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Employment Verifications: There Must Be a Better Way


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Employment Verifications: There Must Be a Better Way

  1. 1. Reference Verifications:“There Must Be a Better Way”
  2. 2. 90% of corporations verify references• They are an important part of the applicant qualification process: – Verify important facts – Understand “soft” resources
  3. 3. How important are they?Reference verifications are so important that…. – They are frequently delegated to the lowest levels in the HR Department – Previous employment data is outsourced to third party agencies for verification – Increasingly policy says “ Names and dates only”
  4. 4. The trouble with typical reference verifications: Limited to basic due diligence No recurrent use No predictive value Difficult to scale Time-intensive process Little business return
  5. 5. Introducing a Better Way• Web-based verification system• Easy to use• Automates the process• Collects feedback anonymously• Gain valuable and insightful information about your applicant
  6. 6. How It Works 1: 2: 3: 4:Add Your Applicant References Final Report isApplicant Enters Provide Delivered to References Feedback You
  7. 7. Step 1• Add new applicants through your secure web- based account
  8. 8. Step 2• Tru-View invites your applicant to enter employment references
  9. 9. • Applicant also completes a self- assessment.
  10. 10. Step 3• Reference sources are invited to complete an anonymous assessment of the applicant.
  11. 11. Step 4• Final report emailed to you for review and evaluation.
  12. 12. Compare Tru-ViewTypical Reference Checks Tru-View– Yields minimal information Goes beyond the basics– Difficult to scale Scalable – accepts– No recurrent use unlimited number of– No predictive value applicants– Time-intensive process Yields predictive intelligence– Little business return Takes just 15 minutes of your time. Delivers measurable bottom-line results
  13. 13. The bottom line.Typical Reference Checks Tru-View $57.75 $39.95 Est. cost per applicant for 5 per applicant for Unlimited references References
  14. 14. More Valuable. Higher Quality Information: – Reference providers quickly and confidently supply insightful feedback – Input is anonymously reported.
  15. 15. More Efficient. Time Efficient: The Old Way Tru-View 1 hour for each Less than 15 minutes reference check to enter a new performed by your applicant into Tru-View staff – Valuable time can be reallocated toward other important HR tasks.
  16. 16. More Intelligent. • Predictive Intelligence: – Measures traits that are more likely to predict how well your applicant will perform inside your organization.
  17. 17. More Convenient. • Convenient and Accessible: – For you, your applicants, and their reference sources. – Available via mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad, as well as through any standard Internet connection.
  18. 18. More Useful.• Tru-View is Scalable: – Enter an unlimited number of applicants into the Tru-View system. – Enable your applicants to add any number of reference sources to their application.
  19. 19. Advantage Tru-ViewHigher Quality InformationCost EffectiveTime EfficientPredictive IntelligenceConvenient and AccessibleScalable
  20. 20. Interested?Find Out How Much You’ll Save: Try It FREE for 30 Days Want to see more? Request a Live Demo view
  21. 21. Contact UsVisit us online: www.proformascreening.comContact: Michael Gaul VP Business Development (866) 276-6161