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Party pix photobooths


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Party pix photobooths

  1. 1. Event  Photo  
  2. 2. PartyPix offers event photography services, on-sitephoto printing, and live and automated photo boothrental services.Great for social and corporate events, as well aspublic relations and promotional activations.
  3. 3. Classic Step-in photo boothOur enclosed booth offers a modernized twist on theclassic photo booth concept. With sleek chrome linesand a black exterior the booth incorporates well intoany event décor. At only 40” X 60” foot print, the boothcan go anywhere and fit into any room.Some of the features of the booth include acustomizable touch screen interface, professionalcamera, lighting, and photo printing equipment, andbuilt-in green screen capabilities for maximum brandincorporation.Guests LOVE the private photo sessions and will keeptheir photos for years to come. Great for brandslooking to connect with their target audience.
  4. 4. Green Screen StudioFor an immersive photo experience, our full lengthgreen screen studio can be used to put guests into anyscene imaginable. Superheroes, scenery, movieposters, digital celebrities, and branded step-and-repeat backgrounds are just a few of the optionsavailable.This service requires a 10ft x 10ft space to operate andcan fit upto 10 people in one shot.Event goers flock to the booth when they see thegreen background, photo lighting equipment, and theinstantly printed photos circulating the event.Its just a whole lot of fun!
  5. 5. Instant social media photo sharing kiosk As  guests  use  our  photo  booth  or  on-­‐site   studio,  images  are  wirelessly  sent  to  the   Photo  Sharing  Kiosk  
  6. 6. Photos  appear  in  slide  view  or  library  view  on   the  Photo  Sharing  Kiosk.  
  7. 7. The  user  can  select  several  photos  to  send  by  email,  share  on  their   facebook  .meline,  or  post  to  their  twiCer  account.  
  8. 8. Once  the  user  adds  their  photos  to  the  cart,  they  can  choose  to  email  their  photos  to  up  to  3  recipients  and  add  their  own  message.   An  on  screen  keyboard  and  interface  allows  for  easy  data  input.   Outgoing  emails  can  include  a  custom  subject  line,  body,  and  links.  
  9. 9. With  their  photos  selected,  a  user  can  also  post  the  photos  to  their  facebook  wall  or  directly  to  a  corporate  fan  page  by  logging  in  from  the  iPad  and  allowing  the  app  to  post  on  their  behalf.  Photos  are  uploaded  to  a  pre-­‐named  album,  and  pre-­‐programmed  cap.ons  are  added  to  each  photo.  This  is  a  great  way  to  add  interest  in  the  event  or  brand  that  the  photos  are  related  to.  
  10. 10. In  addi.on  to  branded  photos  to  their  own  wall,  users  can  be  prompted  to  “Like”  a  page  on  facebook  directly  from  the  kiosk.    This  is  a  great  way  to  generate  more  followers  to  a  fan  page  while  they  are  s.ll  aCending  the  event  that’s  hosted  or  sponsored  by  the  owner  of  the  page.    
  11. 11. Users  can  also  post  their  selec.on  of  photos  to  twiCer.  Custom  predetermined  twiCer  messages  can  be  applied  to  photo  uploads,  including  @names  and  #hashtags  (ie:  The  event  for  @brandx  is  #thebest)  
  12. 12. AUer  each  ‘transac.on’  the  user  is  asked  if  they  would  like  to  do  anything   else  with  the  photos  (ie  uploaded  to  facebook  or  twiCer  if  they  have  just  sent  an  email).  Answer  ‘Yes’  will  keep  their  photos  in  the  cart  so  they  don’t   have  to  re-­‐select  their  photos.  Answering  ‘No’  will  remove  all  their  photo   selec.ons  and  informa.on  from  the  app.  
  13. 13. Event  Metrics  Real-time event data is available online and shows exactly how manybranded photos have been sent to Facebook, Twitter, email, and print.
  14. 14. Data  Capture  and  Custom  Surveys  Guests can be prompted to fill out acustomized survey that can contain multiplechoice and fill in the blank questions.Survey results are available in an excel fileafter the event.Emails are pooled in an online spread sheet.Tip: Email promotions to your guests whilethey are at your event. For example: "Showthis email to the bar for 10% off your nextdrink."
  15. 15. Customized  Disclaimer  Pre-determine a disclaimer tospecify the permissions matchingyour event.
  16. 16. Benefits  of  implementa.on    Event goers love getting their photos almost instantly after they take them. The Photo Sharing Kiosk allows guests to control part of the experience by choosing for themselves the best way to access their photos.  As an advertiser, you have access to custom survey results, email addresses, and metrics that tell you how successful your campaign is.  All photos are branded with your logo and/or message. Branded photos are highly effective as marketing pieces due to their sentimental value: The photos are the collateral!  The system is scalable to as many units as necessary in order to handle high volumes of crowds. More kiosks mean more uploads.  Photos uploaded to social media sites are seen by hundreds of participants’ connections as a personally uploaded photo, and hence are more likely to be looked at and engaged with.  On-Site activity can be turned into online follow up activity and later converted into sales!