Amy Purdy Ted Evaluation


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Amy Purdy Ted Evaluation

  1. 1. Amy Purdy: Snowboarder Skateboarder Wakeboarder Inspirational speaker ActorNatalie Asport / Public Speaking 1211
  2. 2. Thesis:We can do anything in our minds, butbelieving in our dreams and facing our fearshead on allows us to live our lives beyondour limits.
  3. 3. To capture the attention of the audience, Amy started with asking the audience a question:“If your life were a book, and you were the author,how would you want your story to go?”
  4. 4. Amy kept the audience engaged bytalking about her personal stories. She kept the audience’s attentionwith humor, paused to emphasize significant details, and used the element of surprise.
  5. 5. Amy used the fourth TEDcommandment the most becausethe speech was centered on herinspiring story to prove a point.Specifically, using her personalstory as a motivator for theaudience.
  6. 6. In terms of dynamism, I would rate Amy’s Living Beyond Limits a… 5!
  7. 7. She was well spoken and showed an optimisticattitude throughout the speech. With her humor, she showed that she was enjoying presenting. Her delivery was powerful. Her tone, choice of words, and timing made the presentation a very inspiring one.
  8. 8. Like how Nancy Duarte mentions, Amy“consider including incorporates imagery that pictures in her powerfully presentationillustrates a point”, that send strong and clear messages to the audience.
  9. 9. Tips by GarrReynolds, Amy also manages to keep simplicity in herdelivery, getting her point across in an efficient way that captivates the audience. Only includingessential facts of her story, thepresentation flowed naturally and felt down to earth.
  10. 10. Based upon Amy’s presentation, I havelearned that the flow of your presentation matters and eventually ties everything together.
  11. 11. Also a personal story will help ground yourspeech. She described the agony of the use ofher legs and made a joke about it, so why not put humor in your topic, even if it is serious.
  12. 12. The similarities:Both Sir Ken Robinson and Amy Purdy give personal and specific examples that help captivate their audiences. There also was humor in their presentations.
  13. 13. The differences: Sir Ken Robinson spoke from an analytical and objective point of view with facts, analysis, and a steady tone while Amy Purdy spoke more from an emotional stance and a personal endeavor she had. Her content and delivery was more emotionally and subjectively driven based on her tone of voice and subject matter.
  14. 14. Tips on Speech Delivery
  15. 15. Ground your message with personal examples that will remind your audience that you are like them.
  16. 16. Grab your audience’s attention with a question for thought that relates to your topic of discussion.For example, as used in Amy Purdy’s speech,
  17. 17. Pause oftento emphasizepoints and keepyour audienceintrigued,interested, andwanting more.
  18. 18. Lighten up, put some humor in.
  19. 19. Put your heart in what you are saying. Believe in what you are saying.
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