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PPT on Facebook Ads and How to make facebook ads easily

Facebook ads ppt

  1. 1. Foetron Inc.Contents 1.How to create an advertisement (Ad)? 2.Types of Ads. 3.Terminologies/Page Insights. 4.Uses of Ads 5.Top 3 job websites in U.S,UK,Canada,India
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  4. 4. Foetron Inc.How to create an ad?
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  9. 9. Foetron Inc.1.PAGE ADS They are the most common ad type and are designed to drive fans to Facebook Pages. The ads are unique in that users can Like a page directly from the ad. When a user Likes the page, it’s listed beneath the ad for their friends to see.2.WEBSITE ADS They are similar to any other web advertisement. Clicking the ad takes you to the advertiser’s landing page or website. Website ads will look like Page ads without the Like button.
  10. 10. Foetron Inc.3.EVENT ADS These ads are a great way to promote a sale, product promotion, trade show, webinar, or any event requiring a RSVP. Event ads are integrated with Facebook Events and include an “RSVP” call to action. When the RSVP is clicked, the event details are displayed, including the number of Facebook users and friends attending. Friends’ responses are visible beneath the ad after they have RSVP’d, and when a user says "yes" to attending, it will generate a newsfeed story within the user’s profile for all of their friends to see.4.SPONSORED STORIES Let marketers take social content and turn it into a marketing message. With sponsored stories an advertiser pays to have user interactions with their brand (Likes, Check-ins) show up on your friends’ pages while appearing in other paid promotions on the website. Sponsored stories are unique in that your content will never go to someone who is not your friend.
  11. 11. Foetron Inc.5.VIDEO ADS Allows advertisers to integrate video into an ad. The video and can be played inline, where people can share comments and Like the video. When someone likes the video or enters a comment, a newsfeed story will be generated for their friends to see. Video ads can only be purchased through Facebook’s internal sales team and are reserved for qualified advertisers with monthly budgets over $30,000 USD.6.APPLICATION ADS Allow Facebook application developers to drive more engagement for their app by directing people to the app when they click on the ad.7.COMMENT ADS Are Facebook’s newest ad unit and the first to be designed by an agency. Designed by Leo Burnett, the idea is that the ad looks like a conversation. With comments ads, the brand will make a statement or pose a question, and a comment box is available so the user can enter a response.
  12. 12. Foetron Inc. When users respond to the question, the exchange shows up as a part of their newsfeed, thereby moving the conversation through the individuals’ social network. Comment ads can only be purchased by qualified advertisers through Facebook’s internal sales team.8.POLLING ADS Lets advertisers start conversations by conducting polls. People who respond can see how others voted and how each of their friends voted in the poll. The poll generates a story on the advertiser’s page, and can appear in newsfeed of the users who liked the brand. When a user engages with the ad, the poll story can appear on the user’s wall and in their friends’ newsfeeds. Polling ads are not available through Facebook’s self service tool. Polling ads can only be purchased by qualified advertisers through Facebook’s internal sales team.
  13. 13. Foetron Inc.9.GIFT ADS Are used to drive visitors to pages within and outside of Facebook. It allows users to send a gift to a friend within Facebook, along with a custom message. Messages are public and can appear on the user’s page, as well as in their friends’ newsfeeds. Gift Ads can only by purchased by qualified advertisers through Facebook’s internal sales team.10.HYBRID ENGAGEMENT ADS Combine different ad types, such as a video ad with a polling ad, or a video ad with an event ad. Hybrid ads can only by purchased by qualified advertisers through Facebook’s internal sales team.
  14. 14. Foetron Inc.Total likes: The number of unique people who like your PageFriends of Fans: The number of unique people who are friends withyour fans, including your current fans.People talking about This: The number of unique people who havecreated a story about your Page in the last seven days. The number ofunique people who have created a story about your Page in the lastseven days.
  15. 15. Foetron Inc.Total Reach: The number of unique people who have seen anycontent associated with your Page (including any Ads orSponsored Stories pointing to your Page) in the last seven days.Number of posts: The size of the bubbles representsthe number of posts your Page published each day.
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  17. 17. Foetron Inc.Now we talk about three important channels through which your posts reaches youraudience. Organic Paid ViralThe
  18. 18. Foetron Inc.Ticker : Ticker shows you the things you can already see on Facebook, but in real time.Keep up with the latest news as it happensListen to music with your friendsClick or hover over a story to join in the conversation
  19. 19. Foetron Inc.Engaged users: graph allows you to understand the different types of engagements your postgenerated. Anyone clicking anywhere on your post is considered an “Engaged User.” The typesof engagement you can find in the pie chart include all the different ways people can consumeyour post (clicking on a link, viewing a picture, watching a video...), spread it to friends (byliking it, commenting on it, answering a Question, RSVP-ing to an event, etc...) or simply clickon some other area of your post (“Other Clicks”).
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  21. 21. Foetron Inc.What are my ad targeting options?  Choose the location, gender, age, likes and interests, relationship status, workplace and education of your target audience. If you are the admin of a Facebook Page, event or app, you can also target your ad to people who are already connected to you.What is a destination?  The destination of your ad is where people will land if they click on it. If you advertise a Page, app or event on Facebook, you’ll also get social buttons on your ad that encourage people to engage with you by liking your Page, installing or using your app, or joining your event.
  22. 22. Foetron Inc.How much does it cost to advertise onFacebook?  Advertisers are completely in control of how much they spend for each campaign by setting a daily or lifetime budget. The larger the budget, the more people a campaign is likely to reach.What are some suggested best practices forwriting my ad?  Find out what works in your ad text and for your audience by experimenting with a variety of ads and reviewing your performance reports on a regular basis. To get started, use some of these tips: Include a clear action you want your audience to take in the body text of your ad.
  23. 23. Foetron Inc.Highlight any benefits, sales or similar specialsthat your business is offeringUse a simple, eye-catching image that isrelated to your ad textIf you’re advertising a website, include yourbusiness name or other key information in theheadlineWhats the difference between organic, paid, and viral reach?Organic reach: The number of unique people, fans or non-fans, who saw this post intheir news feed, ticker or on your Page.Paid reach: The number of unique people who saw this post from a sponsored product,such as ads for Page posts or sponsored stories.Viral reach: The number of unique people who saw this post from a story published bya friend. These stories can include liking, commenting or sharing your post, answering aquestion or responding to an event.
  24. 24. Foetron Inc. JOB PORTALS
  25. 25. Foetron Inc.1.Monster.com : states that it is one of the worlds leading careermanagement portals. Their US job site has a vast array of jobs both in theUS and overseas. Plus Monster also provides a wide range of useful toolsand resources to assist you to find a new job.
  26. 26. Foetron Inc.2.CollegeRecruiter.com: It is aimed at college students, graduates and recentgraduates who are seeking employment, continuing education and businessopportunities. You can search for jobs, receive email alerts and post yourresume for distribution to employers.
  27. 27. Foetron Inc.3.Careerbuilder.com: It has one of the largest selections of jobs in the US. Itsjob search engine allows you to search by keyword, sector and up to threecity / state locations. You can also receive email alerts and they also haveother professional development and employment resources.
  28. 28. Foetron Inc.1.Naukri.com: Marketing itself as India’s No.1 Job Site, Naukri.com isdefinitely the first port of call on the internet for all jobseekers in India. Thewebsite has a ranking system, listing the best places to work in variousindustries such as IT, Manufacturing and Services.Naukri.com has an easy to understand interface and job seekers can searchaccording to skills, designation, location, years of experience and othercriteria.
  29. 29. Foetron Inc.2.Timesjobs.com: Times Jobs may have the same search and apply features as otherpopular job sites, but it also has its own blog that gives news and career advice.Another popular service that Times Jobs offers is Global Connect – users can showcasework samples and portfolio as well as communicate with potential employers aroundthe globe through IM applications and social media networks.
  30. 30. Foetron Inc.3.Jobsahead.com: JobsAhead claims to be the only Indian job site with threemillion jobseekers, 83 million page views, 6,000 corporate clients and 150,000job postings. The homepage of the website categorizes jobs according toindustry, location and experience level making it easy for the user to navigate.
  31. 31. Foetron Inc.1.Industry-Recruit.co.uk: This site allows you to search for jobs in yourspecific sector. Over 30 sectors are covered with each displaying regularlyupdated vacancies throughout the UK.2.Brookstreet Ltd: Brook Street is one of the UKs most successfulrecruitment agencies, supplying businesses across all industries with highquality personnel and staffing solutions. We maximise opportunities forjobseekers, helping them make the right career move and work as recruitmentpartners with employers.Brook Street specialises in all office and light industrial positions on both atemporary and permanent basis. We have a network of offices spanning thewhole of the UK and have developed long-standing relationships with keyemployers nationwide.
  32. 32. Foetron Inc.3.Jobsearch.co.uk: School Job Search is a teachers initiative - we are here toprovide high quality, instant online advertising for all your teaching jobs andsupport vacancies and slash of costs.Spend the saving on childrens education. Job Seekers - tell your school theycan have a free subscription.
  33. 33. Foetron Inc.1.JobBank: JobBank boasts of having a largest online career center in Canada wherethere are over seven hundred thousand job postings each year and every day, twothousand job postings are made available to job seekers. http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/Services that JobBank offers are the following but not limited to: resume posting, careeradvice, job posting and creation of alerts and agents for new job posting notification.2.Monster Canada: Monster Canada is one of the major job websites in the countrythat has tools for total career management from finding your dream job to making majorcareer decisions. It offers services such as resume posting, job search, jobposting, resume search and others. http://www.monster.com.ca
  34. 34. Foetron Inc.3.TorontoJobs: TorontoJobs claims to be the ultimate online career centercreated especially for those who are searching for jobs in the greater Torontoarea.Some of the services provided are resume posting, creation of job alerts andagents for job posting notification, job search, employment agency directory andcareer resource center. In addition, what’s good about this website is that theservices offered to jobseekers are absolutely free. http://www.torontojobs.ca/
  35. 35. Foetron Inc.http://www.chillibreeze.com/articles/top-10-job-sites-India-210.asphttp://searchjobsin.com/10-best-job-websites-in-canada/http://www.top5websites.co.uk/Jobs/index.htmlhttp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091220074255AA6Ghtahttp://ads.ak.facebook.com/ads/FacebookAds/Page_Insights_en_US.pdfhttp://www.facebook.com/help/ticker
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