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  1. 1. AMY CUDDYSocial psychologist Amy Cuddy, an associateprofessor at Harvard Business School, usesexperimental methods to investigate how peoplejudge each other and themselves.
  2. 2. Thesis:Your Body Language shapes who you are
  3. 3. Amy Cuddy captured the audiences attentionby Showing good body language and goodexamples
  4. 4. Amy Cuddy also showed emotions and toldstories about Her life just to get the audiencesattention
  5. 5. Amy Cuddy used the 4th TEDCommandment
  6. 6. The reason why she used 4th TEDCommandment To show people howbody language helps in situationsLike getting a job.
  7. 7. I rate Amy CuddysYour body language shapes who you are 5
  8. 8. The reason why I gave Amy Cuddy arating of 5 is Because she was verypersuasive when it came downTo her telling stories and comingup with brilliant Examples.
  9. 9. What I think Amy Cuddy can work on is showing moreexamples because when she showed examplesI got a better understanding but I feel that she didntShow a lot of Examples for people to get a betterUnderstanding.
  10. 10. Some Tips that were recommended by Garr Reynolds andNancy Duarte to improve the presentation was Humor,Keep it simple, and Story Telling
  11. 11. I Learned that Story Telling will help the audience get a Better understanding on what youare talking about.
  12. 12. Amy Cuddy had amoreSerious approach atthe endwhile Sir KenRobinsonHad a lot of humorin his presentation
  13. 13. They both used goodExamples to explainThemselves to theaudience
  14. 14. Tips To My ClassmatesKeep them entertainedAnd make them laugh
  15. 15. And Remember Surprise the AudienceGive them something they never seen before
  16. 16. GOODBYE
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