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3D Walkthroughs are the most effective tool for showing a property's layout, size, dimensions and spatial relationships. They can also be used to visualize and market a property development project before it is even built!

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Virtual Walkthrough

  1. 1. Virtual Walkthrough In Present Environment By Devilsworkshop
  2. 2. 3D Walkthroughs are easy to order, rapidly delivered and have more WOW Factor than any other marketing tool. A finished 3D Walkthrough can be linked to a website, downloaded to a PC or played on a mobile device. 3D Walkthroughs are the most effective tool for showing a property's layout, size, dimensions and spatial relationships. They can also be used to visualize and market a property development project before it is even built!
  3. 3. Why to use architectural rendering services? Presenting your project or product in visually appealing form gives you an edge over other artistic mediums. Clients rely on the final product, so why not to present product with a 3D rendering, animation or walkthroughs. Would you like to take a look at your newly constructed office building without being physical present on the location? Would you like to take a look at the flooring you have chosen for your house ? Through the walkthrough, you can do all this! 3D Rendering and walkthroughs are becoming increasingly important selling concepts in the world of architectural design.
  4. 4. The 3D computer architectural rendering services incorporates powerful conceptual tools into the required design process. With 3D architectural rendering service, one show roads, landscaping, neighborhood, required ambience and also multiple design options can be explored and resolved before the actual building begins. Henceforth, architectural rendering can easily customize, given construction plan based on specific client requirements, much before the actual construction take place in reality.
  5. 5. how online video fits into today’s social context? This requires a different perspective. <ul><li>Take them as humans (not consumers) </li></ul><ul><li>consumer's don't have a short attention span; they have a short attention span for the perfectly crafted, dull, self-centered sales-pitch. </li></ul><ul><li>Consumers are demanding content that is contextual, mobile and entertaining enough to be shared with friends and coworkers in any one of the multiple social networking spaces they create and maintain. </li></ul>
  7. 7. “ Secret Formula &quot; - 50C + 15M + 20T + 15P = Success
  8. 8. 50% C = Content and Production
  9. 9. THE CONTENT To shoot entire phase of construction Video profile of your consumer
  10. 10. 15% M = Metadata The text title, keywords, descriptions, and categories that help people find your video, Put all possible search words.
  11. 11. 20% T = Thumbnail The packaging which draws people in when displayed on the page If a video is sitting on the Most Viewed page with nineteen other videos, a compelling video thumbnail is the single best strategy to maximize the number of clicks the video gets. Two rules of thumb: the thumbnail should be clear (suggesting high video quality) and ideally it should have a face or at least a person in it.
  12. 12. Releasing all videos Simultaneously Once people are watching a video, how do we keep them engaged and bring them back to a website? We give them everything up front. If a user wants to watch all of our videos right now, there’s a much better chance that we’ll be able to persuade them to click through to our website. We don’t make them wait after seeing the first video, because they’re never going to see the next four.
  13. 13. 15% P = promotion Just good old fashioned marketing Commenting: Having a conversation with yourself A great way to maximize the number of people who watch our videos is to create some sort of controversy in the comments section below the video. Everyone loves a good, heated discussion in the comments section - especially if the comments are related to a brand/startup. But a heated comment thread (done well) will engage viewers and will drive traffic back to your sites.
  14. 14. Promoting on social media: Share, share, share. Built a sizeable presence on community sites, so sharing a video with your clients & entire friends list can have a real impact. Other ideas include creating an event that announces the video launch and inviting friends, writing a note and tagging friends, or posting the video on social community Video with a link back to the original YouTube video.
  15. 15. Friends: Make sure everyone we know watches the video and try to get them to email it out to their friends, or at least share it on Facebook & Orkut.
  16. 16. Driving traffic to
  17. 17. Key Consumer Features
  18. 18. Media Uploads Upload video directly from any source including mobile devices, cameras, computers and webcams. No plug-in is required for users to upload media and the platform accepts all major video formats. Media Organization Once video is uploaded, they can tag content with keywords and descriptions. Community Building Users can build their social networks by creating and participating in groups, chats, blogs, forums, polls, and contests. They can contribute to the community by rating and commenting on profiles, videos, music, and images. Users can share favorite videos and other media with friends in and outside of the community. They can also embed videos in emails other social networking sites.
  19. 19. Our Job
  20. 20. Create a fully-branded social media community that looks and feels like your brand. Introduce high-quality video to increase page views and site stickiness Create Blogs, Forums and other popular social networking features which promote community and conversation around the brand Launch interactive contests, polls and promotions to drive brand recognition and engagement Monetize media assets with online advertising and sponsorships through integration of ad strategy and partners Monitor critical site activity with 24/7 administrative access to real-time reports
  21. 21. Devils Workshop Hell of Ideas [email_address] [email_address]