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Task 5


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Task 5

  1. 1. Task 5Research into existing music video’s (past students work)
  2. 2. Good video’s.
  3. 3. Video 1The first music which I think was a success was a video from Shenfield High School in Essex. Thegroup did a song by Mac Miller called Frick ParkMarket. Mac Miller is a young British rap artist. The group who have done this music video has managed to pull off a successful video by using actors with a age similar to Mac Miller but alsothe urban/suburbia areas which fits in with Mac Millers style.
  4. 4. The video as a whole was made by using quitehigh tec. gadgets which in the end did pay off for example they used various different lenses (Canon 18-55mm kit lens, Tamrom 80-210mm lens, Samyang 8mm fisheye lens) which all had different purposes within the video making the quality of the video better but also making the video appear more realistic to an actual music video.
  5. 5. There is also use of montage editing in the video. There is plenty of shots which don’t have a meaning in the video but somehow they do give a background to the song. An example of this is with the cows. The cows come up often in the video but they have no relevance to the song. I think the use of having montage editing is to show the personality of the characters. Personally I think that they have done this because they aren’t supposed to be near the cows show it shows a rebellion side same with the firework scene, it has no relevance butit shows rebellion. The video has credits at the beginning and the end. The colors of blue and white suit the song and audience because rap tends to be a more male genre of music. The credits appear in time with the music too which gives it a more professional look. They have also put the name of the song at the start and end of the music video as well as making a record label also consisting of the same colors of blue and white.
  6. 6. EditingThe editing is important in this song because of the pace of the song the editing should match it’s fast tempo. In this video there are plenty of shots and plenty of editing techniques such as jump cuts are used often in the video. An example of a successful jump cut in the video is 2.13 –2.15 the jumpiness matches the jumpiness of the song. Thevideo also uses slow motion as well as a rewind technique which both work together which gives the video a sort of future feeling as if after that point of editing you can only go forward within the video. An example of the slow motion rewind effect is 2:16 – 2:18
  7. 7. Sound The sound for this music video at the start they don’t go directly into the music video they start of with like a scene with the lead singer slappinghands with his friend sat down on the bench. Here you can hear the diegetic sounds of the road, the wind and the trees. This is all effective because itgives us as the audience an idea what type of video this is going to be and where the music video will be held mostly which is outside. The music as a whole goes in time with the clips being played which is effective because it makes it look a lot more professional.
  8. 8. Mise en SceneThe lighting in this music video uses mostlynatural lighting because a lot of it is set outsidewhen they are inside the house when the singeris in bed there is a scene where they use anormal ceiling light. The costume of the threeboys are round about the same. They all comeacross as quite fashionable.
  9. 9. Camera Shots The camera shots for this music video have loads of different shots all working in different ways. The most popular shot they used is long shots and mid shots. The long shot is the mostpopular one and I think it was used to show thelocations, actions of the singer but also to show costume change. The mid shot was used to show the miming of the lyrics which looked effective because it was like the lyrics were being sung to us as the audience.
  10. 10. NarrativeThis video doesn’t have a storyline but the lyrics and the visuals do connectwith each other. The group that has done this has also included the start of the song which is more of a intro than part of the actual song. They haveused humor in a way which does link in with the song such as in the song itgoes “you cockroach” and the visuals show the ‘lead singer’ with his tongue out trying to lick a spider which isn’t a cockroach but because you only seethat clip for a short second you can’t tell the difference. The video is mostly lyrically and visually connected which I think works for this video having a bit of humor so the audience doesn’t get bored watching the lyrics being shown out to them when this song is pretty self explanatory. Also the locations chosen fit in with the song. The young boys riding around in theircars, messing around and going to skate parks are all typical of young boys and especially this kind of audience who listen to rap music.
  11. 11. Video 2 The second video I am going to analyze is a music video from Luton sixth form college. The group did a song by Justin Timberlake and Timberland called What You Got (oh no). Obviously Justin Timberlake was in Nsync thenmoved onto doing solo work and Timberland collaborates with many different artists. Both men are in their 30’s sotheir video will reflect their lifestyle. The group who have done this music video has managed to pull off asuccessful video by doing similar actions which they thinkpeople of Justin and Timberlands age would get up to butalso they have also taken influence in other videos in the same genre to create their video which has worked in their favour.
  12. 12. The video as a whole was made by using a blue screen. A blue screen is a special effect which involves layer two video compositions on top of each other to create one whole video. The use of blue screen in this video was effective because it they didn’t overcomplicate their video by using different backgrounds, they used a plain blackscreen which in the end does work with the genre of music the group chose. Also another effect thegroup has used is a grey pattern around the ‘singer’ as he moves and sings the pattern fits around him which looks effective.
  13. 13. EditingThe editing is important in this song because of the pace of the song the editing should match it’s fast tempo. In this video the video has long takes rather than short takes compared to the Mac Miller video but it of editing techniques of this video makes the video look like the shots are shorter takes. A edit which isused a lot in this video is a in out motion. This in out motion has a part where itis extremely successful and that is 2:00 when the singer and the girl are doing a grinding movement. The editing does the in out technique which creates a thrusting movement. Another edit which is used a lot in this video is a close up on the background dancer then a quick zoom out to the foreground dancer with the background dancer still in frame this again creates movement in the video but also it allows the take of the video to be long rather than taking lots of shots. An example of this is 2.06 – 2.12. Another editing is the credits at the beginning making the video realistic.
  14. 14. Sound The sound in this video has two different sound effects one being the song added on top and the other at the start the sound of talking. The sound of the talking crowd at the beginning of the video gives an atmosphere but also it adds to thescenario/narrative of the video. After researching intothe song I found out that the start of the song doesn’thave the talking which the group has added. Because the sound has been so successfully and worked with the song it made it believable that the talking was in the song.
  15. 15. Mise En Scene The lighting is hard to tell in this video because the colour has been changed to black and white. I think the black and white gives the video a new feel to it but also makes the video look crisp and clean. I think the black and white coloured has beeninspired by other videos from the same genre of music such as the music video for My Love also by Justin Timberlake. Thecostume of this video you can see that everyone in the video iswearing black or white clothing which suggests that the actors had a strict clothing to be worn but also that the group knew they wanted their video to be in black and white. The lead singers are wearing similar clothing with the smart lookingcostume making us aware that they are the main characters in this music video.
  16. 16. Camera shots The camera shots used in this music video has a large variety of shots from close up shots to show the girls eyes looking seductive as if she is drawing us in to medium close up of the ‘lead singers’ face and the dancer in the background to extreme long shots two show the two boys singing next to each other. The different camera shots are important because it’s a way to show us what is happeningand a way to make us understand the video and the narrative.
  17. 17. Narrative The narrative of this music video is a club sort of scene and the two boys playing Justin Timberlakeand Timberland notice a girl, this is very generic for this type of music genre with the scene at a club and a girl. I think the video has a whole is trying to hint that they want to take the girl home with them. The video isn’t actually visually set in a club but you get the vibe/feeling that this is the feel forthe video they wanted their audience to have. They have done this by the use of sound at the start of the video with the sounds of music and talking in the background.
  18. 18. Video 3The last good music video I analyzed was by a group who did a song by The Pretty Reckless called Zombie. The group who did this music video got an A grade for their work. The Pretty Reckless is American rock band with female lead singer Taylor Momsen. I think what makes this music video successful was that the group used a strong narrative but they also used a female actress to portray the story which is good because the lead singerof The Pretty Reckless is female and the song is written in first person so it would make sense to have a female actress portraying Taylor Momsen.
  19. 19. To make this video the person who made it used a good quality camera which in the end did pay off because there were scenes in the video when using a handheld camera was effectiveand the camera didn’t unfocused the shot which as good but also the scenes where the person who was filming went to focus the camera tounfocus is looked good, this is something which with a low quality camera wouldn’t have been achieved.
  20. 20. Editing The editing in this song I think is used to a minimal but it’s been used in an effective way. For instance a really effective edit the video has, is when the girl looks in the mirror the reflection in the mirror is a different video image and it’s different to what the girlis doing which links to the zombie song because zombies have two sides to them. Another effect is the disorientated edit which isused a lot in this music video the disoriented effect gives an insanesort of look to it. A particularly good use of this is when the room is dark and there is lights flashing on her body but there’s a red tint in the light which again refers to the blood.
  21. 21. Sound In this music video there is no diegetic sounds it’s just the non diegetic sounds of the music track being played on top of the clips. The song does fit in with the timing of the clips such as the drums will have a solo and the clips will match the same amount of time. Also anotherthing I noticed which in comparison to the other two videos I have analyzed, this one doesn’t have an intro of some sort, it goes straight into the music video.
  22. 22. Mise En Scene The location for this music video is set both outside and inside. The outside scenes are both in rural and urban areas such as the beginning of the music video the girl is seen waking up in a field area and the rest of the urbanareas is along streets with houses or churches near them. The inside scenesare in a house, parts of the house which are shown mostly are the bathroom and kitchen, as a whole the locations give a journey like feel to it as she is always moving/going somewhere. The costume at the start of the music video was mostly black which links in with the stereotypical rock music means black but also the actress also has piercings another stereotype for people who listen to rock music. The costume changes into pajamas which indicates a time and day within the music video. The lighting in the music video for the outside shots mostly use natural lighting whereas the lighting in the house shots are used by artificial lighting from the ceiling light butwhen we see her in a dark room with a red tint to the light barely seeing her I think that the lighting used in that scene was a torch.
  23. 23. Camera Shots The camera shots used in this music video has a lot of difference shotsall having a different purpose. The opening shots are close ups of the girl showing us that she is our main character but it also makes us as the audience question why she has red on her face. When she is walking through streets the camera switches between mid shot and long shot which both show her looking around wherever she is looking but also they are seen by using a handheld camera giving it an edgy/rough look. When the girl vomits the camera uses fast pace editing of close up to mid shot this scene is significant to the video because it explains why she has blood on her face. When she is looking into the mirror over the shoulder shots are used so we can what she sees. There is continuity when the girl is swallowing pills to stop her from vomiting blood which uses close up to mid shot just like when she was vomitting. Close up ofthe blood and the pills in the sink to emphasize how many pills she tookto stop her from vomitting. The ending shot closes with a close up of the girl in the bath after she has been in a blood bath which then fades out and becomes blurry.
  24. 24. NarrativeI think the narrative for this music video is that the girl is a zombie by night but by day she isn’t and she doesn’t know she’s a zombie so when she wakes up the next day in places she doesn’t know and when she is vomitting up blood from perhaps her victims from the night before, that’s when she becomes confused and wonders why she is vomitting blood. The way this music video has been shot makes it seem like we are going on the journey with her to find out why she is vomitting blood. After looking at the lyrics for the song I think that the lyrics wereunclear so I think that the makers of this music video have done really well to think of a story line which would help us understand the song.
  25. 25. Bad videos
  26. 26. Video 1 ature=plcp This video is a song by The Saturdays called Had itwith today. The Saturdays are an all girl British pop group. The Saturdays are young adult women so the song will reflect what problems they will begoing through at their age. The Saturdays are also afashionable girl group so I would expect to see that in their video.
  27. 27. The narrative of this music video is a girl has been dumped and she is having a hard time at school, I think. The narrative is very unclear in this music video because there are scenes which make you question why they have decided to film that? Which to me suggests that they started filming random things to fill up time an example of this was pan shots of trees. There was no reason to have trees but they decided to film these. The acting as well wasn’t great either as the actress started laughing at one point where a serious scene was happening but also I think she should have learnt the song more because hermiming wasn’t on time again making it look unprofessional. The mise en scene of this music video I didn’t think was thought out very well. The locations forthe music video was obvious at a school or outside the school which was reallyobvious and it made the video not look very professional. The costume for the music video wasn’t right especially for the artists who wrote the songs which are said to be the sexiest British girl band. The lighting was roughly the samewhich could have been improved by experimenting with different times of the day or using artificial lighting. The camera shots were explored but they weren’t used effectively so I think that needed improving on. The editing was quite poor and made the video look unprofessional as if the software they used wasn’t of good quality.
  28. 28. Video 2 This video is a song by a band called Fountains of Wayne and the song is called ‘Stacys mom’. Fountains of Wayne are an American boy bandwho’s first hit single was Stacy’s Mom. The video for this song I would expect to see a girl playing Stacy and someone playing her mum. The lyrics mostlyrefer to her house so I would also expect to see it to be at a house location but also a boy or boys admiring Stacy’s mum.
  29. 29. The narrative of this music video is a group of boys who by the look of it are stalking a girl around who is a similar age as them which makes methink that the girl they are stalking is Stacy’s mum. The narrative is okay, it’s not amazing but it does describe the meaning of the song. The mise en scene of this music video I didn’t think was thought out very well. The locations for the music video was obvious at a school which looked very professional. The costume for the music video was good for the ‘band’ but not good for the person playing Stacy’s mum who is supposed to be a sexy mum when what the girl playing Stacys mum wasn’t wearing sexy clothes. The props for the music video was very minimal which didn’t work forwhen the band were playing all together because the band didn’t have any instruments so they were air playing instruments which made the quality of the video look poor and not thought out. Another thing is there was agreen screen behind them which is designed to do background changes but it wasn’t being used for that it was used more as a backdrop but also thecamera was so zoomed out that you could see around green screen such as the books on the side which makes the video look like the group didn’tthought out their video. The camera shots weren’t explored a lot and were mostly long shots and mid shots, I think the group should have tried out more different types of shots. The video as a whole there wasn’t muchediting besides the slow motion during the car washing scene, I think this is something which the group should have thought about more.
  30. 30. Video 3 This video is a song by a band called The Offspring and the song is called ‘Pretty Fly for a White Guy’. The Offspring are an American boy band who’s have beenaround since 1984 but Pretty Fly for a White Guy is their most popular and well known song. The video for thissong I would expect to see a male playing the white guybecause the song is written from a males point of view. Iwould also expect the music video to be funny because the song isn’t a serious song, it’s quite a jokey song.
  31. 31. The narrative of this music video is a about a boy who is nerdy and trying to get people to like him. The narrative isn’t the best purely because thesong chosen is quite hard to show the meaning of the song in a way to stillmake the song funny but also make the narrative just as funny. The mise en scene was throughout okay what I did like though was the start when the guitarist was walking down the corridor playing guitar because I thought that was really effective. The part with the studio like effect worked because bands sometimes put videos of them recording in their music videos. The costume for the music video wasn’t the best for the ‘band’ because the music which the group chose was by a punk rock band but the costumes they wore didn’t fit in with the punk rock genre especially the lead singer who wore trackies in the video which is something not typical or realistic of a punk rock band. The outfit for the guy who was the nerd did look good though. The acting for this video I thought was really poor. The band scenes the whole band didn’t look confident which made the video look unprofessional and the part with the nerdy guy going through the crowd looked really try hard making it look like the video wasn’t a serious media video. The camera shots used for the music video I don’tbelieve were explored loads which I think could have been improved on byusing different and more interesting shots. The editing was very basic and didn’t experiment with different techniques.