Focus Group - Candidate Engagement 4thJune 2013


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  • Hi Clare

    Interesting document, but I don't think it seperates clearly our Employer Brand from our Candidate Engagement plan.

    Especially when we refer to 'Talent Pools' etc, we have to ask at what point to we need to take potentail talent into an active candidate management plan.

    We do have a candidate plan, but I think our weakest areas are how do we share and manage good candidates who don't fit current hiring. None of our systems are set up for it.

    Consequence - we build every shortlist from scratch !

    Good topic though
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Focus Group - Candidate Engagement 4thJune 2013

  1. 1. Candidate EngagementFocus Group - SABMiller4th June 2013
  2. 2. Whats workingIncreased attraction ratesMore applicationsBetter direct sourcingresultsBetter offer acceptanceratesBetter new hire successMore referralsEvents, Fairs and Launches-Filling difficult hires-Niche and volume recruitment-Quality-Reactive recruitment-Interview ready/ interviewed classificationSocial Media-Stakeholder Awareness of impact of SoMe-Recognition of importance of brand in SoMe-Getting business buy in-Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, T witter channelsEmployer Brand-More engagement channels than ever-Targeted talent communities – pipelining, bench-More all round respect for company and products and as apotential employer-Targeted networkingRecruitment Dept-Better relationships-Appetite to improve-Use of SoMe-LinkedIn Recruiter is big enabler
  3. 3. Whats not workingSystems-ATS/ HRIS capability – too old to cumbersome-Multiple ATS SystemsProcess-No talent pools!-Lengthy offer approval and on-boarding processes-Long time between application and interview-Overall candidate experience is random-Candidate experience via agencies-Volume of applicants not managedCommunication-Lack of Commitment from hiring managers-Bad Press and PR-No sharing of applicants between divisions-Lack of understanding of candidate drivers-Internal communication-No EVPPeople-Pro-active talent pooling-Lack of resource and budget-Complex internal structure – lack of ownership-Hiring Managers poorly equipped or capable of interviewing-Recruiters lacking knowledge of the businessFrustrated applicantsMore withdrawn applicationsDuplication of actionsConfusing communicationsLack of respect for RecruitingDeptGood hires overlookedPoor reputationInconsistent candidateexperiencePoor time and quality of hireMore dispute to manage - risks
  4. 4. What’s missingProcess-Harmonised approach to candidate experience for all candidates-Reliable metrics-Capability of in-house recruiters; behaviours, training, standards, attitude-Management of talent poolsSystems-Limitation of ATS for easy talent pooling-Limitation of ATS for internal resourcing-No technical system focused on candidate experience-Lack of integration from different products/vendors; LI, Avature, ATS, on-boarding, HRIS-Internal collaboration and engagement platforms or forumsStakeholders-Buy in/ ownership/accountability-Awareness of impact and responsibilities every one has-Support from wider business inc. C suite; appetite, budget, priority-A lack of knowledge and confidence-Acceptance and embracing of Social Media-Understanding of impact to bottom line by Snr LeadershipEngagement/Communication-Time to able to engage with candidates-Transparency in the process-Communication to candidates (what, how often)-Consistency of journey/ experience through the processesNeed to do betterBetter communicationrequiredMore cooperationbetween Depts isessentialEveryone is responsibleinc C suiteTech vendors part od thesolution
  5. 5. What’s PossibleBusiness- Better quality succession planning- Change in mindset- Listen and trust- Give it more priority and focus- Better quality of hire for you and fasterPeople-Better time management, more time for better engagement and comms w-Higher level of interaction and comms with talent pools- Training of Hiring Managers ; Candidate Experience, Interviewing, Legal- Up-skilling of Recruiters and HR Management-hitting targets for key metrics;time to hire, cost of hire, source of hire- Development of Employer Brand and EVPSystems/ Tools/Process- Use email auto response templates for specific response msgs- Transparency in the end to end process- Easier vendor and agency process; online and offline- Improvements to application process- Research for pipelining, competitor mapping, market info- Use of company review sites e.g. Glassdoor- Smarter tech tools for handling regrets inc SoMe- Improved pre-selection tools video, gamificationCommunication- Use email auto response templates for specific response msgs- Keep the Careers site up to date- Careers site that is less corporate- Full SocMo engagement – dispute avoidance potential- Better agency engagements ,make them partners, channels- Personalise as much communication as poss. Find & Use own Voice- Candidate feedback surveys- Establishing better expectation with internal and external- Referral Programme through staff and externally
  6. 6. Themes identified• Systems and process• Engagement and communication• Business/ stakeholder engagement• Measurement, reporting and quality• Resource/ time required• Respect and priority• Lack of flexibility in culture• Employer Brand vs Consumer or Corporate Brand
  7. 7. Systems• ATS solutions are very basic for Candidate Engagement• Avature = good• BrassRing X2 = ok• Taleo = poor• Success Factors = poor• Lack of ability to engage beyond email• LinkedIn (company page, groups, projects, talent networks, leverageemployees and agencies, use tags)• Yammer working well for internal engagement platform• Online sites such as Glassdoor, FB, LI drive traffic• Social Referral sites/systems proving useful• Careerify, JobsandTalent
  8. 8. Internal Engagement• Go meet people – build up internal network• Encourage use of SoMe especially LinkedIn• Educate C Suite, change perceptions• Use it share Reqs through cascading networks• Use of Yammer for safe internal social interaction and comms• Use for team interaction and idea sharing• Build communities for specific topics• Build communities for specific talent/skills sets• Education Hiring Managers and leadership about process and initiatives• Use data and metrics to support initiatives
  9. 9. External Interaction• Candidate Feedback Surveys• Keep it Simple• Which vacancy did you apply for?• Who was it that your first spoke with?• Who was the first person you met/were interviewed by?• What was your perception of the interview• What was your perception of the process?• What perception did you have of the company before the interview? ….and after?• Was the feedback you received timely/useful?• Recruiters is first point of contact when direct Sourcing• Highlight the interview process on website• Use of real and raw video to tell employee stories – not corporate production• Use of SoMe channel to engage and respond to queries• Ensure allocation of time/resources• Doesn’t take as much time as you think• Be sure they are monitored , moderated and responded to in a personalised manner