Employment Verifications: There Must Be a Better Way


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  • How many times have you heard yourself mutter these words when it comes to reference verifications? “there must be a better way”This guy has it all figured out.
  • Employment Verifications: There Must Be a Better Way

    1. 1. Reference Verifications:“There Must Be a Better Way” www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    2. 2. 90% of corporations verify references• They are an important part of the applicant qualification process: – Verify important facts – Understand “soft” resources www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    3. 3. How important are they?Reference verifications are so important that…. – They are frequently delegated to the lowest levels in the HR Department – Previous employment data is outsourced to third party agencies for verification – Increasingly policy says “ Names and dates only” www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    4. 4. The trouble with typical reference verifications: Limited to basic due diligence No recurrent use No predictive value Difficult to scale Time-intensive process Little business return www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    5. 5. Introducing a Better Way• Web-based verification system• Easy to use• Automates the process• Collects feedback anonymously• Gain valuable and insightful information about your applicant www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    6. 6. How It Works 1: 2: 3: 4:Add Your Applicant References Final Report isApplicant Enters Provide Delivered to References Feedback You www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    7. 7. Step 1• Add new applicants through your secure web- based account www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    8. 8. Step 2• Tru-View invites your applicant to enter employment references www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    9. 9. • Applicant also completes a self- assessment. www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    10. 10. Step 3• Reference sources are invited to complete an anonymous assessment of the applicant. www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    11. 11. Step 4• Final report emailed to you for review and evaluation. www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    12. 12. Compare Tru-ViewTypical Reference Checks Tru-View– Yields minimal information Goes beyond the basics– Difficult to scale Scalable – accepts– No recurrent use unlimited number of– No predictive value applicants– Time-intensive process Yields predictive intelligence– Little business return Takes just 15 minutes of your time. Delivers measurable bottom-line results www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    13. 13. The bottom line.Typical Reference Checks Tru-View $57.75 $39.95 Est. cost per applicant for 5 per applicant for Unlimited references References www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    14. 14. More Valuable. Higher Quality Information: – Reference providers quickly and confidently supply insightful feedback – Input is anonymously reported. www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    15. 15. More Efficient. Time Efficient: The Old Way Tru-View 1 hour for each Less than 15 minutes reference check to enter a new performed by your applicant into Tru-View staff – Valuable time can be reallocated toward other important HR tasks. www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    16. 16. More Intelligent. • Predictive Intelligence: – Measures traits that are more likely to predict how well your applicant will perform inside your organization. www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    17. 17. More Convenient. • Convenient and Accessible: – For you, your applicants, and their reference sources. – Available via mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad, as well as through any standard Internet connection. www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    18. 18. More Useful.• Tru-View is Scalable: – Enter an unlimited number of applicants into the Tru-View system. – Enable your applicants to add any number of reference sources to their application. www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    19. 19. Advantage Tru-ViewHigher Quality InformationCost EffectiveTime EfficientPredictive IntelligenceConvenient and AccessibleScalable www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    20. 20. Interested?Find Out How Much You’ll Save: www.proformascreening.com/tru-view Try It FREE for 30 Days Want to see more? Request a Live Demo www.proformascreening.com/tru- view www.proformascreening.com/tru-view
    21. 21. Contact UsVisit us online: www.proformascreening.comContact: Michael Gaul VP Business Development (866) 276-6161 mgaul@proformascreening.com www.proformascreening.com/tru-view