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  2. 2. DEFINITION OF SERVICE QUALITY: An assessment of how well a delivered service conforms to the client's expectations. Service business operators often assess the service quality provided to their customers in order to improve their service, to quickly identify problems, and to better assess client satisfaction.
  3. 3.  A Hotel is an establishment that provides lodging paid on a short term basis. The provision of basis accommodation, times past consisting only of a room with a bed, a cupboard.  A small table and a washstand have largely been replaced by rooms with modern facilities, including ensuite bathroom and air conditioning or climate control. Additional common features found in hotel rooms are a telephone, an alarm clock, a television, a safe, a mini-bar with snack foods and drinks, and slippers, pillow men, twin-sink vanities.  And Jacuzzi bathrubs.Larger hotels may provide additional guest facilities such as a swimming pool fitness center, business center, childcare, conference facilities and social function services.
  4. 4.  The Nook Hotel was start in the year October-2012  The NOOK compact business hotel was opened by A.Irudhyam Anthony.  Business is run by Managing Director Mr.Selvaraj.  It was family business done by the members.  It become a high reputation among other hotel in Madurai.  There is very popularity to other district, state and foreign countries.
  5. 5. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY:-  To study the factors influencing the quality  To study the strength of various factors influencing in service quality  To study the customers general expectations.  To suggest the alternative strategies to improve quality of service.  To analyze the findings, limitations, suggestions & conclusion.
  6. 6. • The hotel is one of the fast growing industry in the service sector. • The elimination of waste due to poor quality and meeting customer expectation are the major challenges facing managers in the hotel industry. • In general at hotel management tries to improve their service quality to gain customer satisfaction. • The report is useful to the hotel to find out the service quality to the customer satisfaction
  7. 7.  The seven weeks period is not enough to collect all the information.  The respondents are not properly answering the survey question.
  8. 8. The research design method by the researcher for this study was descriptive research. Descriptive research includes surveys and fact findings enquiry of different types. The major purpose of descriptive research is the description of the state of affairs as it exits and present. The main characteristics of descriptive research is that the researcher has not control over the variables and he has only report what was happened or what is happening.
  9. 9. CONVENIENCE SAMPLING:  Convenience sampling is a non-probability method.  This means that subjects are chosen in a non random manner, and some members of the population have no chance of being included.  With non-probability sampling, researchers have no way of calculating how well their sample represents the population as a whole.  In general, probability sampling is considered to be more stringent and accurate than non-probability sampling, but it is not always feasible. When time or cost is a factor, some researchers might use convenience sampling.  It may be “Convenience samples” are rarely convenient to draw, but they are referred to this way to distinguish them from random sample.
  10. 10. The source of information need for the study has been collected through secondary sources and primary data are collected from people. PRIMARY DATA: primary data was collected from the  questionnaire  Personal Interview SECONDARY DATA: Secondary data was collected in the from of  Internet  Books and Magazines and  Records.
  11. 11. Tools used for data analysis and interpretation were percentage analysis average method. 1.Tabulations 2.Percentage method 3. Bar-Diagrams 4.Pie charts.
  12. 12.  58% of the respondents are agreeing with the discipline and the cleanness of hotel staff.  52% of the respondents are agreeing with the ability of hotel employees to understand guest specific needs.  46% of the respondents are agreeing with the employee’s action and behavior that increase confidence in guest feels comfort.  74% of the respondents are agreeing with the quality of the hotel.  48% of the respondents are agreeing with the safety guest feel in transaction with hotel employees.
  13. 13.  28% of the respondents are agreeing with the ability of the hotel employees to answer guest’s questions.  56% of the respondents are agreeing with the individual attention guest receive from the hotel employees  46% of the respondents are agreeing with the convenience of hotel operating hours.  58% of the respondents are agreeing with the discipline and the cleanness of hotel staff.  42% of the respondents are strongly agreed with the quality of food is excellent.  44% of the respondents are agreeing with the room service is excellent.  98% of the respondents are says Yes about the hotel provide a safe environment.  92% of the respondents are says Yes about to visit a hotel again.
  14. 14.  To provide free breakfast for guest in the hotel  Free taxi-service.  To provide facilities for online booking and transport  To provide 100% safety to our guest during the case of emergency.  To improve the parking facilities in the hotel  To give training to the employees on the topic “customer handling”.  To conduct the department meeting to all employees in weekly once to give briefing about the service quality to every department.  To appoint the receptionist by knowing with common language which the customer feel comfort to communicate.
  15. 15. This study entitled “a study on service quality on customer satisfaction” the researcher in knowing the service quality in the hotel. Customer plays a vital role and providing a meaning in the running organizations. I conclude that service is to improve the brand image of the concern and highly support for the customer leads to organization in success manner.