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Evaluation question 4 & 5


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Evaluation question 4 & 5

  1. 1. WHO WOULD BE THE AUDIENCE FOR YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT? Q4 • This thriller opening shows a high amount of suspense and a range of different enigma‟s which keeps the audience on edge. This media product could easily be psychological thriller sub-genre which easily establishes the target audience 15-25 teenagers because of the events in the opening that involve teenagers.
  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCE MOOD BOARD AND INDIVIDUAL PROFILES OF YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE • As you can see, on my mood board is aimed at teenagers. On my mood board you can see teenagers like cars, clothes, console games, money, phones, Instagram, twitte r etc. For example, a typical boy aged 15-25 would like console games, and watching football and money. However, a typical girl aged 15-25 would be interested in clothes, bags and food.
  3. 3. The opening had so much suspense, got me on the edge of my seat. Love to see the whole film! The ending of the film opening was unexpected, You‟re left on a cliff hanger wondering what she dropped Wasn‟t my type of thriller as I love sci-fi thrillers but the film did put me on edge! Loved it and the shots, well done and edited! Would like it if there was more dialogue, but I think it would of not created as much suspense as there was Good use of lighting! Gave a great effect and surely did make tension build up as she went upstairs! Feedback from others (Target audience)
  4. 4. TO DISCUSS ISSUES RAISED AND TARGET AUDIENCE FEED BACK • At the start of planning our opening, our main concern was what location should we use to film our opening that will create suspense and tension but we could have access to and that it will be quiet enough to film. After we decided to film it at Frankie‟s house we then was discussing the storyline and how we was going to introduce the house to the audience and to look over the shot list and plan it altogether with the location included. • Target Audience Feedback The target audience feedback was mostly positive after an audience watched our opening, negative feedback allowed us as a group to improve our opening and to see if we have met our aims and to see if we‟ve created the storyline we wanted. We mostly got positive feedback about how we created suspense very well; however, we also got a comment about there was not enough dialogue however, I think the fact that there was not a lot of dialogue made more suspense which we aimed to achieve. We got good feedback about our camera shots and how we used the dull lighting to our advantage, we pulled off a good shot that created tension as the girl went upstairs. We also got complimented on our storyline as it was very different and “unexpected” which is what we aimed to do.
  5. 5. HOW DID YOU ATTRACT/ADDRESS YOUR AUDIENCE? Q5 • In my research, teenager‟s like thrillers because they‟re thrill's with a good story line and it isn‟t that scary so you can enjoy it whilst being on the edge of what‟s going to happen. Therefore, our aim was to attract teenagers so we made sure our opening had a good storyline and to make sure it had a lot of suspense to keep the audience on the edge as that‟s what they like in a film. We also had to meet 4 main criteria‟s such as • Genre conventions • Media language • Music • Similarities with other films After planning all of these, it was up to the opening to see if it matched the criteria‟s and if it reached up to the standards of our target audience. Even though our thriller opening didn‟t have action scenes and big explosions it still had reference to our target audience (teenagers) as the girls who starred in the film were all teenagers which the audience could relate to and also it put the audience in our shoes so it is like the audience are experiencing what the characters are going through. Therefore, our opening does address and attract our target audience as our opening is based around teenagers and what teenagers would do in that specific situation.
  6. 6. GENRE CONVENTIONS • Genre conventions are split up into 4 sections. Characters, iconography, narrative and themes. Firstly, I will be explaining the characters traits and characteristics in this thriller opening and how they appeal/address the target audience. For the characters to attract the audience, iconography was highly important. The character is first introduced as a mysterious person which we know nothing about because the person is hidden which means the person is hiding their identity for a reason. The character creates many enigma‟s just by the look of them. Because you can‟t see the person identity the audience is automatically wary of this character. Also this helps make it a typical thriller film. We are introduced to two new characters, they are typical teenagers as they‟re at a sleepover, using their phones, chatting to each other which is especially stereotypical for teenagers.
  7. 7. GENRE CONVENTIONS Finally, the character reveals herself, and it is a female which is not typical for a teenager as she's brave breaking into an neglected house that is owned by someone else. To conclude, the iconography of all the characters are stereotypical teenagers however the main character who finally reveals herself is brave but also she is stereotypical as she is rebellious and is unaware of the danger she could be in.
  8. 8. ICONOGRAPHY • Iconography is what the audience can see on the screen for example, props, costumes, buildings. Our location was the correct location for our film as the alley had a suspicious and creepy look to it which made it fit perfectly with our storyline. The alley looked derelict and vacant which created the isolated location that we wanted. • The clothing of the characters is what typical teenagers would wear, just casual outing wear which relates to the target audience as well. Therefore this is suitable thriller opening for our target audience as they look for uncertainty to create enigma codes.
  9. 9. NARRATIVE • Narrative is when lots of events take place over time which then they're linked to the cause and effect that then finally takes place and the way the information is ordered. My product is only an opening therefore it wont have many causes and effects as it isn‟t the complete film. However, in the opening you can see the some of the causes and effects that could take place later on. One girl has been stalked on therefore there are more causes and effects that could happen later on.
  10. 10. THEMES • The theme is hard to identify at the start of our opening but at the end it is quite obvious that the girl has found something to do with her as she runs out of the house. Our theme was „obsession‟. However, I think there wasn‟t just one theme in our opening, I think there was also a theme of crime because she broke into the house and she is creeping around the house and took something; which is why I think the opening fits male and female target audience as there‟s a theme of obsession involving the female gender, and crime is normally related to males in a typical thriller. When she breaks into the house gives the theme of crime When she drops the papers on the floor that‟s when the theme obsession is identified
  11. 11. MEDIA LANGUAGE We used two techniques to show media language which where • Types of shots • Special effects (Editing) Media language is all the things that come together to make the opening work and take place and without them it wouldn‟t complete the opening therefore media language is very important. However, media language doesn‟t tell the storyline it just emphasis‟ on the genre conventions. For example, the dull and low-key lighting makes it easy to know its genre (thriller) which is special effects (editing). Without lowkey lighting and dull lighting this scene and the stairs scene wouldn‟t be as effective as they are as they both symbolise and connote danger as you cant see her surroundings and where she is.,
  12. 12. TYPES OF SHOTS • In our opening, we used a number of various shots including tracking shots, pan shot and match on action shots. In the beginning of the opening we used an establishing shot to create suspense also to show the location and symbolise danger is coming for the girl as the girl walks closer and closer to the house. We used close up shots to show the expression on the girls face when she walks into the room to emphasis something bad has happen which is why she has frozen because she is shocked. We used high angle shots when the girl runs down the stairs to show that the girl has now become vulnerable. • Having all these different shots make it more appealing for the audience to watch. However, we didn‟t use too many as it wouldn‟t flow properly which would have been uneasy to watch.
  13. 13. EDITING • In our thriller opening we have used skilful editing techniques that made our opening more effective. We made the titles slide in and slide out at different types that made it more appealing for the audience as they was all at the beginning whilst the video is playing. However, we made the characters names stand out by giving it a black background to reassure our audience who the main characters are to give the audience a better understanding. This creates more of a flow to our opening which makes it more pleasurable for our audience to watch. The titles slide in and out which makes the titles look more fluent because we have got a lot of titles so we had to include them in a way where it doesn‟t look crowded and spoil the opening scenes. We didn‟t want that to happen as the audience needs to have an understanding of the storyline therefore we had to keep the titles fluent.
  14. 14. MUSIC • In our opening, we firstly used non-diagetic sound to automatically create a suspenseful atmosphere which flowed throughout the whole opening. The non-diagetic sound we used built up the tension during the sound itself which made it easier than adding lots of sound into our opening which would ruin the flow of our opening. It made a suspenseful beat when we need it to but also there was innocent sounds for the scenes were that didn‟t need suspense; it perfectly matched our opening and the events that happened in it. • Our soundtrack appealed to our target audience as it has 2 sides. The suspenseful mischievous sound and then the innocent un-suspicious sounds which is 2 very different atmospheres therefore it relates to our target audience (teenagers) as they like a storyline and to be on the edge of their seats. • We used dialogue to make the audience understand more of the storyline so that the audience can relate to the opening more.
  15. 15. SIMILARITIES WITH OTHER FILMS • My opening film is similar with the film “The Desent” as the there is a man who is obsessed with this woman, and he stalks her because he is obsessed with her. Also, it is similar as he uses crime to stalk her as he breaks in her apartment to watch her sleep etc. Even though they‟re both very different, they both use the same enigma‟s. For example, In my opening the girl opens the door which creates enigma‟s and so does the woman in the Descent. Moreover, the girl runs out of the building which is exactly what the girl does when she finds something in the room which again, is an enigma code. These shots are very similar but they‟re displayed differently. For example, when the woman opens the door, the girl in our opening opens the door but in a p.o.v shot to create more suspense. Also, in the shots below, the woman is running. However, we done the same shot of the girl running but instead we done the shot from behind to show that she is running away from something to show that the character is scared.
  16. 16. UNIQUE SELLING POINT • It is rare to see a brave girl going into a vacant place by herself because she got „dared‟ to. In a typical thriller film, it is very unlikely to see a teenage girl face danger out of her own will; as the girl is in no threat or no danger but she puts herself into danger. Which then fits our target audience as the girl is a teenager who makes stupid decisions. This also attracts the male and female audience as the typical woman would be scared however the girl is not which is different and teenagers would like to see a different side of teenagers, the brave teenager side as its rare to see a film like that now.