Textual Analysis Of Disco 2000


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Textual Analysis Of Disco 2000

  1. 1. Textual Analysis of ‘Disco 2000’ – Pulp By Nic, Mia and Hamish The main aspect that we liked in the music video for ‘Disco 2000’ by Pulp, wasthe use of interesting editing techniques. However, it is all of the aspects of the videocoming together that create the effect that the editing alone could not. The camera movement in the video is all very dynamic, this allows the viewer tosee everything and keeps with the pace of the music. It also helps to balance the editingheavy shots that surround the video. As with ‘Toothpaste Kisses’, ‘Disco 2000’ is not afast paced song, and the dynamic camera movement helps to slow down the editing to apace that better represents this style of song. The camera is also used to show a lot ofclose-ups. These close-ups again help to show the reader things in detail and is also usedto add significance to certain aspects in shots, notably the tv that is present in many of theshots. The mise en scene is mainly used in this video to help keep the narrative going.The narrative is almost entirely reliant on the mise en scene as it is the changingbackground and the movement of the characters that really tells the story. There are alsoblack and white cut outs shown throughout the video that highlight the other importantshots, again such as the black and white shots of the characters on the tv. All in all, themise en scene is used to greatly enhance the results of the editing. The sound of the video is very typical of a music video and never varies from thesong that the music video is about. Editing is used a lot in the video and keeps the narrative of the story together.Large portions of information are given to the viewer through the use of superimposedwhite text over the background shots, allowing the viewer to see what the characters arethinking without the use of dialogue. The entire video has also been cropped to give theviewer a narrowed perspective of what is happening and has been outlined by asuperimposed background. All of this adds to the extremely retro feel of the video andkeeps the viewer focused on what is going in the shot without giving them too muchinformation. The editing follows general conventions in the sense that the editing in thevideo is all edited to the beat of the background song, showing a sense of cohesionbetween what is going on, on screen and the song that the video is about. Finally, themost interesting aspect of the editing is the superimposition of the character on the tvscreens singing. This is clearly of importance as it is alluded to a lot in the rest of the clip,such as the characters thoughts and the black and white cardboard cut outs.