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Facebook's Neasa Costin's presentation from WTM Social Travel Market

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stm 2012 facebook neasa costin

  1. 1. FACEBOOK: HOW TO USE IT IN TRAVELNeasa Costin - Facebook
  2. 2. Agenda• Travel is inherently social• How people are talking about your travel company• Steps to Success• Case Study@socialtrav ,#STM2012
  3. 3. Why is Facebook the BESTplatform to promote Travel?
  4. 4. 1BILLION 58% return dailyMONTHLY ACTIVE USERS
  5. 5. Source: Facebook Internal Data, Mar 2012
  6. 6. the world has changedHow we consume media is rapidlychanging too …
  7. 7. The amount of data we process daily isincreasing We turn to our friends to filter this information Friends Interests Friends´interests
  8. 8. The web is being rebuilt around people. No advertising has more impact than the opinion of friends and family Friends Interests Friends´interests
  9. 9. People are extremely engaged on Facebook… 85% of people on Facebook are content creators 5.5B stories posted every day (worldwide, average)Source: Facebook internal data, June 2012.
  10. 10. These conversations are happening on amassive scale
  11. 11. Information Stories 42% 60% 83%milestones posted on trust a travel factor online opinionspeople’s timelines are recommendation from into their travel decisions about travel friends and family
  12. 12. Conversations about travel occur on Facebook … 2/3Share holidays plans on FacebookSources: Forbes (July 2012), Mashable (March2012)
  13. 13. Conversations about travel occur on Facebook … Over 50% Say that seeing friends’ vacation pictures inspired them to book a trip to that destinationSources: Forbes (July 2012), Mashable (March2012)
  14. 14. Conversations about travel occur on Facebook … Over 70% Update their status and/or share photos while on holidaySources: Forbes (July 2012), Mashable (March2012)
  15. 15. Conversations about travel occur on Facebook … Over 50%Like pages specific to a vacation
  16. 16. These conversations are happening across the whole travel cycle 59% post a 76% post vacation Facebook status photos to a social about an upcoming network when they vacation get back I dream 55% like a vacation specific page when 52% like Facebook they get back pages specific to an upcoming vacation I’m back I plan 40% post online reviews 70% update their status I’m there I travel 46% check in to a 72% post vacation photos location to a social networkSource: Mashable, March 2012
  17. 17. Steps to Success
  18. 18. CONNECT with more of the right peoplemore effectively online and on mobileENGAGE people and build relationshipswith lightweight interactionsINFLUENCE your advocates and let themdrive word-of-mouth at scaleINTEGRATE the social element into yourbusiness and becoming social-by-design
  19. 19. Reach the right people more efficiently with more accurate ad targeting Broad campaign Narrow campaign accuracy accuracy 95% 90% 72% 25% 60% cost cost savings savings 35% Online Facebook Online Facebook average averageSource: Nielsen OCR, October 2011.
  20. 20. Social ROI
  21. 21. Introducing 4 new products for driving results Facebook Custom Audiences Exchange Mobile App Offers Install Ads
  22. 22. Facebook Custom AudiencesWe’re enabling marketers to find notonly the kinds of people they wantto talk to, but the specific peoplethey want to reach.
  23. 23. In a crowded Email marketing space…
  24. 24. How does it work? 1 2 5Audience segment Power Editor List of people interfaceCompany computer (emails, UIDs, 3Facebook system phone) 4 • Sign-up CTR up 43% • Cost per Lead down 30 % Company’s hashed Facebook’s hashed data data
  25. 25. Introducing: Facebook Exchange (FBX)
  26. 26. Volume Rest FacebFacebook serves ook25%Of the world’s display ad impressions(Comscore)
  27. 27. FBX – Facebook Exchange
  28. 28. Trials have shown great results TechCrunchMashable Bloomberg
  29. 29. Mobile
  30. 30. Reach people in more places with Facebook mobile 543M mobile monthly active users 67% YOY mobile monthly active user growthSource: Facebook 10Q, June 2012.
  31. 31. Your brand can be the core of our mobileexperience Full screen on mobile
  32. 32. Introducing: Mobile App Install Ads
  33. 33. Takeaways
  34. 34. Facebook drives business results moreeffectively More reach Better targeting Business results Monthly active users Broad campaign accuracy Across 60+ campaigns:1 billion 58% return daily 95% Across all 72% 5x+ platforms 25% ROI 3-5x 67% cost savings ROI YOY growth Online Facebook • 70% had 3x+ return on ad 543 Mobile average spend M • 49% had 5x+ return on ad spend
  35. 35. With thanks to our partners