Keshot Photo Booth Presentation


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Keshot Photo Booth Presentation

  1. 1. What Is Keshot? Keshot is a digital photo/video booth that attracts guest at your event to take either four photos or one 30- second video. The photos/videos are then emailed to the users’ friends and family as an e- postcard branded with your company’s logo and links. At the end of the event, a database of email addresses is collected and delivered to you for use in future marketing efforts.
  2. 2. Branding and Awareness The touch-screen and photo booth is fully customizable to incorporate your product logo or brand. An e-postcard is sent with your pictures/video in the form of a fully functional page to your website, increasing your product or brand’s exposure.
  3. 3. Branding and Awareness Tap Into the Social Media Network Watermarked e-postcards can be shared via Facebook or posted to your Facebook page with the name of the event your event name and link to your website, extending the reach of your product or brand message.
  4. 4. Branding and Awareness Community Keshot also hosts all the photos and videos taken at your event as an online photo album that can be accessed, forwarded and posted to users’ Facebook profiles (privacy option provided before sending e-card), creating a community that extends your reach. Qualified Leads Keshot provides a database of emails generated at your event (initial and forwarded) for future online marketing campaigns.
  5. 5. Connect With Your Audience! Connect with your audience by: Adding a user surveys Sending Invitations to join your social media pages, or participate in your sweepstakes or promotional campaigns Including a photo collage on a plasma or projection screen that displays and rotates through all the pictures taken at the event Inviting your guests to record video testimonials of their experience with your products and brand
  6. 6. Viral Marketing & Lead Generation Viral Marketing Each photo and video acts as a targeted endorsement of your brand or products by users who send the endorsement to their like-minded friends and family. All photos and videos are accessible online on your web site, a branded Emailed To photo album hosted by Keshot and downloads to Facebook Friends’ Friends and other social media networks. Emailed To Friends & Family Surveys Use surveys to test markets, qualify leads and measure Photos/ program effectiveness. Videos Taken By Lead Generation/Reports Users Online tool for measuring the amount of: Total forwards Total users Total recipients Open rates Total opt-in and opt-out
  7. 7. Our Clients
  8. 8. Visit or Contact us at 818.636.3017