Exadata meeting business challenges! - Doug Cackett


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Presentation from conference "Oracle Day 2011" in Estonia
11.03.2011 Nordic Hotel Forum

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Exadata meeting business challenges! - Doug Cackett

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Exadata – Meeting Business ChallengesDoug Cackett, EMEA Technology Director
  2. 2. Travel Security AlertHeathrow airport reopened following false alarm (Revised 18.50 GMT)The authorities at around 12.50 (local time) on 10 March evacuatedthousands of passengers from a section of the check-in area ofTerminal 5 at the capital Londons Heathrow Airport (LHR) following asecurity alert.The evacuation, which lasted for more than an hour, was promptedafter airport authorities saw a man entering the check-in area with asuitcase. The terminal was reopened at around 14.20 after the policedeclared the security alert to have been a false alarm. National carrierBritish Airways, which operates exclusively out of Terminal 5, statedthat most of its flights were unaffected
  3. 3. Meeting Business ChallengesBusiness want to view IT as a utility
  4. 4. CIO’s Face a Challenging Context in IT Operations KEY DRIVERSIT budgets are flat or down… • 40% growth in transaction volume • Massive growth in volume of data …but Data Centre costs, which are • Increasing power and cooling costs 25% of total IT budget, are increasing at 20% per year… • Difficulty in deploying new apps and unpredictable workloads • Focused cost reduction push across all expense items …and service execution is below par.Source: McKinsey & Company
  5. 5. Exadata in the MarketplaceRapid adoption in all geographies and industries
  6. 6. IT as a business enabler Some key transformational challenges• Rapid provisioning• Exceeding performance & growth needs• Consolidation for agility and cost reduction• Availability, Business Continuity & Management
  7. 7. This is how we procure systems today!
  8. 8. .. and then put them together!
  9. 9. Rapid / Reliable ProvisioningPlatform Options & Time to ROI ReferenceBuild From Scratch Oracle Database with Components Configurations Machine Testing and Validation Database pre-configured Faster deployment Installation and Testing and Lower Risk configuration Validation Acquisition of components Installation and configurationPre-implementation Acquisition of System sizing Take delivery of Oracle components Database Machine Weeks to Months Weeks to Months < 1 Week after Delivery
  10. 10. Paul Hartley General Manager LGR Telecommunications“You can easily remove six months of theimplementation cycle…”“…we estimate there’s up to a 70 percent reduction interms of cost of ownership compared to customsolutions, just in terms of the personnel savings.” from Profit Magazine, February 2009
  11. 11. Extreme Performance For ALL database applications (OLTP, OLAP) • Unique software capabilities… • Infiniband – Fastest network available • I/O Resource Manager – prioritize I/O • Smart Scan – Query processing within storage, incl. encrypted • Compression – I/O and storage reduction • Smart Flash Cache – I/O acceleration • Partitioning and Storage Indexes – I/O elimination • Oracle Database 11g – #1 database performance • Unique performance through software optimization • #1 in I/O throughput – Up to 65 GB per second* • #1 in I/O rate – Up to 1 million I/O’s per second in a single rack • #1 in compression – 3x to 15x data compression, or more* Uncompressed data – compression increases throughput by the compression ratio
  12. 12. Delivering Extreme PerformanceHow fast can make a difference to Business! Speed impacts personal productivity • Rapid delivery of new business insight • ‘Speed of thought’ interactive analysis Right Information to Right People at Right Time to make Right Decisions
  13. 13. Leontin Toderici Chief Operations Officer Banca Transilvania“The new Sun Oracle Database Machine Half RackHardware enables us to access business data 30times faster. This translates into faster decisionmaking than our competition, more accuratesegmentation of our database, and the ability tofocus our attention on new business lines―all ofwhich improve service to our 1.3 million customers.”
  14. 14. Delivering Extreme PerformanceHow Fast also makes a difference to ITSpeed impacts Business & IT alignment• Users - always frustrated • …..Follow-up questions don’t get asked• IT - always busy • ‘Just-do-it’ – no plan • Constant tuning distracts IT• Business – always stood still • Reports that never get used • Impact on productivity, costs and agility
  15. 15. Ferhat Sengonul Data Warehouse Specialist TurkcellTelecommunicatio“It was a never ending race to match the ns Servicesbusiness’ performance and capacityneeds. With the Exadata DatabaseMachine, we have outperformed ourusers expectations and we are preparedfor the future growth.”
  16. 16. Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression Highest Capacity, Lowest Cost • Data is organized and compressed by column • Dramatically better compression • Speed Optimized Query Mode for Data Warehousing Query • 10X compression typical • Runs faster because of Exadata offload! • Space Optimized Archival Mode for infrequently accessed data • 15X to 50X compression typical Faster and Simpler Backup, DR, Caching, Benefits Multiply Reorg, CloneCopyright © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates – 17 –
  17. 17. TurkcellCOMPANY OVERVIEW RESULTS• Largest wireless service provider in Turkey (56% •Business users have tools to plan or terminate market share, 36M subscribers) services and campaigns• Headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey •Segment Based retention activities allowing• Revenue of US$ 7.0 billion specific targeting and offers• Employees: 2,000 •Accelerated data access by using Oracle RAC •99% system availabilityCHALLENGES / BUSINESS OBJECTIVES •Reduced costs significantly •50% less backup costs• Accelerate access to critical business data •3.5x compression save storage• Support complex analysis of business performance •Flexible, scalable, future proof system and customer behavior• Address competitors’ entries into the airtime market• Improve system availability, reduce error rates and costs (including subscriber acquisition costs)• Improve integration between data sources CONFIGURATION• Support concurrent loads and reporting and tighten • 250 TB Enterprise Data Warehouse SLAs compressed to 27TB on disk.• Manage a 50-100+ TB EDW + multiple Data MartsSOLUTIONS• Exadata Database Machine• Oracle Partitioning• Oracle Automatic Storage Management• Oracle RMAN / Compression / Analytic Functions
  18. 18. SoftBank Mobile Analyzes Daily Customer Data More than Three Times Faster COMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE • Japanese mobile telecommunications service provider “Oracle Exadata Database Machine • Industry: Communications • Employees: 6,300 has enabled us to create a larger • Revenue: US$216 billion capacity data warehouse and reduce overall infrastructure costs.” CHALLENGES/BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Keiichiro Shimizu, Senior GM • Support continued service popularity and data growth • 2+ years #1 growth of subscribers RESULTS • #1 rated company in industry in popularity polls • Completed migration from Teradata • 1 TB per month growth in system capacity to Oracle Exadata Database Machine • Leverage transaction data to support key business • Improved database performance by functions: up to eight times • Marketing • Reduced database running costs by • Finance 50% and operational costs by more • A range of other users than half • Address capacity and performance issues in existing non- • Analyzed call records and customer Oracle data warehouse environment logs from each day in seven hours • Reduce overall database running costs • Reduced the number of server racks SOLUTIONS required to run the database from 36 • 3 Full Racks Oracle Database Machine; 2 in cluster in to three production • Oracle DatabaseSoftBank Mobile approved October 2010
  19. 19. Softbank Runs 2x–8x Faster on Exadata 36 Teradata Racks Replaced by 3 Exadata Racks Teradata Exadata 36 Racks 3 RacksCopyright © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates – 20 –
  20. 20. Siebel TestingQuarter Rack Oracle Database Machine• Full MAA Configuration• Combination of Siebel Call Center, Partner Relationship Management, and EAI workload• 30,588 Concurrent Users• 420,295 business transactions per hour• 9,451 IOPs• 22% CPU utilization per database server node• 75% Exadata Smart Flash Cache Hits
  21. 21. Eli Lysen Senior Manager, ICT TUI“TUI chose the Sun Oracle Database Machine because itwas the only platform that would meet both our needs forall of our database requirements, including OLTP, as wellas be the best platform for a high performance datawarehouse.”
  22. 22. Best Machine for Database Consolidation • Consolidation is key to reducing costs ERP – Administration, hardware, software, data center CRM • Many databases can be consolidated on Exadata – Multiple small databases within a nodeWarehouse – Large databases can span nodes using RAC • Exadata delivers extreme performance forData Mart complex workloads that mix OLTP and DW HR – Complex OLTP with batch and reporting – Complex Warehousing with thousands of users – Multiple databases running different applications
  23. 23. Commonwealth Bank Commoditize Data Services for Enterprise Applications Highlights • 2,500 branches • 7th biggest web site in Australia • Oracle as-a Service • Consolidation of 300 small to medium database environments into 3 grids • Advanced chargeback model for cost recovery • Oracle Database 11g + Exadata • Benefits: • 50% operating cost improvement • P&L breakeven in Year 1 • Server utilization: 15% 80% • Elasticity – CPU can be taken from resource pool as neededhttp://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid62612523001?bctid=737222432001
  24. 24. Key OaaS Benefits to CBA • Take Advantage of Complimentary Workload Peaks » Reduced peak-to-trough variance • Asset Consolidation – Reduced variance allows each server to be run hotter – Server utilisation has increased from <15% to 80+% • Elasticity – CPU resource can be taken from anywhere in the grid as needed – Horizontal workload scale out – without changes to any application! • Cost Reductions: – Server reduction – improved green footprint – Oracle license reduction – Reduced data centre hosting charges • Higher Availability - Every App Inherits: – Load balancing – Full component-level HA failover – Standby DR – RTO of 10 mins – Many apps would not implement these features – too expensive
  25. 25. Approach: Candidate App Selection 1 xxxx 19 xxx Immediate Platform 2 xxxx 20 xxx) No candidates 3 xxxx 21 xx 35constraints 4 xxxx 22 xxx 5 xx 23 xxx 37 xxxx 34 28 26 6 24 xxx 23 13 10 7 xxxx 25 xxx 2 25 3 11 8 xxx 26 xxx 29 24 27 12 Constraint to Migrate 30 31 9 xxx 27 xxx 10 xx 28 xxx 11 xxx 29 xxx 6 Unlikely to be 22 12 xxx 30 xxxx migrated 33 17 15 13 xxx 31 xxx 32 16 8 9 14 xxx 32 xxx 15 xxx 33 xxxx 16 xxx 34 xxx 21 5 18 17 xxx 35 xxxx 14 18 x 36 xxx 37 xxxx 4 Workload Legend 7 36 1 19 20 OLTP Many Longer term OLQPconstraints Platform prospects DW /BI Not Ready Technical readiness for the Platform Very Ready Hybrid Applications are in various states of Platform ‘readiness’ – most remediation was minor Clusters of Oracle based applications ready for Platform migration were apparent
  26. 26. Charge Back Model Service Usage Metrics Service Name DB Time (s) DB CPU (s) Physical Reads Logical Reads OSPA_MITG 12,300.50 5,144.90 1,438,859 99,811,632 Many ways to apportion cost OSPA _DCM 3,163.90 2,141.80 114,736 46,540,055 OSPA _CCL 2,496.30 1,455.40 127,937 64,295,226 • No standard measure of chargeable OSPA _THL 984.50 725.70 32,184 5,404,057 resource unit OSPA _CPI 339.10 160.40 16,673 1,671,850 • How do you measure workload? OSPA _MDC 154.90 85.50 13,638 1,473,399 OSPA _IFW 16.00 10.50 225 17,895 • Each to their own for the moment! OSPA _PFR 16.80 6.70 1,291 85,457• Settled on a CPU Month measure of resource usage – Simple to understand – Set a minimum monthly charge of 0.5 CPU month – the base hosting fee• Pay-as-go utility charge back – No upfront charge or ongoing commitment – Pricing variability was an issue – BU finance preferred budget certainty – First year, billed in 0.5 CPU Month increments, now moving to 0.1 increments• The service is "overbooked" – recover 89 CPUs worth of capacity; only have 72! 27
  27. 27. Reduce Risk, Improve Time to Market Example for new project provisioning at CBA• For new Projects: – Remove a phase from the project – infrastructure already in place – Remove reliance on expensive/scarce SME resources for design and build – No longer need to manage risk associated with procurement and build – Time to instantiate a new Production quality environment: 3 months -> 2 minutes.• Example: New ISV Application introduced into our Online Share Trading platform – Required to test performance under the workload and data volume conditions projected in 2 years time. Dedicated Infrastructure OaaS Implementation Time 3-4 months few hours $ Cost to Project Several hundred thousand < $10K On Project Completion Under-utilized asset remains Environment turned-off
  28. 28. Maximum Availability Architecture Protect from planned & unplanned downtime • Protection from unplanned failures – Server failures – Storage failures – Network failures – Site failures • Protect from planned downtime – Human error correction – Online indexing and table redefinition – Online patching and upgrades • Remote standby open for queriesSee new white papers on Exadata MAA for Siebel, eBus, Peoplesoft...
  29. 29. Dynamic Resource QoS Management- Through policy managed database
  30. 30. Integrated, Task-Based Management New EM Quality of Service Management ToolCopyright © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates – 31 –
  31. 31. Engineered Systems Driving trend in IT for the next decade• Engineered to work together• Tested together• Certified together• Packaged together• Deployed together• Upgraded together• Managed together• Supported together
  32. 32. Extreme Performance