam r Sam. Scam w . o_n_m_. . scam m .052. <_n: m M639. <53 W 552. <5.. .» Sam‘. <35» max . m. oEmc_: <m: _ ms: 69:3. 3.3 II m_. 5 ooo. d_: m§ II 832 3 ma? o8a_= m§
  15. 15. Max Walser's Telephone Numbers Cell Home 1. 2. 10. 11. Max Walser 336 731-6242 Davidson County Strong for Education Poll Worker Suggestions Brian Feezor’s Telephone Numbers 335-596-5843 336-731-6242 Cell Home 33 6-970-1 748 336-731-2303 Thank you for agreeing to distribute campaign cards outside a polling place. The polls on May 6 open at 6:30 am and close at 7:30 pm. Please be at your poll. If you find you cannot be there, call and let us know, or better yet, get someone to take your place. Stay 50 feet away from door to polling place. Put sign up at polling place night before or early am on Election Day. There are a few polling places that are difficult to make contact with voters. Be creative. Where there are two people assigned to a polling place, the two of you do not need to be at the polling place at the same time. Divide up the time so that you can take breaks. it you choose to be there at the same time, that is okay, too. You may want to bring a lawn chair for periods when no one is approaching the polling place. Appropriate dress for working outside includes: comfortable shoes, neat casual clothing—layering is best. Bring an umbrella. Make certain you have your cards and a bottle of water with you. Upon arrival, go to the election judge for that site and introduce yourself and for whom you are volunteering. Inform them you are aware of the 50 foot rule. Ask if the 50 foot rule is marked. If not, ask ‘will you be instructing other volunteers as to where the line is as you want it clear for everyone”. Engage voters as they come to the 50 foot line and say: Thank ou for votin ea . Please take one of our cards. (if they want questions answered, refer them to the printed material or answer them politely, but do not engage in long conversations so that you can continue greeting the next voter. Always be pleasant even if the voter is hostile. If they refuse the material, simply thank them for voting and go to the next person. ) At the end of the day of early voting, the last person on the shift asks the poll judge how many people voted. Call that in or email to Max Walser (mgwaiser@lexcominc. net) or Randy Turner (gresident@ndchamber. biz). EARLY VOTING SITES AND TIMES Board of Elections Thursday, April 24 through Friday, May 2 Saturday, May 3 8:00 am - 6:00 pm 8:00 am — 1:00 pm Arcadia Community Building Denton Library Midway Fire Department Thomasville Librag Thursday, April 24 through Friday, May 2 Saturday, May 3 9:30 am — 5:30 pm 9:30 am — 1:00 pm
  16. 16. 336 731-6242 P-15 Page 2 of 4 Max Walser Reverend Rufus Wyatt gave the invocation. A strategic planning and brainstorming session was conducted with the following ideas and suggestions being discusseclx Put up signs that emphasize lower property tax (Le. help County Commissioners keep taxes . 1 . low ‘ ‘short quick “info-graphic" [L/ ( _j3{‘— 2. / ” SocEial‘rnedia / - Article to share o Poster/ e-card graphic 0 Consistentmessage 3. Message about safety and traffic concerns 4. Surrounding counties who were successful focused on property owners (keep property taxes low) 5 Burden of sales tax is shared by visitors to Davidson County 6. 18,000 voters in 2010 primary ""7.-? Letters to editor /2/Z’ Talk to community groups (i. e. civic, churches, clubs, farmers, etc. ) éx" Brochures in student report cards 10 ’ Electronic version of brochure @_ Handouts at poll places-short. concise 12/? Call voters 13. Provide transportation to poll places Targeted message to the various audiences “Hot button" words 14 15. / ... _.. ._. > , 16. Common calendar for speaking engagements; ego the editor {/ > 1 Welcome Easter Parade —April 12 ’ H “H Q1/8./ BBQ Cook-off-April 25 and 26 Special Olympics - April 1 1 New registered voter deadline — April 11 21. if not passed, it affects all area schools 22. Future of Davidson County—all areas 23. Utility bills (i. e. City of Lexington, Davidson Water, EnergyUnited)—eleclronic or bill inserts €11’) Backing of County Commissioners and County School Board 25. Tie in with “Buy Local"—growing revenue stream 26. Host town hall meetings 27. WLXN-7:§8 am on Friday, February 28/Podcasts’? 2/26/2014 ,2
  17. 17. Max Walser 336 731-6242 P17 Page 3 of 4 28. Local radio ads 29. Newspaper ads 30. Video segrnents—You Tube, Facebook, website 31. Different message to City of Lexington and City of Thomasville schools - Elaborate on question from brochure - Use more broad photos on brochure 32. Support of educators—need to make sure they vote 33. Targeted Groups o Advisory Council o PTA officers 0 Teacher organization o Booster clubs (athletic and band) 0 Civic clubs / _ - urches ' / -Zg; Z or rogram Parental quotes Home builders Realtors Municipal govemment (wallburg) Uptown Lexingtonfrhomasville Preschool A draft of the recommended brochure was distributed and the committee members were asked to take it home, review it, and provide Max Walser or Debra Citta with any suggestions on how to make it better. Charles Bowman provided a drawing of the Ledford High School media center as it was designed and as it is actually used for. A copy of this drawing is attached. Brian Feezor gave information on how we can communicate using social media. Perhaps any information on Facebook could be consistent in definition but with varied wording. Although nothing has been done yet on Tweeter this is also an avenue to use. Brian would like to have a group to review the content of the information that he may post. Our consultant, Sue Bullock, addressed the committee by saying that we have a history of success. Perhaps we need to look back at 2005. in any county. 12 to 15% of the voters are nay-sayers. Sue suggested that we find our voters and educate them——our job is to educate how important education is for the future of our county. Pictures should go into the social media. Chambers of Commerce have helped other counties win. This ‘/ . cent sales tax for education referendum is a better way to continue to fund projects well into the future. We need to be able to tell voters why they need to vote for this sales tax increase. Sue said ask newspapers to put the brochure in their issues. She will obtain and review voter information. At our next meeting (Thursday, March 6) Sue wants each person to bring a list of people that they can influence. Communicate that this sales tax increase reference is a better way of funding building a new school than bond issues. What is the growth rate over the last ten years of Davidson County? Anywhere from 12 to 17 percent. Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 6, 2014 beginning at 4:30 pm at Energyunited. Meeting was adjourned. W. Max Walser, Chairman Nelda H. Bennett, Recorder 2/26/20 I 4