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The Employment Screening Trifecta


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Understanding the Factors That Drive Accuracy, Turnaround Time, and Cost

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The Employment Screening Trifecta

  1. 1. The Employment Screening Trifecta Understanding the Factors That Drive Accuracy, Turnaround Time, and Cost
  2. 2. Why do companies perform background checks? Create a safer, more productive workplace Attract higher quality employees over time Gain a more comprehensive view of candidates Protect brand reputation Meet regulatory and/or insurance requirements Reduce negligent hiring and retention claims
  3. 3. Accurate results Fast turnaround times Low price What you’re looking for from a background screening provider
  4. 4. Accuracy It’s what makes a background check useful.
  5. 5. Accuracy is driven by... Quality of the researchers • Training • Experience • Oversight • Performance metrics Quality of the data • Information from the authoritative source • Verified manually as needed • Accurate identifiers Quality of the screening company • Culture of quality from the top • Metrics-driven management • Established training program • Compliance- and risk-minded
  6. 6. Turnaround Time The sooner it’s done, the sooner they can start.
  7. 7. What drives turnaround times? Complexity of the candidate’s history Number and types of checks being performed Length of the look-back period Number of jurisdictions involved Availability of data Candidate response times to information requests Accuracy of information provided upfront International requirements And other nuances
  8. 8. CostAddressing the need to control your cost-per-hire.
  9. 9. What drives the cost of the background check? Many of the same issues that drive turnaround time, drive pricing. Especially: Number and types of services requested Look-back period and number of jurisdictions Plus: What various data sources charge to access their records Level of interaction required of the researcher (phone calls, in-person data searches, etc.) Time required to verify “hits” on a record FCRA compliance requirements
  10. 10. Accurate Fast Low cost Can you achieve the trifecta?
  11. 11. What to look for in a background screening provider: Technology that drives operational efficiency Transparency into the process Experienced team Full range of services Industry accreditation
  12. 12. A strong screening provider will use technology to drive operational efficiencies. Online candidate tracking Ability to manage compliance requirements Web-based applicant interface Productivity tools Data security Open API
  13. 13. An ideal provider will give you visibility into the hiring process so you can... Have full transparency into quality metrics, turnaround times, and cost Have at-a-glance dashboard capabilities Monitor the status of your screening activities
  14. 14. Screening providers should also have an experienced team and a full range of services. Look for Team Expertise • Security • Background Screening • Risk Management • Investigation Look for Full-Service Support • Risk Assessment • Program Design • Compliance Support • Fast & Accurate Screening Services
  15. 15. Finally, look for industry accreditation across these areas... Information security Legal and compliance Client education Researcher and data standards Verification services standards Business practices
  16. 16. Make Better Hiring Decisions Contact us when you need accurate employment screening, delivered quickly, at a reasonable price. (866) 276-6161