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Information for tour operators regarding attractions and activites at Phillip Island Nature Parks - only 90 minutes drive from Melbourne, Victoria.

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  • Home of the world famous Penguin Parade. 4 major attractions which include – Penguin Parade, Koala Conservation Centre, Churchill Island and Nobbies Centre (say in this order and mention that you will go through each attraction individually). We are a NFP so all funds raised through ticket sales, retail, F&B etc go directly in the conservation and protection of not only the Little Penguins, but all other flora and fauna found on Phillip Island. This is done through various programs and includes world-leading research and environmental initiatives undertaken by PINP researchers, environmental and education staff. All of the attractions are packaged together with what is know as a 3 Parks Pass and can be purchased either as part of a day tour (e.g. with a coach operator) or for self-drivers (those who drive to PI themselves).
  • 90 minute drive from Melbourne to Phillip Island, with the Penguin Parade a 20 minute from the bridge connecting PI to the mainland. Currently completing the final stages of road works which will make the entire drive a dual lane carriageway which makes it a pleasant and easy drive. Many visitors will visit each of our attractions in a single day, but are encourage to stay longer.
  • The Island is 26km long and 9km wide (at it’s widest point). All attractions are between a 5min and 15 min drive apart. All attractions are located on major roads and are easily accessible and well signed (especially with our awesome comms exec and designer). Also go through and point out each of the 4 attractions individually and the light green areas which are under management by PINP.
  • The Little Penguins (you will always get an ‘ooohhhh they are so cute’ here, so allow for a pause). They are known as the Little Penguin (no longer fairy – add in joke if in the mood), and are the smallest penguins in the world (due to climate). Are also the only blue penguins in the world. Depending on the time of year you can see between a few hundred up to 2,500 at the Penguin Parade (can go into detail regarding breeding seasons etc if people are interested but not too much). The colony has 14,000 breeding pairs that call PI home. Can also use a line about penguins being ‘socially conservative but sexually promiscuous’ (always gets a good laugh). Although not every penguin returns at sunset, there are always plenty that do. They don’t take days off for Xmas/New Year so neither do we. We are open every day of the year.
  • An aerial view of the Penguin Parade. Illustrate how all areas are where the penguin burrows are and that all facilities were built around the penguins. We want people to be able to experience the penguins in their native habitat but in a manner which does not disrupt them and is sustainable.
  • Can briefly mention interactive displays, penguin world exhibit and Boardwalk café area. No more than 15-30 seconds.
  • Includes new tours and access to shearwater colony.
  • Our two most popular viewing options at the PP (out of 5). The first is the Standard Viewing which has two tiered grandstand areas and capacity for 3,000pax. THIS IS NOT RELEVANT TO THE US MARKET. US guests do not want to sit there due to the higher level of numbers and movement of people (e.g. asian groups etc). As such Penguins Plus is the ENTRY POINT for all US guests. This is an exclusive viewing platform and boardwalk area with capacity for 180pax MAXIMUM. Provides a much more intimate and personalised penguin viewing experience of the penguins as we estimate that approx 60% of penguins which arrive each night will walk past the Penguins Plus viewing platform. Mention the warm out areas at the front of the platform as this is where the penguins congregate after rushing up the beach. Can mention the walking trails parallel to the boardwalks and how guests can follow penguins back to their burrows. This leads nicely into the next slide.
  • Views from Penguins Plus. (link to congregation from previous slide).
  • We also have 3 ranger-led tours which are for groups with a maximum of 10pax each night. Skybox – the only indoor penguin viewing option which is located between the two General Admission viewing grandstands. In the Skybox they are met by another ranger who counts the penguins each night (10% variance). Great experience for guests.
  • The second ranger-led tour is the Private Penguin Parade Experience – PPPE (good luck remembering that!). This is structured in a similar way to the Skybox tour in that it has two viewing elements – except that the first aspect is a reserved area on the sand at the front of the General Admission viewing stands. Guests spend 30 minutes here before being taken across to the Penguins Plus area.
  • Guests are also provided with headsets to ensure that they can hear their ranger throughout the tour. Guests must be 12 y/o +
  • The third ranger-led tour is the Ultimate Tour. All other tours so far have been based at the Penguin Parade area (show people by pointing out areas on this image). The Ultimate Tour is actually on a separate beach on the opposite side of the Summerland’s Peninsula. Restricted to 10 guests each night.
  • Guests will be required to walk approx 1 mile along the beach and sit on the sand (with provided mats) to watch the penguins come ashore. You are provided with night vision equipment, warm clothing and headset. This is known as our ‘soft eco adventure’ and is a fully accredited eco tour. There are no other people, no stands, no lights, no boardwalks, no interference it is just you, your ranger, sitting on the beach watching the …..
  • Penguins. (I always pause here). The experience is exactly as it is shown here. Whilst in terms of total number of penguins you may not see as many as at the Penguin Parade (e.g. a few hundred versus 1 a thousand), the quality of the experience is by far the best available. The highlight is walking back through the colony along closed off roads.
  • Apart from the Penguins we have the koalas at the KCC. Approx 36 wild koalas live in the KCC.
  • Brand new visitors centre opened in December last year – built using sustainability principles. Includes alfreco dining area and range of interactive displays.
  • We have two tree-top boardwalks which allow people to view the koalas in their natural habitat.
  • Great photo opportunities, people can get up close and personal with the koalas.
  • Anything you can learn, touch, smell, think, hear about koalas – you can find in the new KCC visitor’s centre.
  • Churchill Island – the attraction that people are probably least familiar. It is a hidden gem and connected to PI by a small bridge (show on picture). Buses and cars can easily drive across the bridge and access Churchill Island.
  • Range of farming activities run each day which include sheep shearing, working dog demonstrations, milking of the cow demonstrations, black smith demonstrations. We will also be introducing whip crack and boomerang throwing demonstrations in October 2010. Horse and Cart rides will also be available.
  • The Island has historic significance as it was the location where Victoria’s first European agricultural crops were sown in 1801. The island was owned by the Governer General of Victoria who used the Island as a holiday retreat. We have restored the working farm and homestead back to its original state so that people can step back in time and imagine what life was like on the island during the 19 th and 20 th centuries.
  • Tour operators information phillip island nature parks

    1. 1. The Penguin Parade Penguin burrows
    2. 2. New Boardwalk area
    3. 3. General AdmissionPenguins Plus
    4. 4. Skybox
    5. 5. Skybox
    6. 6. Private Penguin Parade Experience
    7. 7. Ultimate Tour
    8. 8. Koala Conservation Centre
    9. 9. Churchill Island Heritage Farm
    10. 10. Horse and Cart rides
    11. 11. Sheep Shearing demonstration
    12. 12. Cow Milking
    13. 13. Working Dogs demonstration
    14. 14. Whip cracking
    15. 15. Boomerang Throwing
    16. 16. Blacksmith Demonstration
    17. 17. Traditional Homestead
    18. 18. Seal Cameras
    19. 19. ` Thank you!