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An introduction to the field of visual social media marketing with focus on instagram and how it is done and some examples. (April 2013)

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  • Version 2.0 dated: 28th April 2013
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  • updated for top 5 for 2013 April
  • they can provide stats as to which of those photos were most liked and commented on etc.....for us to drive the contest mechanics
  • Engage: All these insights will provide the right context for you to meaningfully engage with your Instagram community. Efficiently find the right posts to interact with Directly comment and like photos from Nitrogram Use keyboards shortcuts to increase your speed4. Create Galleries Leverage Instagram content with beautiful, easy-to-manage galleries. Integrate Instagram photos on any web property: Websites (like Tobacco Targets Me) Facebook (like we do) Moderate  photos before they go live, or automatically set up rules to do it for you5. Manage multiple accounts If you have several accounts to manage on Instagram, you can now do so without having to log out every time.
  • Statigram provides a wide range of information. Fun facts about your account, such as: most liked photos ever hashtag cloud filter usage Growth monitoring follower growth charts, monthly and overall daily follower gain and loss and who are your new and lost followers Community insights reciprocal relationships and followings who don’t follow you back ratio of followers/followings in your community followers most engaged recently Account history amount of photos posted month by month likes and comments received, by month or by week and evolution of the average number of likes and comments / tips best time to post to get most engagement how filters impacts likes and comments received
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  • A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #,[1][2] a form of metadata tag. Short messages on microblogging social networking services such as Twitter, Tout,, Tumblr, Instagram, or Google+ may be tagged by including one or more with multiple words concatenated,Hashtags provide a means of grouping such messages, since one can search for the hashtag and get the set of messages that contain it. Hashtags first appeared and were used within IRC networks to label groups and topics. They are also used to mark individual messages as relevant to a particular group, and to mark individual messages as belonging to a particular topic or "channel". Generally, channels or topics that are available across an entire IRC network are prepended with a hash symbol # (as opposed to those local to a server, which use an ampersand '&'). Hashtags' popularity grew concurrently with the rise and popularity of Twitter.
  • Visual social media marketing

    1. 1. Visual Social MediaMarketingHarnessing Images on Instagram to Grow Your Brand Online
    2. 2. Agenda Why Visual Social Media Marketing? Who are doing it? Where is it being done - The Networks? Performance Analytics – the tools. How it is done ? Content and geotagging The primacy of hashtags Ford’s Fiestagram
    3. 3. A picture’s worth a 1000 words Social media fatigue has set in. Pictures build emotional bonds with your audience and createsintimacy at a level that text is rarely capable of. Being innovative with hash tags and well-timed promotions (e.g.monthly contests, giveaways) has never been more intuitive. Instant image sharing from the convenience of a mobile phone isa marketing gateway. Whether targeting a new microniche or reclaiming followers in acompetitive market, your image can instantly present your digitalcollage on screens worldwide. Most visual social networks currently support Apps on majorplatforms like Apple iOS and Google Android.
    4. 4. 40% of brands are on Instagram
    5. 5. Ten most followed companies onInstagram1. Nike – 13015692. MTV – 12881593. Starbucks – 12015374. Burberry – 7592825. Gucci – 5564256. Tifanny& Co. – 5418837. Audi – 3972698. Hermes – 1427229. GE – 13832910. Mc Donald’s - 38141youth and lifestyle are natural tothis medium but the presence ofGE shows that it can effectivelyextend into more conventionalindustries.
    6. 6. General Electric
    7. 7. Visual Social Networks.InstagramPinterestTwitterFlickr
    8. 8. Tools to manage and amplify. Social media analytics: Nitrogram - - to measure, benchmark andboost your presence on Instagram. Statigram - Olapic - - a tool to manage andcurate customer created pictures. Chute - http://www.getchute.comhelps publishers andbrands incorporate photos and other media (sometimessubmitted directly by users, sometimes aggregated fromsocial networking sites) onto their own websites.
    9. 9. Understand Your Community Many Instagrammers shareabout brands and events without following the officialaccounts. Find influencers engaging with your photos who are notfollowing you yet. Find Instagrammers using Hashtags relevant to you Locate fans in the World map and see clusters of high activity Benchmark your brand against your competitors’ Get Closer to Your Audience: Access valuable informationabout the activity surrounding your Instagram account at aglance. Find your influential followers and see where they are. See your most engaging photos
    10. 10. PROMOTE yourinstagram account outside Instagram MANAGE your community on a user-friendly platform ANALYSE your activity through professional statistics ENGAGE your community with photo contests
    11. 11. How You Should Use VSMM. Show off your products in beautiful environmentsif your product ismundane—or maybe you sell an intangible service or Mustangparts—you can still use good placement and take a careful shot. Perhaps you can pose some of your more photogenic employeeswith it, or take a photo of your product on a beach or a windy cliff. If all else fails, you can try putting it on your cat!!General Electric shows offa locomotive engine test cell in GroveCity, PA, using a nice color filter andvignette effect.
    12. 12. Give a behind-the-scenes look at yourbusiness. It might seem strange to have a photo of your employees goofing offon your company website, but you dont need to have the samereservations with Instagram. Social media is a great way to connect with your audience andshow your human side without seeming too unprofessional. Show your visitors how your product is produced (GE is good at this),or perhaps walk them through a day in the life of someone at yourcompany. You could profile your employees, or just show them hard at work. Instagram is a great platform for highlighting what is unique or specialabout your company—like show-and-tell for grownups.
    13. 13. Haveyour fans participate Participation is what social media is made of and tools like Instagram is a greatplace to crowdsource photos. Youll probably need to wait until you have a large enough following before youtry this; but, when you do, you can invite your fans to share their photographs byusing a specific hashtag. This approach is perfect for conferences and events, or for getting your fans toshow off how they useyourproduct.
    14. 14. Starbucks also uses this technique, instructing its Instagramvisitors, "Tag your coffee photos with #Starbucks!“
    15. 15. Engaging participation. Hold a contest - A contest is a great way to encourage people touse your hashtag. Offer a free product or service to a random person, or reward aparticularly good shot. Build anticipation for upcoming launches or announcements. Build the buzz by occasionally snapping a sneak peek or a shot ofthe product in production. Use a hashtag to link the photos together thematically.
    16. 16. Threadless – most photos arecrowdsourced.
    17. 17. Mercedes Benz
    18. 18. Take advantage of geotagging Instagram allows geotagging—i.e., attaching geographical informationto media. Geotaggingis of particular use to companies tied in some way tophysical locations. You could use geotagging together with a contest to get visitors to yourrestaurant or store. Food trucks have used Instagramgeotagging very successfully to showwhat and where they are serving at a specific time; often, theircustomers also snap shots of their food to share, tagged with thelocation. Even if you are not tied to a geographic location, you can share imagesfrom a conference or industry event, and become a part of thatconversation.
    19. 19. Create Brand Content to engage Share authentic content, it should look real, be of real things and peopleand should take a unique look at your brand or company. Build a calendar around content streams and could include behind thescenes images, events and great angles with close ups of your product. Some content will be in the moment and other images should be plannedahead but ensure content is interesting, attractive, engaging, emotionaland memorable. Post often and remember consistently great content will build strong wordof mouth about your brand and keep your followers engaged.
    20. 20. Relationships &Hashtags: Relationship building: Search for, engage with and thank users sharing positive imagesassociated with your brand. Share their positive content on your brands owned media channels. Hashtags: Use a unique hashtag for your brand and in time, users may start to usethis hashtag in their own content related to your brand. The more users you can encourage to use the hashtag, the better. Customer Service and Negative Feedback: Engage users who are sharing negative images about your brand.
    21. 21. #Hashtag UsageSinger-songwriter JasonMrazwants Instagramusers to translate his newsong, “I Won’t Give Up,”into one image. Thecontest asked fans to tagtheir photograph with#IWONTGIVEUP
    22. 22. GE - InspiredGeneral Electric askedInstagrammers to take photosinspired by three areas of GEinnovation and tag them#GEinspiredme. The contestwinner was flown to London totake photos of the GE aviationfacility.
    23. 23. Brisk - user engagementBrisk encouragedusers to tag theirphotos #briskpic toenter their photos fora chance to appearon a limited editioncan of Brisk Iced Tea(
    24. 24. #Hashtags to engage Charity:Wateruses #charitywater tocollect photos of the important rolewater plays in peoples lives. NBC News (@nbcnews) uses the#TODAYconcertshashtag to organizephotos from their summer concertseries; choose a second hashtag foreach show (e.g., they used#KennyTODAY for the KennyChesney concert).
    25. 25. Ford’s Fiestagram A contest to increase visibility and awareness of itslatest Fiesta models amongst Europe’sfashion, style, and tech trendsetters. A campaign run through Facebook via Instagramwhere a new hashtag associated with one of theFiesta’s high-tech features, such as #entry, #musicand #hidden was provided.
    26. 26. Ford Fiesta – An Example People would then submit photos on Instagram, tagged with―#Fiestagram‖ and the week’s particular hashtag to join thecampaign. The six-week 2011 campaign attracted 120,000 new Facebook fansand over 16,000 photo entries. For Ford, Instagram was the perfect vehicle for transcendingEuropean language barriers to create a simple and effectivegiveaway contest that had a wide and resonant reach.