Facebook for Business Master Class - Working with Apps


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Facebook for Business Master Class, session 04 working with Apps on the Page

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Facebook for Business Master Class - Working with Apps

  1. 1. Session 04 Working with Apps on the Page By Chris Meylan @ facebook.com/SocialMediaLounge
  2. 2. Learning Outcomes Recap the important learning outcome from the previous session. Review the performance of the Social Media Lounge so far. Understand how using Apps on the Timeline Page can increase engagement.
  3. 3. What did we learn in our last session? Content is the most important component of FB Marketing. New marketers must now be preoccupied by creating news and attractive content and should be obsessed by readership as much as an editor or a publisher would. The number of interactions (i.e. engagement) each post obtains–‘likes’, comments, and shares–affects the ranking of each post in the newsfeed. The Page admins should focus on creating interaction with the fans through dialogue and conversation.
  4. 4. ! NEWS
  5. 5. Facebook rolls out Threaded Comments
  6. 6. Threaded Comments
  7. 7. Let’s look at the results of the Social Media Lounge!
  8. 8. Results of your Posts Go to the Social Media Lounge Facebook Page and go to the ‘Insights’ section. Find your post(s), and look for the following KPI’s: - Day and time of the post, - Type of post (link, photo, video), - Type of post (humorous, educative, informative), - Reach (in details), - Engagement (in details => like, comment and share), - Your conclusion (what do you learn from it).
  9. 9. SML Results... so far! We have reached 349 fans, 54 additional fans since our last session. Mostly SHMS related, a lot of them are current BA and MSc students of mine, who I have encouraged to join the Page. But we keep on having people from outside our network.
  10. 10. Where do our fans come from?
  11. 11. Where do our fans come from?
  12. 12. Where do our fans come from?
  13. 13. SML Results... so far! An engagement rate of 46.41% (162/349)
  14. 14. Why Analyse? So What?
  15. 15. Why analyse? By analysing engagement rates you make make sure that you are creating content that is appealing to your fans. By having the correct metrics, you can then determine if the content was a success or failure. And you must constantly measure the success of what you post, as it will determine what you need to post to be successful.
  16. 16. Using APPS to create engagement
  17. 17. Why Apps? Don’t over-do it, but a good choice of Apps on your Page can: 1. Expand the Fan base, 2. Achieve higher levels of engagement, 3. Increase traffic, 4. Grow visibility, 5. Get leads.
  18. 18. How to Get Started Facebook has Five possible Apps: Photos, Likes, Events, Notes, and Videos. Photos and Likes will always appear. Photos is always the first and cannot be removed. The other Apps are not mandatory.
  19. 19. Notes App Notes brings a very flexible and organisations can be quite creative on how they want to use them. The notes that you publish is this App will not disappear down the Timeline, but will always appear at this place. You can use them for press release, list of notes that always appear there, a blog, a recipe book, picture gallery, etc.
  20. 20. Why Using Events? Facebook has designed Events as a critical core feature inside of the network. It could easily be considered as the third most important feature after the Newsfeed and Messages. Facebook has put the Events in a high-profile location up on the right hand-side above Birthdays and the Ticker.
  21. 21. Why Using Events? An event is like a miniature Facebook Page with a date for when it starts and a date for when it's finished. It comes with the same benefits you have with the Page. It shows up in the news feed, you can network and interact with people, and it can be a great viral tool.
  22. 22. A Few Pointers In description, use bit.ly URL shortener for external links. Show the guest list. Put the correct location, it will show up on Google Maps. On the Timeline, change the cover of the Apps. Your location can also be for a virtual event.
  23. 23. Details section Explain and sell the event by saying: 1. Who is it for? 2. What will they achieve if they come? 3. The link. 4. Show some impressive facts about your event.
  24. 24. What kind of Events in your hotel can you use this App for?
  25. 25. Install a few Apps!
  26. 26. Install YouTube If you already have a YouTube channels with videos of the hotel or the destination, install them on your Facebook Page as well.
  27. 27. Install Pinterest Pinterest has become social media used. Visual communication is a must today on Facebook.
  28. 28. Install TripAdvisor Reviews Reviews drive online reservation for hospitality and TripAdvisor is the main review platform. Show that you are transparent, and let fans look at reviews directly from your Page.
  29. 29. Install Twitter Feed If the hotel is also present on Twitter, you could consider to install the Twitter app as well. But the content of both social media should be different, and should have a different purpose.
  30. 30. Install a few Custom-made App!
  31. 31. Add a Welcome App You can create a special custom-made ‘App’, called a Welcome page, where a you invite the first-time visitor to click the ‘Like’ button, and to become a fan of the Page. On this app, you can tell the reader what it is that you’re doing and explain why they should become a fan. This is similar to the info tab, but you can made it more rich and appealing with graphics. Create your own custom-made thumbnails and to drive engagement towards the Custom App. You need to make those thumbnails visually appealing.
  32. 32. Example of Thumbnails Page admins need to get creative and use our custom apps to direct Page visitors to take action.
  33. 33. Example of Thumbnails
  34. 34. Example of Thumbnails
  35. 35. The Roger Smith Hotel, New York
  36. 36. The ‘Exclusive’ Application This is a great App for distributing digital files to your Fans, once they have decided to Like your Page. This can work with video clips, books, sample chapters, white papers, presentations, recipes, how-to’s, etc. This is sometimes called ‘Fan-gated’ content. Once the visitors have decided to ‘Like’ the Page, they will then receive the content. This is a great way to drive up the number of fans rapidly.
  37. 37. The ‘Exclusive’ Application Clear Call-To-Action to encourage fans to click on the App.
  38. 38. The ‘Exclusive’ Application It’s starts with a big picture. And a clear Call-To-Action (CTA).
  39. 39. The ‘Exclusive’ Application Once the ‘Like’ the Page, the image changes and the fans can unlock the download.
  40. 40. The ‘Exclusive’ Application And in order to unlock the content, you can also share this file, to get a ‘viral’ effect out of this free content.
  41. 41. The ‘Exclusive’ Application And here is the file...
  42. 42. The ‘Photo Showcase’ Application This is an improved version of the photo App given by Facebook. You can put a header with text, mix pictures and text, add callsto-action like purchase, and those pictures can easily be shared. This type of App, works great for: 1. Product reviews and slideshow, 2. Members of the team, 3. Different view of your product (rooms, outlets, recreation, etc.), 4. Can add a ‘buy now’ button for purchasing, 5. Can easily be shared, 6. Can also add the ‘comment’ box from Facebook to encourage discussion and engagement.
  43. 43. The ‘Photo Showcase’ Application Clear Call-To-Action to encourage fans to click on the App.
  44. 44. The ‘Photo Showcase’ Application or f od t o G uc od pr ew vi re
  45. 45. The ‘Photo Showcase’ Application
  46. 46. The ‘Photo Showcase’ Application at th nt te on ue C al V ds ns ad fa ur yo or f
  47. 47. The ‘Photo Showcase’ Application UN F r, to ac F d! e ud cl in
  48. 48. The ‘Contest’ Application Why would you want to run a contest? It builds buzz and visibility. It boosts your Edge Rank and your traffic. You can get leads. A contest is awesome. People love contests! They love to win stuff, but you should wait until you’ve got a minimum of 500 fans. You also want to check your engagement rates, you need a high engagement if you want your contest to be successful. Set some goals on why are you wanting to do a contest, and really strategically plan out with your team that if a minimum is not met, are you willing to shut down the contest. You absolutely want to make it easy to enter. The more complex, the less people will bother to enter your contest.
  49. 49. The ‘Contest’ Application Clear Call-To-Action to encourage fans to click on the App.
  50. 50. The ‘Contest’ Application It’s starts with a big picture. And a clear Call-To-Action (CTA).
  51. 51. The ‘Contest’ Application Another big pictures, with what can be won and the official rules.
  52. 52. The ‘Contest’ Application Let people fill in the form with all the contact information that you need. A great way to build a database of contacts as well.
  53. 53. The ‘Contest’ Application Final image to thanks fans for having entered the contest, and then encourage them to share the contest with their friends.
  54. 54. The ‘Deal Share’ Application One of the main reasons why people follow brands on Facebook is that they want to receive some value and good price. This is a custom-made App that allow Page admins to give away some monetary value, But in the same time, also create a viral effect, as fans need to spread the news in order to get the deal.
  55. 55. The ‘Deal Share’ Application Clear Call-To-Action to encourage fans to click on the App.
  56. 56. The ‘Deal Share’ Application It’s starts with a big picture. And a clear Call-To-Action (CTA). nFa ‘ to d’ te a n° G se ea cr in ns fa of
  57. 57. The ‘Deal Share’ Application Second large picture, with more information about the deal. Minimum n° of fans to activate the deal Current status Times left until the end of the deal
  58. 58. The ‘Deal Share’ Application Share the deal to be able to access it. And you get fan’s email address for a newsletter, or other.
  59. 59. The ‘Deal Share’ Application And a final image to show that the deal is complete.
  60. 60. The ‘Deal Share’ Application And this is followed by an email to send the deal.
  61. 61. Reservation Booking System
  62. 62. Third-Party for Custom Apps openhospitality.com tabsite.com involver.com northsocial.com fanpageengine.com facebook.com/tabpress/ lujure.com wildfireapp.com
  63. 63. Custom-made Apps What is important to keep in mind: First fix a Goal, Keep it Fun, Keep it Interactive, Engaging graphics, Encourage sharing, Add value, Avoid to much ‘filling’.
  64. 64. Other APPS As a person in charge of Facebook for your business, or your organisation. Regularly monitor what other hotels are doing on Facebook. What Apps are they installing, and evaluate whether you could something similar. Stay curious! Be creative! Keep an open-mind!
  65. 65. Conclusion: Install some Apps. This will increase engagement, will get more leads and increase the number of fans. Install first some Apps that will bring some external content (i.e. YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, blogs, etc.). Next week, we’ll see how to create custom-made Apps.